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Issue No. 141 - 4th April 2007
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Late News

Please accept my apologies for this issue of Wyenot News being very late. This was due to something else I had to work on last week, which took away most of my prep time. Thank you very much to Tina, who helped me edit this edition on her day off from the White Lion. We both worked 17 hours yesterday to try and get it ready and didn't get around to our evening meal until 1:30 am. In the end though, tiredness took its toll and we were making more and more mistakes, so we went to bed leaving the final two hours work for the next morning.

Top JKHS chefs of the future at The Red Lion, Peterstow

Mr Dave Rapson of the Red Lion at Peterstow has been running a four week master class in catering for students at the John Kyrle High School. The course is very practical and designed for students who have shown a keen interest in this area. Organized by Kim Thorpe, ALPS Learning Co-ordinator, as part of the school's ALPS project, the course has received very high praise from the students, who have learned some very useful skills.

The final day of their course was Thursday 29th March , when parents and staff from the school were invited to sample the high quality fare that the students had produced. The menu comprised;

Home-made tomato soup with freshly baked bread, fresh pasta with meatballs in a special tomato sauce followed by profiteroles with fresh cream and chocolate sauce

Dave and Kim hope to run more of these classes for students from across the county to give these young people a head start when they leave school and start looking for colleges courses or employment within the catering industry.

Pictured left to right in the photograph below are: Kim Thorpe, ALPS Co-ordinator, Bjorn Richards of the Red Lion, Proprietor Dave Rapson, student Ashley Kibble, Dave Chatwin of John Kyrle High School and students Craig Morgan and Sophie Neville.

Ref: DSC_5605

Memoirs of an Accidental Photographer

As Tina will no doubt testify, I have been like a bear with a sore head at home for the past week because I have been very nervous. I was asked by Ross Rotary Club some time ago if I would be their after dinner speaker. I felt kind of flattered to have been asked, but at the same time, too nervous to accept the invitation. Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I got persuaded.

This week's news has been curtailed somewhat and is going to be extremely late getting on-line as a result because, having known about this event since before Christmas, nervousness caused me to completely blank the event from my mind until last week, when the arranged date had suddenly become imminent. The Rotary Club wanted me to talk about myself and I have spent virtually the whole of the past week trying to remember stuff from the past and getting what I was going to say together.

'Talk about myself?' These people obviously have no idea of the kind of person I was during my childhood and teenage years,' I kept thinking. On the Monday before 'my night', I went along to the Rotary Club dinner on a 'reccy' and the speaker was somebody important - somebody far more interesting than I. 'How am I going to get out of this one?' I thought.

Continued . . .

Ref: DSC_9657

The reality was - I was too scared to talk and too scared to back out. I was given some advice the week before though. Just be yourself! So that is exactly what I did. (Other than exchange my usual shorts, walking boots, beany hat and eccentric rainbow jumper for a suit.)

To my utter amazement, my talk seemed to go down extremely well. There is being honest and there is being honest. I think I was pretty much the latter. If you are very broad minded and would like to find out about a scientifically minded teenager who enjoyed, let's just say, 'exotic pipe weed' and loud bangs in the middle of the night before accidentally becoming a news photographer, a copy of my after dinner talk 'Memoirs of an Accidental Photographer'. can be read by clicking the link. The document should open in an Adobe Acrobat format, in a separate window or you can right click to download. The file is 821Kb, so it may take a few moments.

Now that my talk is over, I would like to say that I really did enjoy meeting members of Ross-on-Wye Rotary Club very much indeed and I would like to thank you all for your friendly welcome, two dinners at the Royal Hotel and for being so understanding of my nervousness. Now that I can feel more relaxed, I shall come along to another meeting and enjoy the friendly atmosphere more fully.

