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Issue No. 143 - 18th April 2007
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Psychic Medium Evening at the Old Court Hotel

A psychic evening was held at the Old Court Hotel on Wednesday evening during which members of the audience made contact with relatives and friends via psychic mediums, Carol Green and Anthony Blackmore.

I was only actually there for a short time but in that time, a young lady was given a message from her grandmother, which seemed to make a lot of sense to her. She knew it was definitely her grandmother because, during her lifetime, she had liked 'Jammy Dodgers'.

In the photo, Carol and Anthony can be seen with Victoria, owner of the Old Court Hotel.

I must admit that, although very interested, I am the world's biggest sceptic when it comes to contact with the dead. I was kind of hoping that my Mum or at least an aunt or uncle would pop in and prove me wrong by saying 'hello' but alas... Maybe they just didn't recognize me because I left my hat at home.

Ref: DSC_6084

Ref: DSC_6094

Saturday at the Prince of Wales

Simon Blight provided a great evening of music on Saturday evening at the Prince of Wales. Having been a hot day, there were not as many of the usual crowd there but those who were there enjoyed the evening very much.

You are not going to believe this but I do not have the usual photos of Tina dancing this week. Tina worked on Saturday instead of her usual Sunday, could not make it to the Prince and I was forced to go it alone.

This coming Saturday at the Prince, the live entertainment will be provided by, 'The Fletch' who play a range of rock and blues covers. Sounds good and I'm looking forward to that one.

Ref: DSC_0037

Ref: DSC_6101

Public warned about missing humane killing pistol

Police are warning the public not to handle a missing humane killing pistol should they discover it. The gun, used in the humane slaughter of animals, has been reported missing from the Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre in Ledbury.

The humane killer, a Safti 6021 model, is described as being a black metal pistol with a diamond-shaped handgrip and a sliding nozzle. It was contained within a black bag, along with a navy blue box containing a small amount of ammunition. The pistol was noticed missing during the afternoon of Friday, 13th April, although the last time it can be positively accounted for was on March 14 in the Much Cowarne area.

Police spent last weekend conducting searches using officers and specialist dog handlers at all known possible locations for the pistol but have been unable to locate it. They are now warning the public about the dangers of the weapon and appealing for anyone who may have knowledge of its whereabouts to contact police immediately.

'The pistol is of the type used in the humane destruction of animals and is therefore potentially lethal if discharged,' said a police spokesman. 'Although it cannot be fired from range like a conventional weapon, it could still remain dangerous and it is important that anyone finding the pistol does not attempt to handle it. Equally, the ammunition itself could be dangerous if handled inappropriately.'

Anyone who believes they may have seen the pistol or has knowledge of someone who may have come into possession of it is urged to contact police on 08457 444888 immediately.

'Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances of how the gun came to be missing and will review any firearms licensing issues once these are fully established.

Anyone with information about the missing humane killing pistol is asked to contact West Mercia Police immediately on 08457 444888.


The strangest thing happened to me on Friday afternoon. Earlier in the week, I totally randomly bought a thermometer and a barometer in Somerfield. Nothing whatsoever prompted this - I am not particularly a weather watcher. I get the 'Wyenot News' weather stats from the weather station and bought the home instrument because I saw it in the shop - just like when you go out to by some cat food and come back with a bar of chocolate as well. (Well I do, anyway.)

I hung the device in my office and forgot about it. On Friday afternoon though, Tina saw it and asked, 'What's that?'

Prompted by her question, I told her and went over, tapped the barometer to see if the air pressure was falling and then read out the current temperature in the room. This was probably the first time I had looked at a thermometer for a year.

At the precise moment I read her the temperature, the telephone rang, so I answered . . . 'Hello, Alan - this is Tim from the BBC. Have you got a thermometer at home?'

'How strange,' I replied. 'I was looking at a brand new one I bought at the moment the phone rang'.

'We are going to run a series of weather reports from different towns on the Breakfast Show. Would you mind doing the weather report from Ross on Monday morning and every so often?'


I took the photo below of the Sun at sunset on Sunday. Guess it's a kind of weather related picture as there wouldn't be any weather without it. The black sky is an effect of getting the sun exposure correct. No filters involved - just a 1/4000th of a second exposure at f25, using a 300 mm lens.

The sun at sunset on Sunday, 15th April 2007. Ref: DSC_5820

JKHS Coffee Morning at Ross Library.

A special coffee morning to raise funds for the John Kyrle High School sixth form Uganda fund is to be held at Ross Library on Saturday 28th April. Between the hours of 9:30 am and 2:30 pm tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits will be on sale and a raffle will be held to help boost funds further. If you need a break from the shopping, why not call into the library for a refreshing break whilst helping their cause?

If anybody would like to help with a donation of a cake or raffle prize, the organizers will be delighted to hear from you. Please telephone 07845 527455 for further information.

Soudley Bluebells by Mike Arnison LRPS


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