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Issue No. 128 - 3rd January 2007
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Wyenot News Blog: Into 2007 with the mother of all hangovers!

Welcome to the first Wyenot News of 2007! It has been a funny old holiday season here and in a way, I am pleased that the new year has begun and the mad rush of events is over so that I can wind down - just for a couple of days. This morning, Tuesday 2nd January, I left the phone downstairs and lay in bed until 10:00 am to try to catch up on some much needed sleep. I heard it ring a couple of times from the distance, so if it was you trying to call, I am sorry.

From experience, I know that the first couple of weeks in January will be very quiet news wise but this edition is packed with so many photos I have had to make extra gallery slide shows to get them all in. The sequence of this issue runs in the same order as the events took place and I have included a small rundown of 2006 to finish.

Continued . . .

The Zebras at the Prince of Wales, December 29th 2006. Ref: DSC_1787

Friday, 29th December at the Prince:

This was the Christmas event I had been most looking forward to - The Zebras performance at the Prince of Wales and indeed, it was a great evening. However, on a personal level, things that night did not go entirely to plan. Matt's chemotherapy, which should have happened on Boxing Day was postponed until the Friday. He and his friends were intending to accompany me to the event but as it turned out, Matt's blood count was very low and it was a borderline decision whether or not he would receive the therapy that day. The decision to go ahead was made, I guess for the long term good but he was very sick afterwards and we had to curtail our plans for a wild night of good beer and good music. In the event, Matt went to bed and Tina swapped a shift, coming along to the gig. Matt's friends, Leon and Adam also came along and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, but with just that hint of sadness that things had not turned out quite as planned.

2007 is going to be a great year!

New Year's Eve began with a great party at the White Lion:

Due to needing to be several places at once that night, unfortunately we could not stay for too long at the White Lion but while we were there, Tina sang with the band, 'Little Sister' to help out as Chrissie was suffering with laryngitis. In the mean time, I had to drink only orange juice due to the other commitments and after taking a few photos, enjoyed sitting and chatting with friends, Christine, Sue and Ros. I would love to have stayed longer but multitasking, especially when it involves being in three places at one time, has never been my strong point.

Followed by another party at the Prince of Wales:

During the first 364 days of 2006, I probably consumed no more than 10 pints of beer in total. During the final hour of day 365 and during the first two hours of 2007, I consumed roughly the same amount again! Not to put too fine a point on it, I became a little drunk. 'Kissed as a punt' was how I think Tina described it but I still managed to give her a piggy back up Brampton Hill on the way home because it was easier than attempting to stop her staggering and it was not me who Technicolor yawned when we got there!

Yes the Prince of Wales was a definite, 'leave the car there until the next day,' job. Apart from a brief trip to Ross Market House at midnight (the third place to be in at one time) that is how 2006 turned into 2007 from a Wyenot News point of view.

The Zebras performed brilliantly, I even danced (or so I am led to believe) and I haven't done that since 1978, in 'Harvey's' during a 'Ross Rogues' party! I can't actually believe that myself as dancing is something I just do not do! (A touch of selective amnesia there.)

New Year's Day:

Up at 8:00 am after less than four hours sleep. Ouch! The mother of all hangovers kicks in. Half a cup of tea as I had no time to finish it before having to walk back to the Prince of Wales to fetch the car and make my way to Hole-in-the Wall to photograph the 'Fun Run'. It might have been 'fun' to those taking part but for me, it hurt! My only consolation was in the thought that Saddam's hangover had probably hurt a lot more.

Thanks to Sheron for making me a cup of tea at the Rowing Club to ease my suffering. That was the best drink of the year, so far!

Other News:

I have received some news items this week which I have just not had the time to process. My apologies to the people involved, including Ross Lions, Green Nappies and John Dinnen. Next week will be much quieter and I will run your news stories then, in Issue 129.

On the amusing side. I received this letter during the week:

'Hello this is Anthony Friend. Please I will like to know if you sell church bells and what is the price for one? Waiting to hear from you.'

Hmm. Makes a change from the usual, 'how much do you charge for the night?' phone calls I get where people look at the pictures but don't read the text. I shall not answer that question here but for Anthony . . .

Yes Anthony, you have come to the right place. Selling church bells is a little something I do on the side. Other specialities include in situ road bridges and I also dabble in real estate on the moon. At Wyenot News we will do anything you like as long as the price is right. You can buy a bell from St. Mary's for a moderate fee of $1million USD. As a point of law, it will have to remain in place in the St. Mary's belfry for the next 100 years, by which time I shall not need to worry but I will send a certificate to prove your ownership on receipt of your remittance.

On with the week's pictures, to show I'm not just making it all up . . .

Welcoming in the New Year at the White Lion and Helping Marie Curie

By way of saying thank you to their regular customers, Jacqui and Dave Newman of the White Lion, Wilton held a private New Year's Eve party in the bar.

Guests were entertained by covers rock duo, Little Sister and a fantastic spread of food, prepared by Jacqui with the help of chefs, Brian and Christo was provided for guests.

Guests were asked to reserve their place at the party by paying a £5.00 deposit which could either be returned or donated to Marie Curie. 99.999 (recurring) percent of guests donated their £5.00 and some a little more. It would be unfair to name the .0001 percent who wanted their deposit returned. £300.00 was raised during the evening.

Tina and I went along to the party for the first part of the evening and would love to have stayed to the end. The job of Local News coverage however does not allow things like that to happen. Little Sister performed brilliantly, the food was fantastic and we had a wonderful time in the company of good friends during the few hours we were there. If you would like to see a slide show gallery of all New Year photos I took at the White Lion, please click here.

Thank you Jacqui and Dave for a great evening and for your support for Wyenot News during the past twelve months!

Ref: DSC_1815

Ref: DSC_1825

Ref: DSC_1835

Ref: DSC_1838

Wyenot News Featured Business of the Week
The White Lion Inn, Wilton

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Dave and Jacqui Newman would like to welcome you to The White Lion. Situated on the banks of the River Wye at Ross, the White Lion is a picturesque local inn with an interesting history and is noted for its spectacular river views. The White Lion has long been a favourite place to relax by both local people and tourists alike.

The White Lion's extensive and picturesque gardens, pictured below, reach right down to the river's edge and are a wonderful place to enjoy views of the river. It is a great spot to watch the local otters, nesting swans and other wildlife....

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The White Lion Inn, Wilton
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