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Issue No. 155 - Wednesday, 11th July 2007
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WNTV: Successful 5th Ross-on-Wye Country Music Festival

The fifth Ross-on-Wye Country Music Festival took place over last weekend and proved once again to be a huge success for both fans of country music and for St. Michael's Hospice. Many hundreds of country and western fans came to town from all over the UK for what has now become a major annual Ross-on-Wye event - certainly the biggest and most successful for many years!

What is so wonderful about this festival, as opposed to others is that the visitors spend time walking around the town centre as well as enjoying the music. They visit the small shops rather than just the supermarkets and patronize local pubs and restaurants. Reports have already come in that many ate at Annie's Café in High Street and at the White Lion Inn, Wilton and I am absolutely sure that many other local businesses did well as a direct result of the event.

As most will already know, Tina is but I am not a country music fan. The atmosphere at the festival is just so fantastic though, I would not miss it for anything. Next year, Tina and I plan to take the caravan down and camp there ourselves so that we can enjoy the whole weekend uninterrupted.

Below and on the following pages are photographs and video from the weekend. I have many hundreds, of course but have just chosen a few for publication. I hope all those who attended the festival and other more regular readers enjoy the coverage. With the exception of just a few, there are no names to go with most of the audience photos as they were mainly shot naturally, as it was rather than posed.

After expenses paid to artists, the venue and everything else, a magnificent £2,830.35 was raised at the event for St. Michael's Hospice. All through people putting in a lot of work organizing, but having a great time doing so. Thanks must go to Colin and Anne Gray for organizing the event and to everybody else involved, including Ross Rowing Club, who provided a lot of help as well as the venue, Clive Beard Haulage, Brandon Tool Hire, Quick Skip, Wye Commercials, Ross Windows, Crazy Cowboys Magazine Promotions for providing printing, Ross St. Michael's Ladies for running the raffle (which raised £830.35) and all stewards and helpers, far too numerous to mention individually.

Ref: DSC_8742

Ref: DSC_8872

The ten minute film below is quite a nice compilation of songs from various artists who performed at the 5th Ross Country Music Festival. Although I filmed many different songs from all artists whilst I was there, and probably have enough video footage to start my own Country TV station, due to lack of time I have just run up this quick compilation to get it out for Wednesday. I think the only artists missed out are those who performed on the Friday evening as Tina and I did not arrive back from Bromsgrove in time to make it to the festival. I possibly also missed one on Sunday as I had other events to cover on the same day.


Ref: DSC_1565

Ref: DSC_2881

Ref: DSC_8650

Ross-on-Wye's own Queen, Joyce Thomas MBD DL thoroughly enjoyed her Saturday evening at the festival. Ref: DSC_8838

Ref: DSC_1509

Bonnie and Clive Beard. Ref: DSC_1557

Ref: DSC_1519

Anne Gray asked me to take this photo of Anita Rogers. I'd have probably taken it anyway! Ref: DSC_1553

Mayor and Mayoress Derek and Meryl Bedford enjoy tea in a cowboy's log cabin. Ref: DSC_8923


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