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Issue No. 154 - Wednesday, 4th July 2007
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A Singing Day for Bridstow Children

Ula Webber, Singing Playgrounds Co-ordinator for Birmingham based professional choir, 'Ex Cathedra' visited Bridstow School on Friday and with the help of Teaching Assistant, Fiona Turner, treated the children to a taster 'Singing Day'.

In the pictures below, Ula Webber, Suzzie Vango and Amy Wood give Tom, Libbie, Trinity, Tabitha and Kate a singing and dancing lesson.

Ref: DSC_8220

Ref: DSC_8308

It was a week for being called Clive and celebrating a
60th birthday!

Congratulations to Clive Beard, who was 60 on Saturday, 30th June!

Clive Beard, well known local haulier celebrated his 60th birthday with a family lunch at the Weston Cross on Saturday. Joining him there were his wife, Bonnie, his two daughters and their husbands and his five grandchildren. Later the birthday celebrations continued at the Larruperz Centre where Clive and Bonnie spent the evening with the Ross Country Music Club.

Enjoying the meal were Clive and his wife, Bonnie, Daughters Shelley and Gail with husbands John and Tim and grandchildren, Matthew - with girlfriend, Hannah, Thomas - with girlfriend, Lauryn, George, Lewis and Frances.

During the evening at the Country Club, where Carl Jennings performed, Clive and Bonnie posed for a photo with friends, Anne Gray, Anne Colburn, Cynthia Brain, Jenny Lacy, Mim and Roy Edwards, Anne Pritchard and Colin Gray.

Ref: DSC_8251

Ref: DSC_8295

Ref: DSC_8308

Congratulations also to Clive James, who was 60 on Wednesday 27th June!

Clive, who is the oldest 'James' celebrated his 60th with a family meal at the White Lion on Sunday. In the photo are Clive and Lesley, Clive's brother, Ivan and his wife, Sandra, sister Joanne and nephews, Rory and Jesse James.

Ref: DSC_8400

Ross Live! 2007 Festival Programme

Preparations for the Ross Live! Festival 2007 are well underway and once again, they have tried to devise a programme with wide appeal, providing entertainment to suit most tastes.

As well as their usual terrific programme of classical music, there will be a mix of comedy, folk rock and drama. The New Rope String Band will be performing a large assortment of hoe-down, pan-Celtic, old-time, upbeat, down home music combined with bizarre physical nonsense and clowning about. Sounds like great fun.

Heartbreak Productions will run a theatre workshop for up to thirty young people who will then join the group during their evening performance of Shakespeare's comedy, 'Twelfth Night'.

Well known singer / songwriter Steve Ashley who will be familiar to devotees of folk-rock music from the 1960s onwards will also be performing and the festival organizers are hoping to enable the talented young people who use the Creative Learning Centre to showcase some of their music. They are also sponsoring a summer school in collaboration with the Phoenix Theatre, which will run from 20th to 25th August.

As part of their outreach work, Ross Live! have been operating a busy work programme with Brampton Abbotts CE School and have introduced the whole of Year 1 to the Suzuki method of teaching stringed instruments. Parents are actively involved in these lessons, which are proving to be very popular. Ross Live! are also in the process of turning the whole school into a choir, providing weekly singing lessons and have obtained funding to expand this programme to two local nursery schools.

Further details of the Ross Live! 2007 Festival programme will be available on the What's On? page of shortly.

Bands in the Park

The A.W. Parker, Drybrook Band provided last Sunday's 'Bands in the Park' entertainment. Pictured below, the band can be seen playing 'Nights in White Satin'.

Despite the windy and occasionally wet weather, some audience did turn up this week and the family pictured below, from the North of England, came specially to the bandstand and enjoyed the performance very much.

Ref: DSC_8429

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