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Issue No. 151 - Wednesday, 13th June 2007
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The beautiful gardens of Aston Ingham open to the public again

Residents of Aston Ingham and nearby opened their gardens to the public last year, raising a considerable amount of money for the Acorns Children's Hospice in Worcester, Pound Farm in Gorsley and Forest of Dean Cancer Care at Home. The event was so successful that a repeat event is to take place this year, with proceeds going to the same three charities.

Some of last year's volunteers, who opened their gardens will be joined by newcomers, providing very a nice day out for those who enjoy the English Country Garden. A great variety, including mixed borders, wild flower gardens, ponds and streams and professionally designed gardens will be open to the visitor. Lunch and tea will be served in the village hall, and the church will be decorated with flowers.

The gardens of Aston Ingham will be open on 23rd and 24th June 2007 between 1:30 and 5:30 PM each day. A ticket which covers both afternoons with proceeds going to the above charities costs £5.00. Further details are available by calling 01989 720796.

On Sunday afternoon I was given a preview of just three of the many beautiful gardens which will be open to visitors. Just to show how much there is to be seen, those three gardens alone took me two hours to view and photograph, so there will be plenty for the visitor to admire and to pick up ideas for their own gardens.

Below and on page five are some of the many photos I took plus a moving picture show of the many shots I did not have room to publish individually on these pages.

Ref: DSC_7703

Ref: DSC_0953
WNTV: Aston Ingham - The Motion Picture

I guess this is really 'Aston Ingham, the sequel' as I made a similar film last year. The animated stills film is made up of most of the photographs I took on Sunday afternoon in just three of the gardens.

It is very pretty and, if you like it, a higher resolution version is available by right clicking here and 'saving target' (38.28 Mbytes).

I am sorry about the sea shore music but I prefer to use my own material for financial reasons and, to be honest, I am running out of ambient background music and have not had time to record more.
I made a very obvious mistake in this one with the tubular bells at the end - hitting the wrong note and immediately correcting it. I got used to it at the time of the recording but it sticks out like an 'ouch' to me now. The track, 'Three Cliffs Bay' was recorded in 1999.

Ref: DSC_0938

Ref: DSC_0976

Ref: DSC_0987

Ref: DSC_7698

The White Lion Inn, Wilton.
Morris Bricknell, Chartered Surveyors, Stroud House, 30, Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 5LE.


Tel: 01989 768320

Ross Sea Cadets Invite Veterans to Tea

Ross Sea Cadets are arranging a Veteran’s Tea Party on Saturday July 21st at the Unit Headquarters. This event is open to any Veterans of World War two or conflicts since then to go along and have afternoon tea served by the cadets. Commanding Officer, Sue Lampert would be pleased if those attending would take along their medals and talk to the cadets about their experiences.

For further information about this event, please contact Sue Lampert on 01989 567426. She will be very pleased to hear from you.

News from our German twin town: Celebrating 35 at Betzdorf Kindergarten

Emmerzhausen Kindergarten will be 35 years old on Sunday, 24th June and are going to hold a special celebration birthday event. In the photo, Marc and Joerg are practising the art of baking Waffles so that they can get it right on the big day.

Marc and Joerg practicing the art of Waffle making.

On Yer Bike Officer!

Two rickshaw-style pedicabs came to the rescue when police officers needed to go the assistance of colleagues in a hurry on Hereford’s Castle Green.

The unusual police pursuit unfolded when PCs Ann-Marie Rosier and Sue Beament received an emergency distress call from officers trying to arrest a man for breach of his bail. Knowing that they would both take too long on foot and unable to get there by patrol car, the officers were faced with a dilemma - until Hereford’s two pedicabs pedalled into view.

Having just dropped off a fare, the pedicabs were immediately pressed into police action and their riders - Ben Matthews and Will Vaughan - rose to the task and pedalled their way furiously to the other side of the Green with the two police officers on board.

“Our colleagues were some distance away and in need of urgent assistance but we couldn’t get there by car,” explained PC Rosier. “We knew that if we ran the distance it may take too long and when we arrived we probably would not have been in the best condition to help out our colleagues - so when the pedicabs turned up we used out initiative and hopped on board.”

PC Beament added: “It was great timing on their part. Will and Ben did a fantastic job to get us there so quickly. They really got into the spirit of it and were ringing their bells to warn people we were coming. I even tried making a siren noise myself - but the bells were far more effective!”

Once at the scene the two officers were quickly able to assist with the arrest and the man was taken to Hereford Police Station. He was later remanded into custody for his breach of bail and for the assault of a police officer.

Both PC Rosier and PC Beament have already passed on their thanks to Will and Ben for their public-spirited efforts while Herefordshire Division will also be handing over a generous tip for the impromptu ride.


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