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Issue No. 139 - 21st March 2007
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Comic Relief at JKHS

The pupils at the John Kyrle High School cannot resist a charity event, especially when it involves either dressing up in fancy dress or paying to not have to wear school uniform. Comic Relief, which was held on Red Nose Day, (or Friday 16th March) was no exception and the pupils put in a big effort to raise lots of money for the cause, which included a lunchtime performance by a band. The total sum raised is not yet known as there is still money coming in but we will publish the result in next week's issue of Wyenot news.

All dressed up are: Shannon Harris, Chloe Moreton, Jess Bailey, Mercedes Teague, Jodie Harris and Adam Jode.
Ref: DSC_5039

Charmaine Smith, Sophie Neville and Sophie Robinson
Ref: DSC_5046

One of the guitarists in the band showing off his skills
Ref: DSC_5062

The Band: Ben Bussell, guitar, Chris Marchett, guitar, Louis Wheble, bass, Whitney Joul, voacls, Matt Parry, drums, Sean Steel, guitar, Kayleigh-Anne Diamond, Vocals, Rob Fulford, bass and Leanne Hatch, vocals. Ref: DSC_5056

Amber Williams and Laura Higgins with their red nose car. Ref: DSC_5050

Jade Davies, Becky Murphy, Kay Webb, Alice Ancrum and Stacey Garbett. Ref: DSC_5080

Free Stuff: Full Size Images

Clicking the images below will open a full size version in a separate window, which can be downloaded for personal use as desktop wallpaper, printing or emailing to Aunt Fanny in Fiji. I hope you like the images.

Wilton Castle. Swan. Dymock Daffodils.
Wilton Castle.
Contortionist Swan
Dymock Wild Daffodils

Open Days at Wilton Castle

Extensive restoration work has been taking place at Wilton Castle over the last four years, transforming it into a safe and beautiful place to visit. On September 9th 2006 an open day was held as part of English Heritage Open Days and many members of the public turned up to visit Wilton Castle to see how much this ancient scheduled monument had improved.

Proprietors, Sue and Alan Parsloe have been taking an active role in the restoration work and they are looking forward to holding four Open Days per annum. The first of these is to take place on Easter Monday, 9th April and the castle will be open between the hours of 11 am and 6 pm. Children will be encouraged to dress up and delicious refreshments will be available throughout the day.

The remaining open days scheduled for 2007 are Sunday, 17th June which happens to be Fathers' Day, 19th July and 1st September. Sue and Alan look forward to welcoming you..

Ref: DSC_9445

Happy 40th Sharon!

Happy 40th Birthday to Sharon Waldis, pictured below with friends at the Prince of Wales on Saturday. Apparently the celebrations began on Friday, continued on into Saturday, when Sharon gave a lovely performance of 'Angels' with Andy Margrett and ended with a lovely family meal at the White Lion. We are glad you enjoyed your birthday weekend, Sharon. It certainly does look as if life begins at 40!

Left to right are: Tracey Young, Janette Rush, Sharon Waldis, Pat Martin and Tina Robertshaw. Ref: DSC_5252


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