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Issue No. 147 - Wednesday, 16th May 2007
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Ross Rugby Club Awards Evening
by Sarah Webb - pictures by Yours Truly

After another successful season for Ross-on-Wye Rugby Team and hopeful promotion to Gloucester Division One, their annual prize-giving evening saw a number of happy players proud to get recognition for their efforts this year.

The event took place at the King Charles pub, where everyone eagerly awaited the results to discover the winner of the coveted Player of the Year award. Notable performances by both the first and second team this season has left Ross firsts with an unbeaten home record since 2004 and the seconds hoping to enter a new league and progress even further.

The night kicked-off with ex-player Martin Pocknell giving a thank-you speech to the players and management for all their efforts throughout the season and a roundup of the highlights from 2006-2007. The first award for top points scorer went to Chris Gage for the tenth year in a row, he said " Any kicker worth his place should win this award, everyone yawns when it is announced every year and the prize goes to me, but it is nice to get it."

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After a staggering total of 102 tries by Ross this season, the award for Top Try Scorer went to Huw Bellamy, who was unfortunately unable to attend, having scored fifteen tries from the total this season.

Ashley Nelmes, who has made some outstanding performances in the second row this year, won the award for Best Newcomer and After changing position this season, Wayne Williams' versatility had paid off as he won the next award for Most Improved Player. He said, " I am pleased to get the award after all my hard work."

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Keith Scrivens and Brian Harris shared club Man of the Year after helping to run the second team and attract sponsorship. The club will have two new sponsors next season, The King Charles and Walford Timber. Mr Harris said "I am very pleased to win the award, I have been helping the club for thirty years and have taught many of the players the game of rugby as a teacher at John Kyrle". Mr Scrivens added "I am happy to get the award, I was honoured to take the job as Team Manager for the seconds and the boys have not let me down all season".

Most Promising Young Player was won by fly-half Chay Brine and The Steve Gibbons Shield was won by Nick Rawlins for all his efforts on the pitch and in training. Mr Rawlins said, "It is nice to come back to a local team and help out and have the opportunity to play with the young lads who have lots of potential".

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The President's Tankard went to first team player Wayne Williams and second team player Tony Clements after excellent performances from both all season. The Most Promising second Team Player award went to Andrew Bevan and Richard Russell won the Second Team Player of the Year award. Mr Russell said, "I am very pleased to win the award, I was shocked! It is nice to see young players winning the awards this year, we have played well all season and deserve to get promoted".

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The Final award was the one everybody had been waiting for, First Team Player of the Year. Some spectacular performances this season, recognized by all the players gave Chay Brine his second award of the night. He said, "I am delighted to win the award. I would like to thank Paul Haley and the rest of the coaching staff and squad for helping me to improve my game and make me a better player."

A night of celebration followed, enjoyed by the players and coaches of Ross, let's hope the festivities continue next season as both teams hope to carry on their good form.

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