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Issue No. 155 - Wednesday, 11th July 2007
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WNTV: A Blues Party at Broome Farm: Kent Duchaine and Leadbessie

Broome Farm is just such a great place! It is one of those places I really enjoy visiting. Everybody I have ever met there has been absolutely genuine and friendly. Whether you go to sample the cider in the cider cellar, celebrate the Wassail on Twelfth Night or go to enjoy a classical music performance or blues party it is just so relaxing. Whatever your reason for going, once discovered, you will want to keep going back!

Tina was working on Wednesday, so I went alone to Broome Farm. Walking into the barn was like stepping into a different world from the one I had experienced over the past week or two. I was amongst one large family of real friends again. I took some photos, shot some film and drank one glass of excellent cider, enjoying some good company and music before collecting Tina from work.

Toby Lovell's 'Ensemble' were playing when I first arrived and I managed to catch their last song on video. That film, which is a little shaky as I rushed to get the camera out in time to catch it and had not had chance to get myself comfortably seated, can be seen on the next page. Toby's band were brilliant and I wish I had caught more of their act. Wanting to make sure that Kent Duchaine was happy with me photographing and filming him, I sought him out before he began his act and asked. He was only too happy with both and posed for the photo below, with 'Leadbessie' his 73 year old steel guitar before starting his show.

I left at a little after 11 pm and headed for the White Lion, strolled in all innocent like and ordered a coffee, but Tina had already heard that I had been at the 'Blues Party'. Why bother with an on-line news service when the word travels that fast without it? Thank you to Mike, Phil, Toby's band, Kent Duchaine and everybody else who was there. It was a great evening. I really enjoyed your company!

Kent Duchaine - a pose with 'Leadbessie' before the show. Ref: DSC_8449

Tuning 'Leadbessy' between songs. Ref: DSC_1370
The film below was the second song from Kent Duchaine's first set of the evening. It was written when he was 19 years old and touring the northern United States and is particularly appropriate for for performing at a party in a cider barn.

[Windows Media version for download (or viewing if you have very fast DSL). Right click and 'save target' 31 Mbytes]

Ref: DSC_1416

Enjoying the Blues Party. Ref: DSC_8461

Phil Long and party organizer / cider producer, Mike Johnson at the show on Wednesday. Ref: DSC_8466

Mike and Kent enjoy some Broome Farm cider after the show.

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