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Issue No. 147 - Wednesday, 16th May 2007
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The 2007 Roscars: Live scenes from Friday's performances

The Trial by Steven Berkoff. Katie Trevethean played Josef K Henry Thorne played Father and the laundress Alistair Minton played Asst. manager and student Beth Jones played Leni and Mrs Grubach Joe Malsom played Priest and Guard 1 Alan Christopher played Huld and Guard 2 Lel Stowe played Mrs Burstner and Girl Taking care of lighting was Harvey Powell.
Ref: DSC_6730

Ref: DSC_6739

Top Girls by Cary Churchill. Caroline Lea played Marlene Gemma Murray played Isabella Bird Lydia Rudge played Lady Nijo Katie Bridges played Dull Griet Rachel Mace played Pope Joan Laura Higgins played Patient Griselda Their costumes were created by Alice Milinczuk. Ref: DSC_6781

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Marathon effort for children’s charity

A group of Hereford police officers and their families and friends are putting their best feet forward for charity - by running in the Hereford Half Marathon and Fun Run. They will be taking part in the event on Sunday, 20th May to raise money for the ‘Child Victims of Crime’ charity, which provides material support for any child who has been a victim of, or been traumatized by, any criminal offence committed in the UK.

These children are nominated to the charity only by serving police officers. Child Victims of Crime was founded in 1994 following the IRA bombing in Warrington and is the only national police children’s charity. Since then, it has provided comfort and support to over 2,800 child victims of crime, many of whom have suffered the most appalling physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

In West Mercia alone, over £38,000 of support has been donated to local victims, ranging from small gifts to personal counselling and family holidays. The charity receives at least 30 referrals a month from polices forces across the country, seeking support for children up to the age of 16 whose lives have been shattered by crimes such as violence, abuse and murder.

“Child Victims of Crime provide fantastic support for children when they most need it,” explained Ceri Barnes, one of the runners and a Detective Constable within Herefordshire Division’s Family Protection Unit. “The charity’s response towards any application is within a matter of weeks and has helped to provide funding and support very swiftly when other organizations have perhaps been unable to.

“In one recent case we have dealt with, Child Victims of Crime was able to fund private counselling for a young victim who would otherwise have had to wait nine months to see a psychologist. We have since received letters of gratitude from the child’s grandmother stating that the counselling has proved life-changing for him giving him a positive outlook and greater confidence.“

Our decision to raise money for Child Victims of Crime by taking part in the Half Marathon and Fun Run is simply our way of giving something back to an extremely worthwhile cause,” added DC Barnes.

A total of 11 members of staff from Herefordshire Division are limbering up for the event, several accompanied their own children and other family members. The ‘runners’ range in age from one to 68 and also include inspirational 10-year-old Cameron Wood, son of DC Maz Wood, who will be completing a lap of Hereford Racecourse in his wheelchair as part of the Fun Run. All those taking part have been sponsored by their colleagues across the police division, plus friends and family.

Further details of the Child Victims of Crime charity can be found on its website, or by calling 01785 227325, or e-mailing


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