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Issue No. 151 - Wednesday, 13th June 2007
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Shakespeare at the Castle

Heartbreak Productions performed 'Twelfth Night' to a packed Goodrich Castle on Friday evening. The play was directed by Andy Cresswell, who played the part of Orsino. As most of the characters in 'Twelfth Night' appear to have an obsession about something or another such as love, drink, status, religion or control, he decided to set the piece in a place where their fixations could be given a free rein and chose a theme park based on obsession.

The performance was very well received by the audience. Watch out for Heartbreak Productions next visit to Goodrich Castle on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd August, when they will be performing 'The Merchant of Venice.'

Below are some scenes for Friday's performance and there are more on page six.

The Cast: Andy Cresswell, Samantha Dew, Dan McGarry, Richard Gee and Gabrielle Meadows. Ref: DSC_7593

Ref: DSC_7580

Ref: DSC_0805

Ref: DSC_0832

Ref: DSC_0851

Ref: DSC_0874

Ref: DSC_0787

Ref: DSC_0785

Ref: DSC_0747


Ross-in-Bloom have just been notified that the Heart of England in Bloom Judges, supported by the Heart of England Tourist Board, will be visiting Ross-on-Wye on Tuesday 17th July. This is one of the main events for the town, and gives everyone a chance to show Ross off to its best advantage.

Margaret Lucas, Chair of Ross-in-Bloom said, 'Everyone is asked to pull out all the stops and sure Ross is clean, tidy, litter and graffiti free and florally enhanced throughout the year. However, this one day focuses the mind on these matters and gives an excellent ahead of the major summer season to. The town colours this year are Red White and Blue so perhaps everyone can also put out bunting for the summer months, including this event and for the carnival. Lets make Ross a town to remember for 2007".

In 2005 Ross gained Gold in the Heart of England in Bloom campaign. Due to lack of volunteers the town could not enter in 2006 but are back this year with a guns and watering cans blazing. The local competition short listing will start during the last week of June, with the main judging taking place during July and into August for some of the more specialist competitions.

It is hoped to hold a Charities Market for the day on 17th July if there are enough stall holders available. If yo raise money for a charity and would like to have a stall, please contact Mary Powell at the Heritage Centre for details. Forms will also be available from Margaret at Lucas Motorcycles.

Remembering Frank Drabble 1916-2007

A thanksgiving service for Frank Drabble will be taking place on Tuesday, 19th June and the interment of his ashes will take place, at the Walford Church at 2pm..

Frank will be remembered by hundreds of people for many reasons, as he was one of the most likeable people you could wish to meet.

During the time he was at Ross Grammar School, 1945-1960, he taught Chemistry from basics to “A” level and this must have made him known to about 750 pupils and it is unlikely that any of them will forget him, as I suspect that he was probably the most popular teacher there and I have never heard a word said against him, he was a prime example of “firm but fair“.

During his time at RGS, he contributed greatly to extracurricular activities, not the least being the building of the stage in the assembly hall.

He used to take students on walks and outings, one of his favourites being to the Lake District. I remember him too giving up his Saturdays many times to be the umpire at inter-school cricket matches and he was at many of our rugby matches too.

It was probably a sad loss to RGS when he left to go to work at the Gloucester College of Further Education’s Science Department, but I had left RGS in 1957 and was spared the departure, which was marked by the presentation of a clock, presumably to mark his time and efforts there.

Frank will still be sadly missed by those including myself, who had remade his acquaintance in recent years by virtue of school reunions, which he willingly attended.

The last reunions he attended were in May 2006, when he was presented with a 90th Birthday cake and a present, to mark his 90th birthday, which was last August, and a reunion for the 60s pupils, which was held in September 2006.

My sympathies go to Mary his widow and all of those who were fortunate enough to be his family and close friends of which there were many, he will be greatly missed.

Jerry Lyons.

Frank Drabble being presented with a 90th Birthday cake at last year's Grammar School Reunion. Ref: DSC_9216


Norma Evelyn Wood
10th November 1933 to 13th June 2005

We love you and think of you every day.
Alan and Tina


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