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Issue No. 147 - Wednesday, 16th May 2007
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This week and last

Lots has happened just prior to the deadline of this week's news and I have seriously struggled to get the issue ready on time. The issue contains many more photos than usual, so I have had to miss out one or two of the less time sensitive articles which arrived during the week. My apologies for this and I will run them next week.

Some weeks when I finish an issue of Wyenot News, I feel happy with the result and other times, I do not. Although there were a couple of articles in last week's issue which I felt pleased with - in particular, the Broome Farm Classical Concert and Goodrich Castle photos, on the whole, I felt unhappy with the issue and utterly miserable all week as a result. I tent to be quite a manic depressive person, which I guess goes with the territory of trying to be creative.

Tina works all day and night on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I spend two whole days alone after each issue of the news and have too much time to think. It was not until Friday when Tina and I went to the beautiful Rose Cottage Tea Garden at Symonds Yat to see our friends, Nick and Angie that I felt better again. Symonds Yat East is just beautiful and the therapeutic effect of sitting under cover in the garden, watching the heavy rain and the river go by brought me round again. I thoroughly recommend visiting Rose Cottage Tea Garden to watch the river flow, whatever the weather and whether you are local or on holiday!

The problem was, I was very unhappy about the Rowing Club article and worried about whether my friends who are members of the club would still talk to me. I need not have worried . . . !

Last week's Dragon Boat article produced more feedback than any other article or photo I have ever run on Wyenot News. It seems that it struck a chord somewhere and 100% of the response was congratulatory. Even from long term members of the club itself. The response came by email, MSN messenger and people stopping me in the street.

Seems everybody found it amusing. The best email I had said, simply, 'Thanks for the dragon boat article. It made I larff, it did!'

Although I was annoyed at the time by what happened on the day. Making people laugh was exactly what I intended by publishing. Glad you enjoyed it and on with this week . . .

WNTV: Watch the 2007 Mayor Making Ceremony

Below you can watch the whole of the 2007 Mayor Making, at which Councillor Phil Cutter handed over the Mayoral role to Councillor Derek Bedford. The ceremony took place at the Larruperz Centre, Ross-on-Wye on Monday, 14th May 2007. In part four, the camera was unexpectedly left unattended, so I was not able to capture the scene as well as I might have done.

The clips are split to make uploading the data files possible using 'You Tube' rather than my own server. This method makes watching them directly on Wyenot News possible, as well as taking advantage of the You Tube bandwidth.

If you would like to watch other video clips on the 'Wyenot News' page on 'You Tube', please click here and it will open in a new window.

(The You Tube page is not really a part of as such, so it also contains some personal video clips as well, which you can watch if you are really very bored one day.)

The installation of Councillor Derek Bedford as the new Mayor of Ross-on-Wye followed by prayers from The Reverend John Hunnisett.

The new Town Council, following the 3rd May election are invited to introduce themselves.

Councillor Phil Cutter's handover speech, in which he thanked many people for services to the town during his 2006/07 term of office.

Presentation of last year's Mayor, Councillor Phil Cutter's Civic Award for services to the town of Ross-on-Wye.

Mayor, Derek Bedford's introductory speech Part One.

Mayor, Derek Bedford's introductory speech Part Two and the conclusion of the ceremony.


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