Reapointment of Police Authority Member from Herefordshire

Peter Dunford, who lives in Goodrich, Herefordshire has been re-appointed as an Independent Member to West Mercia Police Authority and will hold office until March 2011.
'I am very pleased to have been re-appointed. West Mercia Police continue to be one of the highest performing forces in the country and although we know we face many challenges I am confident we can continue to deliver a service that the people of Herefordshire and indeed all of West Mercia can be proud of,' said Peter.

Paul Deneen, Chair of West Mercia Police Authority said, 'I am delighted with Peter's re-appointment. Peter has made a valuable contribution to the work of the Authority and we know he will continue to do so.'

Peter first joined the Police Authority as an independent Member in April 2004. He is currently Chair of the Authority's Force Performance Monitoring Panel and a member of the Herefordshire Community Policing Board. He represents the Police Authority on the West Mercia Constabulary Hereford Project Board and the national Association of Police Authorities Performance Management Police Group. He is a charity manager, a partner in a food ingredient/training business, and a trustee of the Association of Care Trainers (ACT) Hereford & Worcester.

Also appointed to the Police Authority were: Robin Bennett (Shropshire), Ms Kate Pready-James (Shropshire), Zad Padda (Worcestershire) and Colonel Tony Ward OBE (Worcestershire).

Dr Giri Nathan, from Redditch and Robert Forster will leave the Police Authority as Members on 31 March 2007.

People first at John Kyrle

John Kyrle High School is celebrating the successful renewal of its 'Investors In People' award. Keith Robinson, an assessor for the West Midlands Quality Centre, visited the school in February and his recent report is full of praise for the improvements that the school has undergone.

Key areas of strength, according to the report, included, 'a culture that shows appreciation for effort and achievement; where people give praise and say thank you' and also, 'a clear approach toward encouraging people to make decisions and take ownership and responsibility for their performance.'

Headteacher, Nigel Griffiths, said, 'This is one of the most important awards we receive. All of our successes and the opportunities we offer students are due to the hard work and continued commitment of staff and governors. It is vital that they feel valued and supported. The excellent independent findings of this report are evidence of the team ethos and good spirit within the school.'

Pictured with headteacher, Nigel Griffiths, Assistant head Rob Wallace and Chair of Governors Karen Frost are some of the school's invaluable support staff: Wendy Bateman, Carol Straughan, Heather Collinson and caretaker Bryan Jones.


Mature Students Smarten Up Tudorville Cemetery

I Imaginative links between Ross Town Council and Holme Lacy College provide work opportunities for five students working towards a conservation qualification on a Skills for Working Life course. Richard Evans, Margaret Baker, Dave Stevens, John Bird and Stephen Roberts have contributed many hours of hard work including carpentry and landscaping skills to make a difference to Tudorville Cemetery in Ross-on-Wye. The students have created a beautiful flower bed which is surrounded by a little wooden fence with four pathways leading up to the centrepiece, making a most attractive entrance to the cemetery.

Wyenot News visited the cemetery just in time to see the last plant bedded. Ross Town Mayor, Councillor Phil Cutter also arrived to personally thank the students for all their hard work in helping to make Ross a more attractive town to visit.

In the photograph below from left to right are: The Town Clerk Denise Mason, Assistant handyman Wesley Downing, The Mayor, Phil cutter, Richard Evans, who celebrated his birthday on the same day, Stephen Roberts, John Bird, Hugh Wisdom, Tutor, Margaret Baker and handyman Les Downing.

A good job well done. Ref: DSC_5619

The Mayor wishes Richard a Happy Birthday. Ref: DSC_5613

The Wind in the Willows at Ross Library

A group of young performers from the Courtyard Theatre visited Ross Library on Saturday 31st March and acted out one of the scenes from the play The Wind in the Willows for local children. After the performance the children had an activity session which involved making and colouring masks of some of the main characters.

Toad - Jack Preston, Ratty - Jamie Hutton, Mole - Justyn Cooper, Badger - Derun Rosser, Cuthbert - Adam Moran
Ref: DSC_5647

Having fun mask making are: Ollie, Willow, Eleanor, Alice, Thomas and Naomi. Ref: DSC_5650


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