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Issue No. 134 - 14th February 2007
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The First Snow of Spring

It is unlikely that it will have escaped the attention of most local people that we had a little snow on Thursday morning. Predictions of the day before led most to believe that Thursday was going to be a total whiteout but in the end, it was hardly Nanook of the North weather. That arrived rather unexpectedly the following day.

Thursday's weather did make for some scenic views though. At around 7:30 am I left home to walk to town with my camera but when I reached the top of Brampton Hill, somebody warned me not to walk down as people had been falling down and hurting themselves. Rather than risk sliding into town on my Khyber Pass and damaging the camera, I went home and got the car. Shame really because that meant missing out on the nice shot across the rooftops from half way down.

Looking up Broad Street at around 8:30 am on Thursday. Ref: DSC_3536

Brookend Street on Thursday Morning. Ref: DSC_3539

Kyrle Street. Ref: DSC_3545

Palace Pound. Ref: DSC_3508

The Prospect. Ref: DSC_3512

A pigeon at the top of a tree on The Prospect, Thursday. Ref: DSC_3504

The Valentine's Day Issue of Wyenot News

Welcome to the February 14th 2007 edition of Wyenot News. There are rather a lot of photos of snow in this week's issue. I realize that snow falling in many parts of the UK is nothing unusual but it is quite rare to have such a volume of the white stuff here in Ross-on-Wye due to the geographical position of the town centre. At the risk of boring the pants off rural and world wide readership, I have published lots of photographs of last week's snowfall for the younger generation in Ross-on-Wye to enjoy.

My own offspring have never experienced as much snowfall as that which occurred on Friday in their entire lives and Matt is 21, Chris, 19 and Sarah, 16 years old. There must be many thousands of others in Ross-on-Wye who have not witnessed such weather locally in their lifetimes. This issue is an archive, especially for all of you.

I know that I wish I had photos of the snow which fell in my home town of Barking, Essex in 1962/3. I was 9 years old then and remember it as if it were yesterday. Playing in it was fun and photographing it did not occur to me, at the time. My sister was born that year.

Below are three photos, of which you can download the full size image for personal use. Clicking each image will open a full size version in a separate window which you can right click to either save or set as your desktop background. Please stick to the terms and conditions if you do download.

What has this all got to do with Valentine's Day? Absolutely nothing. Coincidentally though, The Zebras are holding a Valentine Dance at the Rowing Club on Friday, so I shall stand in the corner at that, enjoying the music and drinking beer.

Happy Valentine's Day to all Wyenot News readers! And especially to Tina, who has had to help a lot with this issue and put up with my fluent Anglo Saxon when things have not gone according to plan.

View From Wilton. Broad Street Symonds Yat West.
The view from Wilton.
Broad Street
Symonds Yat West

Wyenot News Featured Business of the Week
The Saracen's Head, Symonds Yat East

As a free additional benefit to those local businesses supporting, every week Wyenot News chooses one local business at random to feature in the current issue of the weekly on-line news magazine.

The Saracen's Head is a beautiful and very popular 16th century inn, situated on the banks of the River Wye at scenic Symonds Yat East. The inn is a Free House and is listed in the AA Pub Guide. In the flagstone floored bar, which boasts its own traditional English red telephone box, a wide variety of ales, such as Theakstones, Old Speckled Hen and Wye Valley Ales to name a few are on offer, as well as locally produced ciders.

In the newly refurbished restaurant, which affords beautiful river views, a wide selection of quality dishes are served every evening in a relaxed environment. A separate bar menu is also available all day and during the evening.....

For further information, click here to go to The Saracen's Head page on

The Saracen's Head, Symonds Yat East.
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