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Issue No. 155 - Wednesday, 11th July 2007
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[WNTV: Successsful 5th Ross-on-Wye Country Festival]
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'Save Our Post Offices' says Jesse Norman

Ross Town Council received correspondence from Jesse Norman asking for their support in his campaign to stop the closure of Rural Post Offices. These facilities are vital to the survival of rural communities and need to remain open. Their closure would cause many people severe difficulties in obtaining the services that they would normally get through their local Post Office.

It was pointed out during Monday's meeting of the town council that there is already a body operating a campaign, however, Councillor Phil Cutter stated that whoever wished to campaign against these closures should be given the full support of the council. 'The more the merrier.' he said.

In response to correspondence received regarding the flood alleviation programme, Ross Town Mayor, Councillor Derek Bedford informed the meeting that work is scheduled to begin in September 2007 and is due to be completed by April of next year.

A motion was put forward at the meeting by Councillor John Edwards, who suggested that members of the public be allowed to put questions to Ross Town Council between 7 pm and 7:15. This motion met with approval and it was agreed that members of the public would be able to put their query before Council which the councillors would take on board and respond by a specified date. The first of these sessions will occur in October, so why not go along and have your say?.

Artistes photographed at the 5th Ross Country Festival

Terry Maher. Ref: DSC_1465

Royston Jones. Ref: DSC_1524

Clive John. Ref: DSC_1532

Kalibre. Ref: DSC_1540

Dean Austin. Ref: DSC_1596

Dave Sheriff. Ref: DSC_1601

Crime reduced in Ross

A meeting of the full Town Council was held on Monday, 9th July at The Corn Exchange. Before the meeting began, councillors and members of the public in attendance were addressed by Police Inspector, Alan Datani, who then invited councillors' questions.

Inspector Datani was pleased to inform the meeting that at the end of the fiscal year to 31st March 2007, Ross-on-Wye was the only town in South Herefordshire where there was no rise in crime and in fact had three fewer crimes than during the previous year. During the first quarter of the current year, however, there has been a slight increase.

When asked his opinion of people's concerns that 'Ross is becoming like Beirut with flowers' Inspector Datani replied positively that this is certainly not the case. Ross is a relatively low crime area. Yes it has its problems, but they are no different to those experienced by any other town. Insurance premiums are lower here than Monmouth, Hereford and the Forest of Dean and house prices are still on the increase, proving that Ross-on-Wye is still a desirable place to live.

Successful operations have been carried out to combat Anti Social Behaviour as well as nuisance drivers around the town.

Councillor Cutter asked Inspector Datani to pass on the Council's best wishes to the two policemen who were injured whilst trying to stop an incident of public disorder a couple of weeks ago, then expressed his opinion that a stronger police presence is needed in the town at night. Inspector Datani informed the meeting that this problem is being addressed.

The opinion that more CCTV cameras were needed was expressed. Some questioned whether CCTV actually works. Inspector Datani said that although CCTV does not solve all of a town's problems but it does help and arrests have been made as a result of this facility.

A reassuring statistic is that throughout the whole of South Herefordshire less than ten crimes are recorded in every 24 hours with two to three at most being committed in Ross-on-Wye. As Inspector Datani states, although this is not a fantastic figure it is considerably lower than other areas.

The Council thanked Inspector Datani for his address.

Wyenot News Letters

Bands by the River:

Last year we enjoyed two band concerts down by the River Wye in Ross. We had recently moved to Ross and hoped this would be an annual event. However can't see any news about such an event. Are there no plans for one this year?

Perhaps it was not successful enough last year? We enjoyed them, even though it poured with rain one night!

Livvy Arnold

If you are referring to brass bands, there is a series of performances currently going on of a Sunday afternoon, provided by Ross Town Council. So far, these have not been well attended - mainly due to bad weather.

If on the other hand, you are referring to rock bands et cetera, which I think you are. Last year, a couple of bands performed at the bandstand as a part of the Ross Live Festival. Unlike the Mozart music etc., which took place in various church venues, these performances were not advertised. I saw one band, playing to virtually nobody, in total darkness and only later found out that it was part of the Ross Live Festival.

There is also a current issue regarding complaints from local residents about amplified music taking place at the bandstand. Tina is currently discussing this with the Town Clerk, who is trying to resolve this situation for the future. I hope that she will receive a lot of support with this issue.

Lost at the Country Festival:

My wife and I attended your wonderful Country and Western Event this weekend with some of our Chaps who have special needs. Somewhat smaller than similar events we have been to but this helped produce a really friendly and intimate atmosphere, which enabled one of friends to get up and express himself on the dance floor.

A downside for us was the loss of my Renault Espace Electronic key which is a grey plastic thing about the size of a credit card and about 5mm thick with Renault imprinted upon it. It was in a brown leather type wallet of the same size.

I wonder if you could mention it in one of your bulletins in case someone turns it up. My telephone number is: 0121 243 6954 .

Matt Chapman Barnabas Care Home (Solihull)

p.s We did have a spare with us so not a complete disaster.

Love Wyenot News:

I just wanted to tell you that I really like the Wyenot.

I am originally from Ross, Wilton to be exact. I have been in the USA for a long time and in the past have subscribed to the Ross gazette, but I find your pages so refreshing and down to earth. I attended Ross Grammar School years ago, so every once in a while I see an article with a familiar name.

I first heard about Wyenot from my nephew, who was also a Rossian but now lives in Italy. So your pages are getting some world wide attention! I love it.

Pauline Chilldres (Bennett)
Arkansas, USA

Thank you very much, Pauline. I am very pleased that you enjoy Wyenot and find it 'refreshing and down to earth'. A lot of people do not understand my warped, sometimes scatological sense of humour but I try to write things just the way I see them.

I remember your nephew. He wrote to me several times in 2001, during the first year of Wyenot telling me how much he enjoyed it. Unfortunately, having had several computer network failures since those days, I no longer have his emails but I do remember them.

Hope you keep reading and I will try to keep improving Wyenot News.

Looking for Genealogy info:

I am looking for information on John James Snr m Ellen Shoesmith 23/12/1851. They had a son John Sampson born 20/10/1852 and a daughter Ursula born 29/7/1856. John Sampson married Ada Maria nee Cooper 28/2/1881 she was born 1850 or 1852, her parents were Edwin Cooper Shoemaker and Mary Morgan they also had a son Osmond. I have an old postcard showing that they lived in New Street at one stage. John Sampson was born in Berry Under West PENYARD in October 1852. After John Sampson was married to Ada they moved to Birmingham but after the loss of a daughter came back to Ross before coming to Australia in 1858. John Snr had a brother Henry sister Mary and brother Richard. Henry married a Mary Ann Rossiter and Mary a Mr Jackson I don't know if they still live in or around Ross.. I would love to make contact with anyone that may know something about any of the families,maybe through an old bible entry. Does Ross have an Historical and Genealogical Society?
Joan James

Thank You:


Thanks for taking the photos - a really great night!

Ozzie & Debbie

No problem. Thank you very much! Short as it is, your email really brightened up my day last Wednesday. For every 100 emails I receive asking me to publicize or photograph an event, I receive one thanking me for doing so afterwards. Usually these come in the form, 'Thank you very much for photographing our flower show last year. We are holding another the day after tomorrow . . .'

It is truly and very genuinely nice that you took the trouble to write. Tina, Paul, Ali and I had a great time at your 50th birthday party. Look forward to seeing you both soon.




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