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Issue No. 146 - 9th May 2007
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Saturday Live Club at the Prince of Wales

Two bands performed at the Prince of Wales 'Saturday Live' event over the weekend and most of those who attended will agree that this was definitely a case of the support band out playing the main act. Although I did go along that night, I spent the whole evening in the restaurant with my family but Paul Randell kindly took my camera into the function room and photographed the first band, 'Stars of '59' for Wyenot News. Paul said they were brilliant, and Paul is definitely a man who would know.

I did pop in to catch the penultimate song of the second band and take a photo. They were 'Back Alley Sally' and the fact that I didn't stay for the ultimate song probably speaks volumes (deliberate pun). To me it seemed like an extremely loud noise backing a very drunk singer. But there you go - some people seemed to be enjoying them and Matt and his friends stayed to the end. Maybe it's just my age.

It was nice to see Simon (from 'Switch') and Fred at the event. Sorry I missed your recent gig at the Cross keys over the last holiday weekend but that was a busy night for me photographically.

Ref: DSC_0429

Ref: DSC_0432

Ref: DSC_0433

Ref: DSC_0434

Ref: DSC_0435

Ref: DSC_6662

Congratulations and Celebrations . . .

Thursday night was definitely party night at the White Lion, Wilton last week. A group of regulars who are close friends had three reasons to celebrate. On the previous evening, Richard Whiles and Amy Howard finally got engaged, while on Thursday, Claire Hope received her letter of acceptance into the Police Force and Jason 'Superman' Payne celebrated his birthday. Needless to say, the champagne flowed between many friends and a great evening was had by all. Congratulations and best wishes to you all.

Claire Hope, Devon Ridley, Hayley, Jason Payne, Richard Whiles and Amy Howard. Ref: DSC_6594

Hayley, Claire, Devon, Jason, Rich, Amy, Ave, Christo, Rosie, Mel, Karen, Reggie and his girlfriend, Vicki and Tubby.
Ref: DSC_6599

Happy Birthday Stu!

Best wishes go to Stu Bevan whose birthday fell on Monday 30th April. On Wednesday evening, unbeknown to Stu, his friends and fellow pool team players, The Riddlers had organized a surprise celebration for him at The White Lion, Wilton. Stu and his friends thoroughly enjoyed their evening and happily posed for a team photograph before resuming their match for the Riddlers Challenge Trophy.

The Riddlers - Varmo, Kevin, Fosh, Birthday Boy Stu, Ashley, Ben, Aaron, Adam, JO, Luke and Trotty. Ref: DSC_6591

Theft of a car

Police are appealing for information following the theft of a car from swimming baths car park in Kyrle Street, Ross-on-Wye.

A grey Toyota Celica was parked close to the recycling bins at around 9pm on Saturday, 28th April by its owner. At a time between then and midnight the vehicle was broken into and driven around the area until it ran out of fuel. The nearside tyres were also burst and shredded before the car was abandoned in a layby at Bridstow.

Police would like to hear from anyone who may have seen the car being driven around the area that night or who saw people leaving the car at Bridstow.

Anyone with information should contact PC Emma Terry at Ross-on-Wye on 08457 444888 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Wyenot Visitor Figures April 2007

I have not shown any visitor statistics of late and this has simply been through lack of time to prepare the article. As Wyenot News becomes increasingly busier, I seem to struggle every week to get it ready for the Wednesday morning deadline. Just to show how popular the site still is with visitors though - here is just the gist of the visitor figures for the month of April 2007.

As can be seen, Wyenot had virtually a million 'hits' during the month - that is files downloaded from the Wyenot Server. Roughly 170,000 pages of the site were viewed by 48,000 people.

Wyenot News readers have increased tremendously over the past six months and this is now very much the most popular area of the web site. People looking up accommodation comes in at a close second.

Just after Christmas, through my own financial necessity, I doubled the Wyenot advertising rate from £45 per year to £90 per year. I am pleased to say that despite this increase, advertisement renewals for those still operating their individual businesses have been 100%. Many said that they would have been happy to pay even more and more advertisers have since come on board. I still have a lot of time with no income to catch up with but I am happy to say that Wyenot is at last beginning to work for me as well as it does for others. The future is looking very bright!

Monthly Statistics for April 2007
Hits 949575
Files downloaded 751537
Pages viewed 169992
Unique visits 48723
KBytes of data transferred 24081576
  Average Max
Hits per Hour 1318 4442
Hits per Day 31652 41089
Files per Day 25051 32103
Pages per Day 5666 8338
Visits per Day 1624 2045
Kbytes per Day 802719 1652378


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