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Issue No. 154 - Wednesday, 4th July 2007
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A couple of birds with a nice pear

I do not give a stuff for getting my film or myself on TV and have never deliberately done so, as some people have spitefully claimed this week, starting a malicious rumour which was completely unfounded and came back to me. I was asked for my film by ITN - not the other way round and I was approached for my own appearance, when simply going shopping.

Nature does not envy nor bitch like silly school children. Wildlife and astronomy are the only subjects I truly enjoy photographing and filming. I would not think twice about giving all of the rest up, leaving the stage open for the 'wanabees', for an opportunity to spend the rest of my life photographing nature.

Sunday morning provided a great opportunity to get back with nature, allowing shots of a new cygnet, born by the Wye at Wilton and sitting on the bank during a heavy rain storm. The pair of swallows feeding their young hatchlings was photographed at the White Lion.

Four years ago, this coming October, Tina bought me a pear tree for my birthday and this year is has born its first pear (bottom photo). The tree is hardly going to set me up as serious competition for Broome Farm but I look forward to enjoying its fruit nonetheless. Pears are the only fruit I really enjoy eating.

The new cygnet on the Wye. Ref: DSC_1300

With Mum and Dad during a rain storm. Ref: DSC_1289

The male swallow rests before hunting for food for its young. Ref: DSC_1318

Feeding the young hatchling. Ref: DSC_1331

I look forward to enjoying this - if nobody else gets their first. Ref: DSC_1357

Ross Lions Community Service Award for Dennis

Dennis Humble, the manager of the Ryefield Centre who is leaving the area to work in Bristol, organized a quiz night instead of having a going away party last Friday evening. Over a hundred people turned up at the Larruperz Centre to give him a good send-off.

Dennis was not aware that the Ross-on-Wye Lions Club had decided to present him with a Community Services Award for all the good he had done for the Ross area over the years. When the president of the Lions Club stepped up to present the award, a lovely inscribed plaque, he was absolutely astounded and very emotional.

Lion president, Brian Goodfellow thanked Dennis for all the good work he had done and what he had achieved for the town before presenting him with his award. His sentiments were echoed by the crowd who gave Dennis a standing ovation.

Ross Lion, Brian Goodfellow presents Dennis with his award.

Ross-in-Bloom Short Listing

Ross-in-Bloom short listing started last week. However, due to the bad weather Mary Sinclair Powell, who co-ordinates the judging, has decided it will be better for everybody, gardeners and judges alike, if the judging is put back until the end of July. This gives her and her team a chance to have another look around the streets for the short lists.

'I would hate for anyone worthy of an award this year to have lost the opportunity to be judged correctly because the weather has prevented them from putting on a good display' said Mary. 'The judges will be contacted as soon as I know what is happening and we will probably all be out during the last two weeks in July, with specialist judging probably taking place during the first week in August.'

Ross-in-Bloom would like to remind everybody that the Heart of England in Bloom judges will be visiting the town and the Garden of Remembrance on Tuesday 17th July. They are asking everybody to make a really good effort to ensure that Ross is clean and tidy. If floral displays cannot be managed, lots of flags and bunting will really enliven the town to bring us out of these horrid wet days for both the judging and Carnival week at the end of the month.


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