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Issue No. 150 - Wednesday, 6th June 2007
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I am sorry to disappoint you but this is not where you can buy one. Since putting the article below on 'Wyenot News' nearly two years ago, it makes me very sad to see that every day, at least 200 people arrive at this page after searching 'Google' for somewhere to buy a BB gun. What is this world coming to? If you are one of those people out to get hold of such a gun, please read the article below and, instead of trying to purchase a BB gun, why not try growing up and perhaps do something useful with your life instead.

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Police in Herefordshire have issued a warning about the use of ball bearing (BB) guns in public places - you could find yourself face to face with a police firearms unit.

The warning comes after an increasing number of incidents in which individuals - many of them teenagers - have been seen carrying and in some cases firing BB guns in Hereford city centre. In recent weeks two BB guns were confiscated from teenagers after they were reported firing them inside an underpass and were then caught and challenged for their behaviour by police officers.

Even more seriously, a 21-year-old male was arrested after two motorists reported having pellets fired at their vehicles on the city's ring road. One of the pellets struck a female moped rider on her helmet, fortunately without causing injury. The arrested man has been released on bail while enquiries continue.

Police believe that many of these guns are being purchased locally. No licence is required to sell BB guns or imitation firearms and there is also believed to be little or no advice being made available to any potential purchaser on where and how they should be used. A BB gun can cost as little as eight pounds and in the majority of cases is visually indistinguishable from a real firearm.

PC Colin Kerfoot from Hereford Police said, "Any incident in which members of the public are fired at is clearly unacceptable - the fact that we have avoided serious injury in these cases is only by good fortune, especially as pellets have been fired at moving vehicles.

Most youngsters buying these imitation guns are unaware of their dangers - firstly, that they can actually harm others if shot at close range and secondly, if used in a public place they will be treated as a genuine firearm by police officers and this could lead to the deployment of armed response officers. The reality is that these BB guns look almost identical to genuine firearms. Police officers have a duty to ensure public safety, and therefore, each incident will be dealt with as if the firearm is a real one. If members of the public, or police officers are threatened with the weapons, then the person holding the weapon can expect to be dealt with robustly."

PC Kerfoot added: "We are asking for the co-operation of parents to ensure that any imitation firearm is used properly and safely and kept away from public place and also to consider whether it really is appropriate for their children to be carrying such weapons in the first place. I would also urge shopkeepers not to sell these guns to children under the age of 17 unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian."

The two BB guns seized by officers in Hereford will now be destroyed. Any parents concerned that their children have such imitation firearms can hand them into police stations across the county for their safe destruction.

Half term fossils and models at the Heritage Centre

Ross Heritage Centre was busy over the half term week with various activities for children. On Thursday, Tina Walton of the Green Eyed Monster Company showed local children the art of making model fossils. In the photo are Elliot, jack, mum, Jackie Sweeney, Ollie, Tina Walton, Louis, Alicia and Anwen.

On Friday, children made various models ranging from soldiers to brides, via Russian Cossacks and Red Indians. In the photo are Nichola Price, Mary Sinclair-Powell, Debbie Dew-White and Sue may with Lucy, Harriette, Charlotte, Matthew and Abigale.

Ref: DSC_7344

Ref: DSC_7355

Congratulations St.John and Nella!

Congratulations go to St.John Millinczuk and Nella Boyd on the birth of their beautiful son. This little boy, whose name is yet to be decided, arrived on Wednesday 23rd May weighing 8lbs 9oz. He was sleeping peacefully when I turned up to take the photograph below so after a quick chat I left Nella to make the most of it but hope to catch him awake some time soon.

Best wishes to both of you and your proud families.

Ref: P6040002

New Exhibition at Ross Library

A new exhibition of paintings and prints opened in the Dennis Potter Room at Ross Library on Tuesday, 5th June. The exhibition is of works created by four women who live in Herefordshire. Three of the ladies, Caroline Redford, Anne Young and Donna Helme are studying for their BA honours degree at Hereford College of Art and Design whilst the fourth, Ali Rose Clifford is studying at Studio 10 under the guidance of Rob McCarthy.

Wyenot News was invited to the opening of the exhibition which will run until 19th June.

Left to right are: Anne Young, Caroline Redford and Ali Rose Clifford with some of their work. Ref: DSC_7473

Morris Bricknell, Chartered Surveyors, Stroud House, 30, Gloucester Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 5LE.


Tel: 01989 768320

Dinosaur fun at county libraries

Herefordshire youngsters who dig dinosaurs visited their local libraries this half term. Children aged between 4 and 12 years old had the chance to make their own dinosaur fossil and find out more about these amazing creatures at a series of Dino Dig events which were staged across the county.

Anne-Marie Dossett, reader development librarian, said: "All children are fascinated by dinosaurs and these sessions offer a fun way for them to find out more."

At Ross Library, Katie, Eleanor, Harry, Sophie and Ryan made a giant pterodactyl in a 'Decorate a Dino' session on Friday. Brave customers will have the opportunity to view the flying monster when it takes up residence, hanging from the ceiling in the children's library.

Ref: DSC_7350

Severe problem with Tiscali Email

If you use Tiscali as your Internet Provider and have sent any important email over the past few weeks, to anybody, it is worth checking that it was received, and resending it if not. Preferably via a much more reliable email provider. (I recommend Google Mail)

There has been a major issue, country wide over the past week or so with users of Tiscali, where mail which has been sent and appears to have gone out correctly has just disappeared into a black hole.

The problem, as most email problems are, is reputed to have been caused by people sending spam mail, which resulted in the Tiscali domain being blocked as a sender of junk mail.

My own received email count has been very low this week, so I suspect the problem does not stop with Tiscali - other providers may have suffered a similar problem but just not said anything about it to their customers. Tiscali had to eventually admit their problem following a report in the Daily Telegraph. I suspect other providers are staying quiet though.

It is not often that I recommend a service but in the case of email, I thoroughly recommend Google Mail. I have completely dumped Tiscali as an email provider and switched entirely to Google Mail. So far, the service has proved to be excellent!

I still do not seem to receive all mail sent but this is generally due to either user error on the part of the sender or to the sender's Service Provider.

In the case of sending news items to Wyenot News, I recommend either sending by snail mail or, if emailing, telephoning as well, to make sure they have been received.

Wyenot News Featured Business of the Week
Thatch Close B & B, Llangrove

As a free additional benefit to those local businesses supporting, every week Wyenot News chooses one local business at random to feature in the current issue of the weekly on-line news magazine.

Thatch Close is a beautiful Georgian farmhouse, set in extensive, colourful gardens in the midst of unspoilt countryside, making it the ideal place to stay for those interested in nature or those who simply enjoy peace and quiet.

Proprietors Marian and Edward Drzymalski have thirteen secluded acres set within farm land, where guests are welcome to roam through organically maintained fields and spot the wide variety of wildlife which inhabits the immediate area, including rabbits, squirrels and foxes or buzzards and owls. There is even a badger sett within the grounds. . . .

For further information, click here to go to the Thatch Close page on

Thatch Close B & B, Llangrove.
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