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Issue No. 139 - 21st March 2007
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Kempley Daffodil Weekend

Many hundreds of people visited the village of Kempley over the weekend for Daffodil Weekend. Kempley Daffodil Weekend is an annual event, which occurs at the time when the wild daffodils in and around the villages of Kempley and Dymock are at their peak.

During the weekend, many events were arranged within the village, including daffodil walks and displays were set up inside the Church of St. Edward.

Pictured immediately below, 'daffodil teas' were served in the village hall by Holly Bland, Julia Horsfall, Lindsay Reid, Carole Craig, Maggie Watkins and Gill Bennett, plus those who can be seen behind in the kitchen.

I visited the village of Kempley on Sunday to take a look around and on the way home, stopped to photograph the wild daffodils in Dymock Wood . . .

Ref: DSC_5258

Churchwardens Mrs June Kerr and Mrs. Peggie Phillips with helper Mrs. Joyce Lyne organized displays
inside St. Edward's Church, Kempley Ref: DSC_5271

Ref: DSC_5278

Joyce Lyne with her own beautiful display of daffodils in the entrance to St. Edward's. Ref: DSC_5287

To maintain the balance of wild daffodils in the village, cultivated daff takeaways are sold for £3.00 per pot. Ref: DSC_5305

Wild daffodils by the roadside always make for a scenic walk or drive at this time of year.
'Are the Dymock daffodils really wild?' ------ 'Wild? - they're livid!' Ref: DSC_9554

A close-up of a wild daffodil in Dymock Woods. Ref: DSC_5287



I use my car every day to drive to work, and invariably travel via the increasingly busy Wilton and Overross roundabouts. Because of sheer traffic volume, they are becoming more dangerous by the day, and its quite a nerve-wracking experience to negotiate them even in the relative safety of a car. Every so often I see brave pedestrians and the occasional cyclist take their life in their hands and try to cross, I wonder how long it will be before there is a serious accident or fatality. Why should it appear that only until something terrible happens will something be done about this? Over the years I have seen cars collide, a couple of motorbikes on their sides after either collisions or diesel-spillage skids and the aftermath of the lorry that crashed into Bennetts garage.

I used to ride my mountain bike across as part of a training ride, but after seeing a well-known local cyclist have a very near-miss, I changed my route for something less dangerous.

A footbridge accessible to cyclists and pedestrians must surely be the answer. There is a busy school and many people living in the Bannutree Lane, Bridstow and surrounding area, who simply find crossing this major road too frightening a thought. They can't walk children to and from school, walk into town, go to any of the pubs or anything else without negotiating a dual carriageway roundabout entrance and exit.

I have been to public meetings regarding the Wilton roundabout, and was rather shocked that the only considerations seemed to be based around making vehicle access better and more alarmingly, making the roundabout even busier. Surely it is time to think of everybody, and not just the interests of business and motorists?

I gather that there are also people who are forced by necessity to cross the Overross roundabout, and be put under similar risk to life and limb. I think that Herefordshire Council should put some urgent effort into making these busy junctions safer, if only by taking pedestrians and cyclists out of the equation for being part of the next major incident.

John Gartside
(Address supplied)

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