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Issue No. 119 - 1st November 2006
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Theft From Hildersley Farm

A Manitou 731 materials handler worth £37,000 and a Ford TS90 tractor worth £15,000 were stolen from Hildersley Farm during the early hours of Wednesday, 26th October. The items were driven through a 'neatly lifted' hole in a farm fence and were seen driving along the Ross Bypass by a member of the public at around 4:00 am.

The Manitou has since been recovered. It was spotted parked in a lay-by at Llangua, on the Abagavenny to Hereford road by an observant farmer, who mentioned that he had seen it to the sales representative who had actually sold the machine to Martin Boynton of Hildersley Farm.

Pictured below: Martin Boynton of Hildersley farm on Friday, by the open door of the building in which the Manatou was stolen and again on Monday, 30th October with the recovered machine. The tractor is still missing.

Ref: DSC_7763

Ref: DSC_7936

St. Michael's Hospice Awards

Amongst the 43 people at Bartestree Village Hall receiving awards for 20 years and over of voluntary work for St. Michael's Hospice were local volunteers from of Ross, Nell Badger and Anne Gray. The awards were presented by Actress Ann Bryson who has appeared numerous TV presentations including Only Fools and Horses.

Nell and Anne's award was for 23 years of fund-raising for the hospice. Nell now at the young age of nearly 94, is still the active treasurer of St. Michael's locally and works in the Ross Hospice Shop of a Saturday afternoon.

The local group is a small one with Audrey Lightbound, Eunice Baldwin, Cynthia Brain, Vera Nicholls and Colin Gray all doing 'their bit' for this worthy cause.

Ref: DSC_7727

The Life Of A Major-General At Ross Heritage Centre

An exhibition commemorating the life of Major-General Simcoe was officially opened by Mayor and Mayoress, Phil and Chris Cutter at a buffet tea and wine preview on Saturday, 28th November. Major-General Simcoe died 200 years ago, on October 26th 1806. The exhibition is currently taking place at Ross Heritage Centre and will be open to visitors until Sunday, 12th November.

Continued . . .

Mayoress Chris Cutter, Dr. Ann Parker of the Gwillim Memorial Committee, Mayor Phil Cutter and Jo Dawson G.M.C.
on Saturday evening. Ref: DSC_7867

Although like Lord Nelson or the Duke of Wellington, Major-General Simcoe does not have any major battles to his name, he had a distinguished military and administrative career. During the American War of Independence he personally developed the tactic of skirmishing behind the enemy lines. He did this in SAS style, rather than fighting major battles with their inevitable casualties and he was revered by his troops. As an Administrator, his five years as Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada laid the foundation for the independence of Canada from the United States, at a time before the frontiers were fixed. Major-General Simcoe founded the City of Toronto and prevented slavery, amongst other achievements.

Back in England, Major-General Simcoe organized the defence of Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset against Napoleon's threat of invasion, from 1797-1805. French plans revealed orders to cut the main roads between Plymouth and Portsmouth. Like Hitler, Napoleon changed his mind and England was reprieved.

Major-General Simcoe was always backed by his remarkable wife Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim, herself adventurous and talented. Elizabeth came from the Whitchurch Gwillim family who owned The Old Court from 1600 to 1868, which is now a hotel. She was an orphan and met her husband through strange twists of fate. They had eleven children and both loved this area, often visiting their favourite Aunt Sophie, at The Old Court.

The Gwillim Grave Enclosure, a Grade ll listed monument, was built in 1744 and is in St.Dubricius' Churchyard, Symonds Yat. It had fallen into ruin but was recently restored, thanks to Heritage Lottery funding and grants from Leader Plus.

The Gwillim Memorial Subcommittee of the Whitchurch Parochial Church Council is running the current Heritage Centre exhibition.

Ref: DSC_7857

One World Week

An all-day exhibition of missionary and aid societies, supported by the Churches of Ross-on-Wye and District, entitled 'Mind The Gap' took place at Ross Market House on Friday, 27th October to mark One World Week. Various charities and aid organizations, large & small put on displays showing a variety of efforts being undertaken by the churches and people of Ross-on-Wye.

Pictured below on Friday at the market are Patricia Wilkinson, Clare Viner, Pat Dazeley, Val Allen, Mandy Stephens, Jenny Houghton, Eileen Kemp, Philip Dazeley, Marnie Archer, Tony Archer, Julia Richardson and Isabel Pebody.

Ref: DSC_7754

Wyenot News Featured Business of the Week
Truffles Delicatessen

As a free additional benefit to those local businesses supporting, every week Wyenot News chooses one local business at random to feature in the current issue of the weekly on-line news magazine.

Situated in historic High Street, Ross-on-Wye, Truffles is a delightful Olde English style delicatessen, where Richard and Hayley Mayo are the proud purveyors of many locally produced fine foods and beverages.

Richard and Hayley are keen to support local Industry, for example their extensive range of cheeses come not only from the well known cheese producing counties, many are produced as locally as May Hill, Hereford and Malvern. A 'Ross-on-Wye Honey' is also available and Truffles also stock a range of very local wines, ciders and spirits, including a variety of fruit gins and even a medieval mead. . . .

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Truffles Delicatessen, High Street, Ross-on-Wye.
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