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Issue No. 144 - 25th April 2007
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This Week - [More Free Downloads - Commemorative Tree Planting at Dean Hill Park]
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[Aerial Downloads:Ross, Greytree and Castles From The Air - Theft of pressure washer and motorcycle]

[Aerial Downloads: Villages West - The Undiscovered Jewells - A Couple of Birds]

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This Week: More Free Aerial Downloads

Welcome to this week's 'Wyenot News', which contains another supplement with more full size aerial photographs to download.

The 'Download Your House' photos which were published in last week's issue were downloaded over 2,500 times in 6 days. Judging by that response, I guess the supplement was pretty popular. The view which was downloaded the most was of Walford Road, Purland and Roman Way, so I imagine that a lot of the very local readers live in that area.

Three people wrote in saying, 'I live in Greytree'. Sorry I did not cover that area well last week. I have covered it this week's supplement as best I can but Greytree was not the easiest area to photograph due to the position of the aircraft in relation to the sun. As a side effect of covering Greytree this week, some houses between Brampton Road and the Ledbury Road are repeated from a different angle. I have also included another area of town I missed last week - Wye Street from over the river.

The rest of this week's aerial photo downloads cover two local castles, three landmarks and the villages of Symonds Yat West, Whitchurch (both sides of the carriageway), Kerne Bridge, Linton and Upton Bishop. That just about sums up all of the Herefordshire villages passed during that particular flight.

Last week, I changed the download format mid week, putting the photos on an html page rather than just linking to the image itself. The photos are still easily downloadable by right clicking but this protects my bandwidth a little.

The reason for the change was due to the internet image grabbers such as 'Google Image'. I do not want the photos appearing in search engines without the terms and conditions being visible. Last December I offered a free download of Ross flooded at night by just linking to the image and that picture is currently being pulled from my server over 1,000 times per month by web sites offering 'Windows Wallpaper'. These web sites have absolutely nothing to do with 'Wyenot News'. They are what I call 'OBE' web sites - other bugger's efforts. They are costing me over a gigabyte of bandwidth per month for just that one photo so I am just protecting myself as much as possible from that type of bandwidth theft.

Enjoy the aerial views and please tell your friends about 'Wyenot News' so that more LOCAL people read the weekly publication regularly.

Commemorative Tree Planting at Dean Hill Park

The weather was kinder than expected on Tuesday, 24th April when a commemorative tree planting took place at Dean Hill Park. The Mayor, Councillor Phil Cutter along with several councillors and members of the public turned out to witness Mrs. Joyce Thomas, MBE DL plant the Rowan tree to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's 80th birthday and also the 50th anniversary of her visit to Ross-on-Wye.

Mrs. Thomas was the driving force behind the transformation of the site 32 years ago, turning it from a place where people used to dump their rubbish into a lovely green area with play park for all of the people of Ross-on-Wye to enjoy, so she was especially pleased that this was the site chosen for the commemorative tree.

Continued . . .

Children from Abacus pose for a picture by the newly planted Rowan tree. Ref: DSC_6230

Here we go round the Rowan tree. Ref: DSC_6235

Mrs. Margaret Lucas, Chairman of Ross in Bloom who organized the event, thanked everybody for attending, Mrs. Thomas for kindly performing the planting and in particular, the Ross in Bloom team who work tirelessly to promote Ross-on-Wye and make it an attractive town to visit.

A group of children from Abacus Nursery attended the ceremony and danced around the tree, singing 'Here we go round the Rowan tree' before Mrs. Thomas performed the ceremony.

Mrs. Thomas said that she was delighted to have been asked to perform this task and thanked Mrs. Lucas and Ross in Bloom for their hard work.

The Reverend, Councillor Derek Bedford then said a few words about Her Majesty the Queen and of how well she has served her country through changes and crises. He went on to say that Her Majesty is a Head of State that we should all be proud of and was very pleased that this ceremony took place in Her honour. Councillor Bedford then said a prayer of dedication, after which all who attended were invited back to Council Chambers for refreshments, where Margaret Lucas presented Joyce Thomas with a bouquet of flowers.

Margaret Lucas and Joyce Thomas MBE DL. Ref: DSC_6264

Councillor Derek Bedford. Ref: DSC_6258

Councillor Derek Bedford, Margaret Lucas, Chairman of Ross-in-Bloom, Councillor Harry Bramer, Councillor Gordon Lucas, Councillor Anne Gray, Joyce Thomas MBE DL and Mayor, Phil Cutter after the planting ceremony. Ref: DSC_6267

Margaret surprises Joyce with flowers. Ref: DSC_6269

Back at Council Chambers for refreshments. Ref: DSC_6273

Wyenot News Featured Business of the Week
Farr Cottages,Llangarron, Ross-on-Wye

As a free additional benefit to those local businesses supporting, every week Wyenot News chooses one local business at random to feature in the current issue of the weekly on-line news magazine.

Farr Cottages are a group of four self catering cottages which are situated in beautiful Herefordshire countryside at Llangarron, just five miles from the historic market town of Ross-on-Wye. These picturesque cottages are set in peaceful surroundings, yet are convenient to both Ross-on-Wye and Monmouth. They are the perfect place to stay if you want to get away from it all. Subject to availability, you may book more than one cottage if you are thinking of holding a large reunion or family gathering. . . .

For further information, click here to go to the Farr Cottages page on

Farr Cottages, Llangarron.
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