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Issue No. 141 - 4th April 2007
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Hi to all our friends in Ross! From Jet Setters Stevie and Maddison

Wyenot News has received a most welcome email from Stevie Lee Cooke who moved with parents Gary and Tracey and sister Maddison Cooke to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE last year. Stevie sent some beautiful photographs of where they are now living and some of the places that they like to visit. Stevie wrote: 'It is really cool here with lots of fun things to do and the weather is sunny nearly all of the time, so we can play out and swim a lot. We have a big pool where we live but we also go to the beach a lot too.'

We also received an email from Stevie's dad, Gary who told us that things are going well out there and sends everybody back home his good wishes.

We could not include all of the photographs that Stevie sent to us but they included herself and Maddison in the China part of the Ibn Batutta shopping mall which, she tells us is named after an Arab explorer and a few other places of interest. Stevie seems particularly proud of the photograph where she and Maddi can be seen at Planet Hollywood, sitting on a motorbike that was actually used in the film 'Terminator'. At the close of her email, Stevie asked us to say 'Hi' to all of their friends at The White Lion and that the family are looking forward to seeing us all again in the summer, when they are coming back to visit their families.

We are glad that you are all enjoying life in Abu Dhabi, Stevie and we are looking forward to seeing you when you come to visit.

Stevie and Maddison relaxing by the pool.

Stevie by one of the beach hotels they have visited.

Maddison Cooke enjoying her day in the sun.

Stevie and Maddison at Planet Hollywood enjoying a 'ride' on the bike used in the film 'Terminator.'

Haven't they grown! Stevie and Maddison last year in the White Lion Garden with Chris Tarrant. Ref: DSC_9171

Letters: Are you able to help Richard with a metal detecting site

Further to an article published in 'Wyenot News' last July about Richard Mayo and his metal detecting hobby. Richard has written in asking for help.

'As you may remember, I enjoy metal detecting in my very limited spare time, but my main problem is finding new sites. I thought you might be able to help.

I am looking for metal detecting sites, anywhere in Herefordshire or Gloucestershire. Ploughed land is a favourite of all detectorists but pasture can be just as good.

What I am looking for is any land which has had human use over the last 2,000 years. Fields with footpaths, around churches, old or demolished cottages or barns, trackways, fair sites, Roman roads, mediaeval villages, old parkland, land around a farmhouse, the more activity the better.

I have been a detetorist for years and I am very responsible when it comes to gates and live stock. I report any interesting finds to the local find liaison officer and report all findings to the land owner.

If you have ever wondered what's under your feet then please email me. I have also enclosed a few pictures of finds from an old chapel site on the outskirts of Ross.

Also, if there are any detectorists out there looking for a detecting partner to share sites etc., please contact me.

As an aside, Richard also wrote: The token I found which you kindly reported in 'Wyenot News' last year was identified for me as a trading token from 1666. John Hill was a mercer of Ross, which is a dealer in cloth or material. The three letters in the centre relate to I H (Iohn Hill) (they didn't have J's in their mint!) and the E is for his wife who was probably Elizabeth.

Richard last July. Ref: DSC_3024

A collection of buttons found by Richard.

Clay Pipes .

Musket Balls.


Ross-in-Bloom have organized three major events which will take place this month.

A Bank Holiday Craft and Charity Market will take place at the Market House on Easter Monday, 9th April between 10 am and 3 pm . There are still a few pitches available if you would like to join in.

A tree planting and dedication ceremony will be taking place at Dean Hill Gardens on Tuesday 24th April at 11:15 am. The tree is being planted by the group to celebrate both the 80th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Il on 21st April 2006 and the 50th anniversary of Her Majesty's visit to the town on 24th April 1957.

Mrs. Joyce Thomas MBE-DL, who is responsible for the revamping of Dean Hill Gardens during her term as Ross Town Mayor has kindly agreed to perform the tree planting, after which the Rev Derek Bedford will dedicate the tree. All are welcome to attend this event.

Ross-in-Bloom are branching out with a new type of fundraiser this year. A 60's Dance will be held at Ross Bowling Club on Friday 27th April between 7:30 PM and 11:30 PM Admission to this event is by ticket only. The cost is 10 and includes a light supper and live music by dance band, 'Just Rocking.'

Tickets are available from Margaret Lucas at Lucas Motorcycles, Tel: 01989 563261 or Mary and Lyn on 01989 563056 (before 8pm please). There is a bar available on the night and all are very welcome to come along and enjoy a great evening of live music and dancing.

All of the proceeds from this event will go towards the enhancement of the town, ready for the visit of the Heart of England in Bloom judges in July 2007, making this a great opportunity to have an enjoyable evening out whilst helping your town.

The History Project for 2007 is well under way. Lots of photographs have been brought in so far but there is always room for more. Please contact Margaret Lucas if you are able to help.


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