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Issue No. 157 - Wednesday, 25th July 2007
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Flowers in the flower

The weekend here at 'Wyenot News' has been somewhat different from the usual summer, 'photograph a fete here, then rush off to a festival there' type of affair. I watched the river flow from several locations, virtually non-stop for 72 hours, taking time out just once, to photograph a male stripper at a 21st birthday party (not my scene at all but I guess the young lady concerned enjoyed her evening).

Summer was on a Tuesday this year. I remember it well because I climbed May Hill early in the morning with Matt, to watch the sunrise. That day, 1st May started out cold but became beautifully hot and sunny. Since a little after then however we have alternated between February with flowers and November with leaves.

The River Wye flooding at Ross in July has not been recorded in living memory. Although I have seen the river higher than this on occasions, flood levels on the river were higher than those at any time last winter - by a long way.

There are just a few photos below of how and when the river rose, and how my own weekend progressed below but there are better pictures and a film in two parts of the flood on the following pages. Enjoy - especially if you are female and into kinky firemen who strip to down to just their boots in the pub.

Continued . . .

Flowers in the flower at the Hope & Anchor public house. Ref: DSC_1929

Once again, the flood has brought out the good in others. 80 stranded motorists spent the night in the Y-Zone Youth Club on Friday and individuals have taken stranded travellers into their homes.

We were extremely fortunate here in Ross - not being anywhere nearly as badly affected by the floodwater as other places, such as Tewkesbury and Gloucester, just a few miles away. I have to confess though that I am getting very worried for local business due to the lack of tourism, which is a direct result of the awful weather this year. I sat by the riverbank on Sunday, joking about the hay bales, a dead sheep and cow - possible dead canoeist and other stuff floating by on the river but really it is a very serious matter. Those hay bales are somebody's year's work and I feel very sorry for all of those who have lost so much. I hope that things will get better for everybody soon and will try to help as much as possible. 'Wyenot News' is an extremely powerful tourism promotion tool - far more powerful than I ever dreamed possible!

November with leaves. Watch the life buouy as you scroll down. 9.00 am Saturday. Ref: DSC_1724

5.00 PM Saturday. Ref: DSC_1763

It's been a funny old weekend - I took this short break mid evening. Must have been quite something, to embarrass Tina!
Ref: DSC_9265

Midnight on Saturday / Sunday. Ref: DSC_1849

9.00 am Sunday. Ref: DSC_1902

2.00 PM Sunday. Ref: DSC_1999
The Complete Forge. - architectural, sculptured, landscape.





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Stop Press 1:00 pm on Wednesday 25th July
Appeal to motorists to keep out of Hampton Bishop

Herefordshire Council has reinforced the message that the road into Hampton Bishop is still closed while the Environment Agency and the Fire Service continues to pump floodwater out of the village.

Car drivers have been swerving around road closed signs and barriers on the Hereford road into the village, causing disruption to the workmen and their equipment as they pump the water into the River Wye.

Herefordshire Council's Area Manger for Highways & Transportation, Clive Hall appealed to motorists to take notice of the signs. "If it says 'road closed,' it means road closed," said Clive. "These signs have been put up for a reason, and whilst we have to maintain access to the homes beyond our closure, our work is being hampered by motorists ignoring the signs and having to slam on their brakes as they drive past the closure signs and are confronted by flooding, workmen and equipment".

It is anticipated that the pumping works, which commenced on Tuesday, will have to continue for at least a further 24hours (until the afternoon of Thursday 26th July), before residents will be able to return safely to their homes. We stress that this is the earliest that we anticipate being able to open the road and it could realistically take 24-48 hours, all depending on what the weather brings throughout today and tomorrow.

Herefordshire Flooding Update

Emergency services, health organisations and the local authority are continuing to respond to the flooding situation across Herefordshire today. The strategic co-ordinating group for the county met at 10am (Monday 23rd July) at Herefordshire Council's Brockington headquarters to discuss the on-going difficulties being experienced across the county.

Yesterday evening an evacuation was carried out by the fire service with the assistance of two military vehicles in Hampton Bishop. The village had become flooded when water from the River Lugg breached an earth bank, flowed into fields and then onto the road. A total of 41 residents and staff were evacuated from the Hampton House Residential Home as a precautionary measure. They have been relocated to community hospitals and other residential care facilities around the county.

A further 72 residents were taken out of the village by fire service boats for onward travel to rest centres or alternative accommodation. A further 10 people were removed from the village by the fire service this morning. All are safe and well.

Weather forecasts suggest an improving picture for the coming days and the River Wye water level is falling. The River Lugg is remaining steady but is not likely to fall significantly for several days. It is likely therefore that floodwaters will continue to remain at Hampton Bishop until the Lugg's levels recede.

'All of the emergency services are continuing to work together to ensure public safety and to return the areas affected by the floodwaters can return to normality as quickly as possible," said a spokesman for the co-ordinating group. "Rest centres have been provided throughout the weekend for those displaced by the floodwaters in Herefordshire. The majority of people using these centres have now been able to make alternative arrangements for themselves or continue on with their journeys once roads reopened but facilities will continue to be available for those who need them.'

Elsewhere across the county, floodwaters are now beginning to recede and many roads closed during the flooding have now been able to reopen or are passable with care. A full update on the current roads situation is being made available from the Herefordshire Council website at while the Herefordshire Emergency Information Line is still in operation on 01432 260260 for those wanting further details.

Motorists are still urged not to travel into areas with floodwater and to continue to listen to local radio for the latest flooding information. It is still advisable only to make journeys if absolutely necessary and drivers should be aware that there may be abandoned cars at the roadside and take extra care. Pedestrians should also not enter floodwater, as there can be many hidden dangers such as missing manhole covers that could prove fatal, as well as associated health risks from stagnant and sewage infected water.

In addition, anyone concerned about river-based flooding can contact the Environment Agency's Floodline on 0845 988 1188 for up-to-date information and advice.


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If at all possible, please send your story in as early as you can, rather than wait until the very last minute, so that I can have at least a fighting chance of getting to bed before 3:00 am every Tuesday and Wednesday morning after what has lately become two 18 hour working days on the trot.

Thank you very much for your understanding and help.



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