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Issue No. 146 - 9th May 2007
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Shop Mobility this summer

The new Ross Shop Mobility scheme has recently been ratified by the EnviroAbility Board of Directors and the local partner organizations and all the money is now in place for the scheme to open in the summer. This will mean a more productive summer for some local people and visitors to Ross that have limited mobility.

The provision of Motorized wheelchairs/scooters will support people unable to use local shops and other amenities that those with normal mobility take for granted. The service will create two new part-time jobs and opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

Martin Neicho of EnviroAbility said, 'The project will employ 2 part-time workers for the first year on a temporary basis. We are looking for people who can relate well to individuals'.

It is hoped that the project will operate from the Red Meadow Car Park in Ross, working in partnership with Herefordshire Council and with local Scouts and Guides, who have a suitable venue with space. Funds from the project would help to support scouts and guides in the area.

This new project aims to Improve access to services for older people and those with limited mobility, reduce social exclusion/isolation and enhance equality of opportunity for people with access difficulties.

Local people can get involved: Do you have a few hours to spare to help Shop-mobility to provide this valuable service? We are a new service and need volunteers who would like to get involved.

Financial support for the project is being provided by Advantage West Midlands, Market Towns Initiative, Eveson Charitable Trust and Herefordshire Council. Partners in Ross Shop Mobility include: Age Concern Ross & District Community First - Access to Services Partnership; The Ross Lions; Herefordshire Council; Ross Partnership; Herefordshire Voluntary Action; Ross Town Council and WRVS Transport Links.

Please call Martin at EnviroAbility on 01989 760919 for more information.

The Ross Rowing Club Dragon Boat Races

Ross Rowing Club held a Dragon Boat contest on Bank Holiday Monday and at the request of one of the more friendly organizers, I went along to take photographs of the day, to run a three page spread here, as I used to do with the annual 'Pub and Club' races and with the Rowing Regatta.

I did take a few photos early in the day but I was soon approached by somebody who insisted, in an extremely unfriendly and rude manner, 'If you are going to stand here, by the river, you need to wear a life jacket'.
'You're kidding?' I replied.
'No, I'm not,' he affirmed.

I can only assume that he was working for one of the sponsors as everybody was wearing a company name on the back of their life jacket. And the boats had the names of sponsors plastered on the sides. Whoever he was, his actions lost both companies sponsoring a huge amount of free world wide publicity! I would have worn a life jacket had I been going on a boat but to stand on the river bank? I think my exact reply, in anger was, 'F--- it then, I'll go home instead'.

I always find photographing rowing events quite a lonely task anyway because hardly anybody talks to me there. Photographing them with a life jacket on just to please some empty headed, jobsworthy turd with an IQ equivalent to my shoe size would have made for an uncomfortable, lonely and boring day so, craving some excitement, I went home, 'ad a cup of tea, calmed down and painted a picture instead.

I suppose I had better get myself a life jacket now that we are in the age where health and safety are paramount. Tina works at the White Lion which is the same distance from the river as the Rowing Club. I'll be needing it for when I go to pick her up and walk from the car to the back door of the pub. It's usually dark when I get there. Do I need to carry parachute flares as well?

As the news space had already been reserved to cover the event . . .

I took this photo before leaving for home.
This would possibly have been a photo of a quarter final. Ref: DSC_XXXX

This would possibly have been a photo of a semi final. Ref: DSC_XXXX

This would possibly have been a photo of a the final. Ref: DSC_XXXX
This might have been a photo of the crowd enjoying themselves. Ref: DSC_XXXX
This might have been a photo of the semi finalists being presented with their trophies. Ref: DSC_XXXX
This might have been a photo of the the winners being presented with their trophies. Ref: DSC_XXXX
I think you have probably got the gist by now so I'll delete the other two pages.

BikeSafe Scheme supports local motorcycle group

West Mercia Constabularyís BikeSafe scheme has lent its support to a newly-formed advanced motorcycling road safety group - with the help of a local biking MP. The MP for Leominster, Bill Wiggin, was among the first to have his riding skills assessed by the Worcester and Hereford Advanced Motorcyclists (WHAM).

The Institute of Advanced Motorists-affiliated group was formed in January 2007 and since itís inception has already recruited 50 members. West Mercia Constabulary is supporting the WHAM group as part of its ongoing drive to improve biker's skills and reduce the number of motorcyclists and pillion passengers injured in collisions on the Force's roads.

As part of their safer biking strategy, Herefordshire Councilís road safety team have also given their support to WHAMís team of expert riders, who will be visiting local motorcycle gatherings biker to make sure the message of safer motorcycling reaches the biking community.

To promote this message further, Mr Bill Wiggin, Member of Parliament for Leominster took his assessed ride today (Friday), setting out from Herefordshire Councilís offices at Plough under the expert eye of Derek McMullan, Chair of WHAM. They were joined by Herefordshire Councilís Road Safety Officer Ann Mann to promote a spring motorcycle safety campaign in the county.

Sergeant John Roberts, BikeSafe Co-ordinator for West Mercia Constabulary, said, 'Encouraging people to ride safely is an important part of the forceís Seven Deadly Sins road safety campaign and we are delighted to be joining the Herefordshire road safety team in supporting WHAM. Rural areas attract large numbers of leisure motorcyclists using powerful sports bikes and the majority of collisions occur on the fast A and B roads across the force area. Many of these types of motorcycle collisions are caused by the ridersí lack of skill combined with riding at excessive and inappropriate speeds for the road and conditions.

The nation-wide BikeSafe assessment initiative seeks to improve riderís skills and awareness and encourage them to take further training with organizations like WHAM, in order to reduce the risk of being involved in a collision.'

Motorcycle safety is one of West Mercia Constabularyís Seven Deadly Sins. For more safety advice and information, please visit the force website

Holding aloft one of the Wham fluorescent jackets ahead of the assessed ride are Ann Mann, Herefordshire Councilís Road Safety Officer and Bill Wiggin, MP for Leominster. They are joined by Derek McMullan, chairman of Wham (front left) and Sergeant John Roberts, BikeSafe co-ordinator for West Mercia Constabulary.

Two motorcyclists were killed on the roads in Herefordshire in 2006, while 22 motorcyclists and their passengers were seriously injured and 41 were slightly injured through incidents.

In 2005, 5 people were killed in bike collisions.

The worse routes for motorcycle casualties in Herefordshire in 2006 were:

  • A44 (Worcester - Kington)
  • A49 (Ross-on-Wye - Hereford - Leominster)
  • A438 (Ledbury - Hay-on-Wye)
  • A465 (Pontrilas - Bromyard)

Bill Wiggin MP begins his assessed ride.

Meet your local Lib Dem Councillors

Ref: DSC_6682

Pictured left are the newly elected Liberal Democrat Councillors outside the Corn Exchange Council Chambers today ready to be sworn in.

At the gathering outside the Corn exchange, Councillor Derek Bedford said, on all of their behalves, 'Our policy is Ross, Ross Ross. We want to do everything we can for the town.'

From left to right the councillors are: John Davies, John Edwards, Derek Bedford, Pete Coleman, Chris Bartrum, Jane Roberts and Jo Lane.

I would like to note here that 'Wyenot News' does not support any one political party and the only reason the other elected town councillors are not here as well is that I have not yet had the opportunity to photograph them.


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