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Issue No. 137 - 7th March 2007
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Thursday Moon Shots and Saturday and Sunday's Total Lunar Eclipse

Saturday evening, 3rd March saw a total lunar eclipse, the penumbral phase of which took place at 8:18 and 11 seconds PM Totality began at 10:44 and 13 seconds and finished at 11:57 and 37 seconds. The eclipse ended at 2:23 and 43 seconds am on Sunday.

Usually I would take a tripod out and spend time photographing such an event but on Saturday evening I was enjoying watching the Zebras at the Prince of Wales pub, so I just took some quick shots at various stages with a Nikon D-100 and 300 mm lens. Below you can see some pre eclipse shots, taken before darkness fell on 1st March at Wilton, two stages just prior to totality on Saturday and a third stage near to the end of the phenomenon.

To be honest, I surprised my self by the clarity of the hand held camera shots. Particularly the last in the series as I had consumed three and a half pints of beer by the end of the evening, which is a lot for me, though I was not particularly drunk. As well as magnifying the moon, the 300 mm lens magnifies hand shake considerably. I took the last shot whilst walking along Copse Cross Street (Angry Policeman Street), leaning Tina against a wall with instructions not to fall down.

Continued . . .

Pre eclipse, the moon from Wilton. Ref: DSC_9089

Pre eclipse, the moon from Wilton. Ref: DSC_9099

The Moon on Thursday afternoon. Ref: DSC_9090

A lunar eclipse is not quite the same thing as a solar eclipse and occurs when the Moon is completely shadowed from direct sunlight by the Earth. It is in fact, a total eclipse of the Sun as would be seen from the Moon.

The Moon, being directly on the opposite side of Earth to the Sun, passes through our planet's shadow and no direct light can reach it. However, Earth's atmosphere refracts light (bends it) and at the same time, filters it so that it illuminates the Moon with a dark red glow.

Depending on the prevailing Earth's atmosphere, in terms of cloud cover and dust from volcanic eruptions, the actual colour of the Moon at totality can vary from near black to red or even orange.

Lunar eclipses occur far more frequently than solar eclipses. The next one will take place on 28th August 2007 and will be visible from East Asia, Australia, The Pacific and the Americas.

The next lunar eclipse which will be visible from Ross-on-Wye will take place on Thursday, 21st February 2008 (my sister, Marilyn's birthday). The 'total' phase will last for 51 minutes.

The eclipsed Moon at 10:22 GMT Saturday. Ref: DSC_9220

The eclipsed Moon at 10:31 GMT Saturday. Ref: DSC_9238

The eclipsed Moon at 01:06 GMT Sunday. Ref: DSC_9253

Zebras at the Prince of Wales

The Zebras' gig at the Prince of Wales on Saturday evening was one of their best. By late evening, the house was packed and the atmosphere great! The band ended up performing two encores, having to finish eventually despite further shouts for 'more'! The last song was a request for a second rendition of 'The Ace of Spades' by somebody who missed it the first time around. I think this just about knackered poor old John Brown, after a very long evening of drumming, brilliantly.

I took the photos below quite early on during the event as my intention from the outset had been to put the work toys aside and just enjoy the evening.

Saturday evening turned out to be a strange one as it happens though. Instead of just watching the Zebras as intended and drinking beer, I found myself photographing the skittles teams at the Con. Club, 'The Only Gay in the Village' in the room next door and an eclipse of the moon, all pretty much at the same time. Who said that the male of the species cannot multitask. All this and I still managed to consume three and a half pints of beer and enjoy the music!

This coming Saturday at the Prince, 'Lee B' will be entertaining with popular cover songs from 9:30 onwards. The Zebras' next local gig is in the Barrel on Saturday, 24th March. Not sure I can make that one as I have three things going on that nigh but Tina and I will go to the Mayor's Ball together and split up for The Zebras at the Barrel and Eclipse (the band this time, not the phenomenon) at the Prince of Wales afterwards. It's best that Tina takes the Barrel gig as it's closer to home - less distance to have to keep her on the straight and narrow afterwards! Ouch! (She saw me write that.)

Ref: DSC_9206

Ref: DSC_9218

Ref: DSC_4812

Art Exhibition at Harts Barn

The 'Monday Monets', Harts Barn's own art group are currently holding the first public display of their own work. The exhibition runs until Tuesday, 26th March in the Coleford Crafts Gallery. It is open daily from 10:00 until 16:00 except for Mondays and admission is free.

Some of the small group of students have only been painting for a couple of months but with the guidance of resident artists and teacher, Jackie Cox they have clearly shown a natural aptitude. A stunning array of work has been produced, showing a wide range of subjects, media and skills.

If you would like to see this exhibition, please feel free to go along to Coleford Crafts, The Courtyard at Harts Barn, Monmouth Road, Longhope, or telephone Charles Ballard on 01452 831555.


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