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Issue No. 154 - Wednesday, 4th July 2007
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Ross Pre-school Garden

Children at Ross pre-school Playgroup have been busy making a Peter Rabbit Garden, having read the story of the famous bunny and have entered it into the Ross in Bloom 'Garden on a Tray' competition. In the photo with Playgroup Leader, Vicki Page are Ashlee Davies, Rhys Burns, Jamie Payne and Harriet Storey, who made the very pretty garden.

Ref: DSC_8182

50 year-old murder investigation reopens

Detectives in Herefordshire are to reopen an inquiry into a missing man from Canon Pyon in 1954 after having received new evidence. Derek Saville, then aged 25, disappeared on the evening of 7th December 1954, having left his girlfriend’s house to head back to his own in the village. He was reported missing four days later and an extensive missing persons investigation was started by the then Herefordshire Constabulary. Mr Saville was never found, despite intensive local and national media coverage of the case.

Detectives from West Mercia Constabulary’s Herefordshire Division have now reopened the case, after a new witness came forward with information. The witness, who was aged seven in 1954, stated that he had seen his father (now deceased) and a group of unknown men digging what was described as a makeshift grave at the time of Mr Saville’s disappearance.

Two detectives from the investigation team returned from Perth, Australia, on Monday where they re-interviewed the witness, who emigrated a number if years ago. The investigation, code named 'Operation Panda' now has a possible location for the body of Mr Saville in Canon Pyon, and forensic teams began a specialist search on Monday.

Detective Inspector David Llewellin, from Hereford CID, said, 'The disappearance of Derek Saville was one of the highest profile inquiries of its time and remains an unsolved crime to this day. It is important that we examine any new evidence that could lead to the location of his body, as well as continuing to determine if there is any new evidence which could provide answers about how and why he disappeared.'

'No case files survive from the 1950s but members of the Operation Panda inquiry have been able to talk to three surviving Herefordshire Constabulary detectives who were key to the original investigation. Detectives have also spent many months researching archives of material, including contemporary press cuttings, to build up a further profile of what went on at the time. Officers have also traced and spoken to a number of surviving witnesses who have given video accounts of the events in December 1954.'

'At the time of the original investigation there was much speculation that Mr Saville had been threatened and intimidated by another man on the day of his disappearance, and that this man may have been in some way involved in his death. All of this remains speculation but what we are working with right now is credible and tested evidence that suggests a site where Derek Saville’s body may be. The dig is being carried out on the strength of that.'

Extensive survey work has identified a viable burial spot at a field in Canon Pyon. Members of the Operation Panda investigation team were joined on Monday by search specialists, geographic profilers and forensic archaeologists.

Members of Mr Saville’s family have been kept informed of Operation Panda’s progress, but do not wish to make any public comment on the case at this time. Should the dig reveal a body, details of the investigation will be passed to the Herefordshire Coroner and a file may also be passed to the Crown Prosecution Service to determine what, if any, charges can now be brought.

Happy 50th Ozzie!

Ozzie's 50th birthday party at the Drop Inn was in full swing when we finally arrived after Saturday's other event photographing commitments. We had arranged to meet friends, Paul and Ali Randell there and help Ozzie to enjoy his party for the rest of the evening. After being pointed in the direction of some delicious food, Tina and Ali danced the night away with Ozzie and the rest of the gang and everybody, especially the birthday boy thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Ozzie, who is also a fireman, scored his half century on Friday 22nd June whilst on holiday in Spain, but celebrated with a vengeance on Saturday.

Ozzie and his wife Debbie enjoying the party. Ref: DSC_8393

Ozzie, Ali and Tina get together for a dance. Ref: DSC_8389

Aileen and Phil Davies dancing. Photo by special request! Ref: DSC_8398

Public disorder in Gloucester Road

Police are trying to trace witnesses to a large-scale public disorder offence in Ross-on-Wye, during which several police officers were assaulted. The incident occurred at around 1am on Saturday, 23rd June in Gloucester Road, when officers on patrol came upon a disturbance involving a group of around 10 people, close to the Pan Pizza takeaway.

Upon intervening, one officer was assaulted, sustaining a black eye, while another was also injured while arresting another of those involved in the altercation.

Police made a total of three arrests in connection with the incident - all three were later bailed while enquiries continue.

Anyone with information about the altercation is asked to contact PC Gareth Thomas at Ross-on-Wye Police Station on 08457 444888 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

The French Market comes to town

The French Market came to town again on Friday for its annual summer visit, bringing the aromas of freshly baked bread, garlic and cheese.

The weather was not brilliant, a state to which we have all become accustomed this year but the punters turned up and all-in-all it seemed to be another victory for the French.

Winter MacDonnell, our resident American lady buys bread from Carole Avenel. Ref: DSC_8203

Carole and Denis Avenel, purveyors of great French bread. Ref: DSC_8206

Nathalie Flore cooking a traditional French mussels and rice dish. Ref: DSC_8210

Ref: DSC_8214


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