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Issue No. 118 - 25th October 2006
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Phoenix Fashion Show

The Phoenix Theatre played host to a fabulous fashion show on Wednesday 18th October. The show was organized by Madame Butterfly of Broad Street along with the League of Friends of Ross Community Hospital and raised a grand total of £625.20 in aid of the new endoscopy unit.

The theatre was packed to capacity and the audience enjoyed a wonderful display of fashions which were modelled by health service employees and local teenagers to a professional standard and staff from Peter Hickman hairdressers gave their time to style the models' hair

An abundance of refreshments was provided by the league of Friends and the theatre bar did a brisk trade. The raffle raised over £100 thanks to prizes sponsored by Madame Butterfly, Stella by Starlight, Peter Hickman, Crows Feet and the Seven Seas restaurant.

Continued . . .


The Chairman of the League of Friends expressed her thanks to Sally Bundy of Madame Butterfly, Lawrence of ID2, who designed the posters and tickets, Colemans, who photocopied the posters and all of the sponsors. She also thanked the models, comperes, Gordon Beard and Denise Hall, Phoebe Madrell who produced the background music and Ian Godsave who arranged the lighting. Finally the Chairman gave thanks to the Phoenix Theatre for hosting the event and the Ross Gazette for their kind donation.

The League of Friends A.G.M will take place on Thursday 9th November at 18:45 at Ross Community Hospital, where the head of endoscopy, Professor Brown will give a talk and a tour of the new endoscopy suite.

Ross in Bloom Advent Market, November 2006

The Chairman of Ross-in-Bloom, Margaret Lucas, has arranged for the Annual General Meeting for 2006 to be held on 8th November at 7.30pm in the Heritage Centre. All are welcome to attend to find out what the plans for Ross-in-Bloom next year.

Margaret is looking for more volunteers to give up some of their spare time to help with the Heart of England in Bloom Campaign for next July. Anybody able to help with photography, preparing the portfolio, planning the day and the route, and other aspects connected with this prestigious event for the town would be very welcome. If you can help but are unable to attend, please contact Margaret and let her know. Time given need not be excessive, as little as an hour a week will help a great deal.

The colour scheme for next year's Ross in Bloom will be Red, White and Blue. 2006 will be the 50th Anniversary of the visit to Ross by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as the 10th Anniversary of the opening of the Heritage Centre and so this colour scheme is thought to be very appropriate.

Following the huge success of the History Fun day in 2005, a further project is being planned for 2007, in which everybody will be able to take part. Full details will be announced at the meeting.

Ross-in-Bloom are organizing a repeat of last year's very successful 'Advent Market for Crafts and Charities'. All are invited to take part. The pitch fee will be 5. An official booking form will need to be completed and pitches paid for in advance. All participants will need to provide their own table. Space inside is very limited, traders will need their own cover to protect against possible inclement weather. Stall holders are encouraged to dress festively for the day. The date for this event is Sunday 26th November, between 10.30am and 4pm. Traders in the town are encouraged to open for Christmas Shopping.

Last year this proved to be a much better alternative for traders than late night shopping and it is hoped many will take part again this year. The Town Band has been invited to play during the afternoon. Booking forms have been sent out to those who have previously supported Ross-in-Bloom at previous events such as this and are also available from Mary or Sue at the Heritage Centre or on 01989 563056 before 8pm daily.

Ross-in-Bloom work with and support other groups in the town. All proceeds from the Advent Market will be donated to Ross Pre-school Playgroup.

Gorsley Goffs News

Newly elected school councillors at Gorsley Goffs have been busy meeting with the head teacher, Mr. Humphrey and introducing themselves to their assigned classes. The children have already discussed and written their code of conduct and are looking forward to talking with, helping and listening to other children.

The councillors have an important job in discussing school issues with the other children and then working with the staff to continually make the school a better place.

Pictured above with Head Teacher Richard Humphrey are councillors Matthew Badham, Hannah Gooch, Rhona King, Oscar Hughes, Jessica Waters, Megan Davies and Secretary, Alice Harper.


The pupils at Gorsley Goffs held their Harvest Festival service at Gorsley Baptist Church on Thursday 19th October. Each class was involved with the service with songs and poetry to celebrate harvest. The children collected various food items to support Acorns Childrens' Hospice, a representative from which came to talk to the children about their work during the assembly.

In the photo, Elizabeth Powell, Charlie Collard, Mia Parry, Ariadne Victor-Trott, Ben Blethyn, Ollie O'Neill, Emma Blake, Tom Sutton and Head Teacher, Richard Humphrey can be seen with some of the Harvest gifts of food.


During the Summer term and holiday an extension and refurbishment programme took place at Gorsley Goffs School to improve the quality of school life for both staff and pupils.

The work included an extension to the toilet block, an enlarged and refurbished cloakroom area and the refurbishment of a classroom. All members of the school are really pleased with the results of the work, saying how much brighter and cleaner the facilities are and how much easier it is now to look after their school things.

Head Teacher, Richard Humphrey said: 'I saw this work as a priority for the school when I was appointed here three years ago. It seems to have taken a long time to complete the whole planning and building process but it has been well worth the wait. The Children and staff are thrilled with the results and it has certainly made a difference to the working conditions for everyone. The childrens' faces lit up on the first day of term when they saw the improvements.'

In the photo, Phoebe Matthews, Holly Clack, Kian Goodings, Matthew Pickett, Isabella Felton, Rebecca Green and Head Teacher, Richard Humphrey can be seen in the new extension.


Collecting for Harvest at Gorsley Pre-school Playgroup

Pictured below are the children of Gorsley Pre-school with their first Harvest collection. Food collected will be going to Gorsley Christ Church, where it will be forwarded to the 'Shepherd House Centre' in Newent and distributed between the elderly, young and disabled.

The second photograph: initially I asked the group of children to hold fruit and 'say sausages' to get them smiling but one little boy insisted that I take another photo of him saying 'pear'. There you go: 'The Boy Who Said Pear'.



Test Your Knowledge at the White Lion and Support Macmillan

Starting on Sunday, 29th October at 8:00 pm, the White Lion at Wilton will be holding a weekly Sunday Fun Quiz. The cost of entry is £2.00 per person with a maximum 5 in a team. The winning team takes all at the end of each quiz night, except for the last Sunday in every month, when all money taken will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Care.

Christmas Menus 2006

Are you looking for somewhere to enjoy a Christmas Meal with your family or for somewhere to hold your annual company Christmas Dinner?

Over the coming weeks, Wyenot News will be making menus from local restaurants available to view on-line or print.

Click the links below to view menus available so far in a separate window (close window when finished). Links are placed in order of when received. This article will be repeated weekly until Christmas:

[White Lion Christmas Menu]

[The Bridge at Wilton Christmas Menu]

[Pengethley Manor Menu - 'Murder at the Manor' 8th December]

If you advertise with and would like your restaurant's Christmas menu available to view on-line here, please post a copy to:
Wyenot News, 1, Hillview Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 7EY.

This is a free service - available only to restaurants / pubs which are currently advertised on!


Ross Lions Fireworks

Ross Lions will be holding their annual Bonfire and Fireworks night on Saturday, 4th November, at the Chase Hotel.

This year's show will include a promotional activity from the Creative Learning Centre; music, light shows and more.

The gates will open at 6.00.

Bonfire at 7.00.

Fireworks at 7.30.

Adults 4 children 2.

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