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Issue No. 145 - 2nd May 2007
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Had it happened on 'The Bill' they could have got a warrant . . .

. . . Smithy would probably have been shot and June Ackland would have had at least a couple of affairs while it was all going on!

Being serious though: Please. I really need your help with this one! My house in Cawdor and where I live in Hillview Road, along with many other places in Ross are being targeted.

The Cawdor house was broken into again at around 2:00 am on Friday 27th April. I know who was responsible - this time Bernice saw two of them, recognizing one of them with 99.9% certainty. It is the same gang who I know broke into the Cawdor property last year, and who smashed my car window and stole a satnav just after Christmas.

Over £3,000 worth of CDs, DVDs, computer games, electrical equipment and cash were stolen from my son, Chris' bedroom this time. (Chris' bedroom is a 'bachelor pad' in a converted, centrally heated, 9 inch concrete block outbuilding.) I am pleading for anybody with any information whatsoever - any of the above being offered for sale - any knowledge whatsoever to phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

It would seem that, through no fault of their own, the police are powerless to do anything about the real criminals without at least a dozen pieces of hard evidence.

On the night in question, I was deeply asleep at 4:00 am when I received a panic phone call from Bernice. 'We have been burgled again'. Of course, I pulled on some shorts and a tee shirt and rushed down there, having only had two hours sleep. The police had already been called as Bernice had been awoken by something, gone to get a drink, seen the burglary in progress and, along with my daughter, Sarah, had chased two of the culprits down the garden, where they escaped to Brampton Street.

For legal reasons I dare not name the one we definitely know was involved but, in the words of my daughter, Sarah, 'I would know him anywhere - he's got a face like a fanny'. (At least one thing made me laugh that night.)

A sniffer dog led the police to the house of the person Bernice recognized. Evidently, that is not enough evidence either though. Because nobody answered the door, they cannot do anything because they cannot obtain a warrant.

Later that morning, my two sons, Chris and Matt took a mobile phone photo through the letter box of the gang's pad. It is of a Sony DVD recorder exactly the same as one stolen just hours before. This is still not enough evidence; 'It could just be one the same'.

'Why not go in and dust it for Chris' fingerprints?' - 'Sorry - we need a warrant for that'.

Going back to the first burglary last year. The person seen burgling my house on Friday morning is known to have been selling Chris' equipment immediately after last year's incident.

Going back to my satnav. That same person was in my garden talking to Tina's son on the night it was stolen, when I reversed into my drive with it glowing like a Christmas tree. That night unfortunately, having been distracted, I forgot to take it out of the car.

Three shops in town were also burgled on Thursday night / Friday morning. This one gang are responsible for a high percentage of all the crime in Ross. They need taking out and the only way that the police will get enough evidence to obtain a warrant is if enough people phone Crimestoppers with the same names.

The gang must have been watching Chris on the night of the recent burglary. Usually, he would have been home but, unusually - that evening he left home at around midnight to stay at his girlfriend's house in Newent. The gang cut the wires of one of the security cameras before entering the property. Not only did they steal thousands of pounds worth of Chris' easily portable property - they deliberately vandalized his brand new bed and, had they not been disturbed, would have had his 54 inch TV set plus other stuff as well. The television was completely unwired, ready to be taken and had already been moved by the door when Bernice saw them and they ran. As had the computer and network routers.

Please help if you can. The last time, Chris only got about 1/3 of value of what had been taken back on the insurance. This time, it will be even less because small print makes insurance a complete rip-off. Chris is acting 'big and brave' but, being his dad, I can tell that he is heartbroken about the loss of the stuff he has worked extremely hard for, on Morrisons pay.

All of the CDs, DVDs and Computer games (around £2,000 worth) were without cases as they were in a portable CD storage case for Chris's convenience. This could be a real give-away. If you get offered original CDs, DVDs etc. without a case, or with a case but no insert, please call Crimestoppers anonymously .

0800 555111

The Official Police Press Release: Burglary, Ross-on-Wye (61-S-270407)

Police are investigating a burglary in the Cawdor area of Ross-on-Wye at around 3am on Friday, April 27. Intruders forced entry to a door at the premises and stole a number of electrical items including a Sony Playstation , X Box console , Sony PSP, Sony DVD recorder and a Hitachi DVD player . Also stolen was a small metal cash tin which was recovered close to the brook near Trenchard Street.

Police are keen to trace two persons seen running from the Cawdor area , one wearing a white hoody , the other a dark hoody.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the burglary, sightings of persons possibly carrying games consoles/DVD equipment in that area and anyone who may have been offered items in suspicious circumstances.

Any information can be passed to the Burglary Investigation Unit at Hereford Police Station on 08457 444888 or if preferred Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


Celebrating the May Day Sun Rise on May Hill

Last night was another with only two hours sleep but this time the reason was for pleasure and for the photo opportunities. Rising from my bed at 2:00 am and with Tina still counting Zs loudly, I went down stairs on Tuesday, 1st May and called Matt's mobile phone. 'How do you fancy watching the sunrise from May Hill on May Day?' Father and son male bonding stuff.

We set off before 3:00 am, climbing the hill by the light of a torch and the virtually full moon, arriving by the copse at the top at around 3:15. There was nobody there - or so we thought. It was absolutely freezing cold with an icy wind. We began to wonder if it was actually May Day or whether we had misread the date. We thought about just shooting the sunrise and going back home to bed.

Then at 5 o'clock we heard the unmistakable sound of a morris dancer, jingling as he climbed the hill towards us. The first light was beginning to appear and we began to notice people huddled together, on the ground in sleeping bags between the trees - having previously been camouflaged by the darkness. Suddenly, the hill had come alive with ghostly looking lamps heading towards us in the royal blue twilight.

The morris dancing began just before the sunrise proper - the atmosphere like stepping back a century or two. As the sun rose I filmed some of the dances and photographed the spectacular appearance of our life giving star, situated on its spiral arm of our far from unique galaxy, 'The Milky way'.

I would love to have stayed and enjoyed the rest of the day's celebrations, which involve drinking lots of beer and singing but it was final prep news day and I had another full day's work ahead of me. Arriving back home at 7:30 am, I took a further four hours sleep before facing that daunting task.

The film of two Morris dances can be seen below and there are more photos on page 7.

Sunrise through the trees on top of May Hill. Ref: DSC_0396

Ref: DSC_0392

Lassington Oak Morris at first light - before the sunrise. Ref: DSC_0363

Forest of Dean Ladies Morris. Ref: DSC_0359

Royal Forest of Dean Morris. Ref: DSC_6387

WNTV: Welcoming the May Day Sunrise on May Hill 2007

There is some wind noise with this film clip (no, not that kind - despite the fact that it was filmed at 5 o'clock in the morning).

Despite the beautifully warm and sunny May 1st, it was FREEZING cold on May Hill during the early hours and, having climbed the hill at 3:15 am in the dark, my fingers and toes were numb with the cold.

This clip is of the Morris dancing but if you have not experienced the sunrise from the top of May Hill, you have not experienced one of nature's local wonders. It's well worth missing a night's sleep for - especially on May Day or the summer solstice.

When Matt and I first arrived at the top, a nearly full moon shone through the group of trees and the sun rose later as a brilliant red disc in the eastern sky. It was just beautiful.

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