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Issue No. 122 - 22nd November 2006
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September In The Rain by John Godber

September In The Rain is a charming tale of how one couple Liz (Margaret Baldwin) and her husband Jack (Dave Baldwin) reminisce about the annual one-week holidays they have had at Blackpool.

It would be very easy to think the subject matter would not make for a very interesting piece and it is a credit to John Godber that he has created two great characters with whom the audience want to engage.

With a bare stage, two chairs, two suitcases and two deck chairs the set is typical Godber 'minimalist'. With so little to work with it is a further credit to the acting abilities of Margaret and Dave Baldwin who bring the characters alive.

It is still possible to see the production as Barebones have two more venues to play at. Next is Brockweir village hall on Saturday the 25th of November and the following Saturday, the 2nd of December in Cwm yoy village hall. For ticket office details please visit the Barebones website or phone the box office: 01981 540820.

Ref: DSC_9291

JKHS Raise Money for Barrs Court

Fun was had by all at JKHS on Friday, 17th November. The head of VI Form, Mr Rob Wallace (alias Bob the Builder) led the students in a fun packed day with the aim of raising money for a Herefordshire Charity. It was a non-uniform day for the school. Pupils paid a donation of 1 to be allowed to turn up at school in their leisure clothes. Students, Danny Dean and Adam Darmody raised sponsorship money when they both turned up in very convincing fancy dress! The VI form students also dressed up. The theme for the day was 'fairy tales', hence the appearance of 'Bob the Builder'.

Apart from the serious academic work, the highlight of the day was an entertaining concert given at lunchtime by the staff band. Watch out Take That!

Ref: DSC_9224

Ref: DSC_9223

Local Schools Support Children In Need

Pupils at local schools helped children less fortunate than themselves by taking part in 'Every Penny Counts' fund raising activities for 'Children In Need' on Friday.

At Goodrich Primary, a Stripy and Spotty dress theme was adopted, along with a Spot Hunt. Children covered spots with coins and a total of £200.00 was raised. In the photo with teacher, Mrs. Claire Jeavans are Ethan Kimberley, Harry Davies, Max Rollinson, Holly Harwood, Lara Banks-Martin, Jaydn Deiloedt, Ellie Jones and Anna Freer.

Continued . . .

Spots and Stripes at Goodrich Primary. Ref: DSC_9266

At Bridstow Primary, children collected Pennies for Pudsey. They collected money in a bucket and paid to go to school dressed as pirates. BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester visited the school on Thursday and during a live broadcast, children raised £150.00. A further £55.00 was raised on Friday.

Continued . . .

The Pirates of Bridstow. Ref: DSC_9251

At Gorsley Goffs, Year 6 Councillors provided cakes for children, who placed coins on a coin trail. In the photo are Ben Goulding, Tom Gilbert-Walker, Freddie Hemmingway, Max Hughes, Rhona King, Hannah Gooch, Jessica Waters, Alice Harper, Megan Davies, Matthew Badham, Tara Harris and Chloe Matthews.

Cakes for Coins at Gorsley Goffs. Ref: DSC_9245

Oh, go on then - use the photographs.

As of this issue of Wyenot News, I have decided to remove the photograph anti download protection on most future pages of both Wyenot News and in general and make the images available for use on other web sites, printing or emailing to your friends etc..
Important: Please read these terms and conditions before using any photo from this web site.

If you wish to use a photo from an earlier issue, please read the above terms and conditions then ask, quoting the full url of the page. I will remove the blocking code from that page, when it is convenient for me to do so (though I also reserve the right not to do so if the page contains content that I really do not want used). I would go back and take the protection off all pages of the web site now but I am sure you will understand that there are thousands of pages on and doing so would take me just about the rest of my lifetime.

The reason for this new decision is that, quite frankly I am sick of the stress caused by chasing those who have been taking them anyway, without permission.

Something which happened earlier this week (mentioned in my page three article, which I wrote before this one) made me think, 'Is worrying about the photos being stolen worth it?' The worrying absolutely does my head in and if I add up the money I make from selling prints, it is just not worth making myself ill over it.

I did not set out to become a photographer, neither do I class myself as such. I have no formal qualifications in the subject and took up photography as a means to an end for this web site as I could not afford to pay for a professional. I worked in an office for thirty years and as a postman for two. My formal qualifications are in Graphic Design, Printing and Radio Transmitters. I was deemed a waste of space at school (mainly through 'scientific experiments, which virtually always resulted in an explosion of some kind or other) and I even failed my Cycling Proficiency and Eye Tests.

Becoming known as a photographer myself is just something which happened by accident as a result of Wyenot News. In reality, the label, 'photographer' is something I am embarrassed about and it is not a label that I actively seek. My only hope from life is to make enough money to live, wear a woolly hat, act generally in an eccentric manner, persuade Jehovah's Witnesses to 'do something amazing' (give blood) and maybe help the local community somewhere along that road.

It has taken six years but a little advertising revenue is now beginning to come in from I would emphasize the word 'little' here at the moment but support for the web site is building quite rapidly and at last I see light at the end of the tunnel and possibly even a bright future. My problem is that I have had six years of virtually no income whilst getting the web site known and I need to catch up with this. If support continues to arrive in as it is at present, I hope that the next six years will sort this problem and I will eventually be able to remove my 'hoody' when walking past the bank.

I hope you find the hundred thousand or so local photos available here some use in promoting your business, school or charity organization via your own web sites. Please however, do not forget to read and adhere to the terms and conditions. They are extremely important, especially those about crediting photographs used with a hyperlink to and about hotlinking. The first will aid with making Ross-on-Wye a prosperous town by bringing more visitors to and eventually to the town itself. The second will help by keeping my expenditure down, which is currently vast. While everybody else benefits from Wyenot com, keeping it going is still a real strain on my personal financial resources as everybody seems to want something for nothing - human nature, I guess. If these rules are ignored, I may as well give up now, write off the past six years to experience and take up train spotting; or something else equally financially rewarding.

Note added later: Since I published this article last night, requests for me to email my full sized originals, 'for desktop images' have literally flooded in. Sorry but 'No, not at this time'. There are some images on this site already which may be used as desktop images. They can be looked up in the index under 'F' for free stuff. The most common of these requests has been for local winter scenes. I will take care of that by making some 'wallpaper' winter scenes available, once this year's Christmas Card season is out of the way.

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