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Issue No. 114 - 27th September 2006
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Discovering Treasure at the old Nag's Head

Pictured below are Martin and Helen Bundy, who purchased the building in High Street which between the years 1753 and 1960 was an inn called the Nag's Head. Initially a coaching inn, the Nags Head saw many people come and go and the building has an interesting history. For example, according to the Ross Gazette, dated 8th September 1870, The John Kyrle Lodge of Oddfellows held a meeting in the Nag's Head agreeing almost unanimously to break up the friendly society and it was accordingly disestablished. The older part of the present building actually dates back to 1725 but when it was built, an even older building on the site was incorporated into the 'new'.

Martin and Helen have spent recent months renovating the building to its former glory and as soon as work began, they discovered some interesting artefacts from the building's past. In January they found a heart shaped container behind the lathe and plaster wall in the older part of the building. The object contained hair and inscribed on the front are two Star of David symbols, one of which is encircled. At first it was not realized that they were Stars of David and some thought the object had a sinister meaning. However, my son, Matt was with me when I first went to look at the artefact and he pointed out that the symbols more than likely represented male / female and were in fact most likely to have been put there as a love pact between two people, the second star being encircled as a symbol of protection.

Other objects found include a huge collection of clay pipes, all of these were found in the same area and many, unfortunately, were broken. Keys, thimbles and carved figures were found and a large collection of coins and trader's tokens have been discovered, hidden above doors and in various other hiding places. Some of the coins are pictured below. For the sake of clarity, I have cut the images out from the original photographs I took and have placed them against a background so that they can be seen more clearly. One of the more interesting finds, (pictured seventh photo down) is a 1791 French coin bearing the head of Louis 16th, who was executed on 21st January 1793, his execution signalling the end of the absolutist monarchy in France, eventually bringing about the rise of Napoleon. Louis XVI (23 August 1754 21 January 1793) was the King of France and Navarre from 1774 until 1791 and King of the French from 1791 to 1792.

Another interesting more recent object found was a printing plate, I am guessing must have been left behind by a Hoover salesman. It is an advertisement for a Hoover Contest and is pictured below once as it actually looks as well as in mirror image format, so that the text can be more easily read.

Martin Bundy, Marcin Sikova, Edward Bundy and Helen Bundy in the renovated old Nag's Head building. DSC_6606

A hoard of coins and artefacts found whilst renovating the High Street premises. DSC_6569

The heart shaped container with symbols and which contained the hair of two people as a symbol of their love.

A One Penny Traders' Token dated 1788.

Half Penny Traders' Token dated 1794.

1874 Half Crown.

1791 French Louis XVI, French coin.

Old Hoover Contest Advertisement printing plate. (The hand belongs to Matt Wood.)

Mirror image of above.

Why Not Learn Sign Language?

A course in British Sign language (BSL) leading to the OCSL Certificate Level 1 has started in Ross and there are still places available.

The course is for any adult who wants to learn how to talk with hands and body language and communicate with the profoundly deaf. It is a practical course and great fun!

It is being run by the Workers' Educational Association at a total cost of 85, which covers registration, certification, and materials. If you are in receipt of means tested benefit or on a low household income there is no charge at all.

The course runs for 30 weeks Wednesdays from 10-12am at the Larruperz Centre in Ross on Wye.

For further details or to join the course please contact Meg Hughes Tel / Text: 07980 892653 or email Fax: 01432 830983 or write to Birches Knoll, Westhope, Hereford, HR4 8BU.

Ben and Zeke at the Farmers' Arms

For those who have fond memories of friendliness to the locals and miss Ben Nelsey being at the Hope & Anchor, I thought you might like to see this photo of Ben with he and Zena's latest edition to the Nelsey family. Ben and Zena are alive and well and are, along with Zeke now running the Farmers' Arms, a fantastic pub in Wellington Heath which is about ten miles distant from Ross. I am sorry that Zena is not in the photo. It was intended that she would be. She had just showered and even dried dried her hair especially for the occasion but we all got chatting and I put the camera down and then forgot to take the shot of the three of them before leaving.

Tina and I visited the Farmers' Arms today (5th September) to take photos for a page which will be appearing on Wyenot soon about the great pub. True to Nelsey tradition, the Farmer's Arms has been transformed into a fantastic country pub serving great food (of course, I had to try it) and excellent beer (Tina tried that because I was driving).

Look out for the new Farmer's Arms page (link added 19/10) which will be appearing here within the next week or so! Meanwhile, if you would like to visit the Farmer's Arms, some of the pub's future musical and quiz events have just been added to the 'What's On?' page of Wyenot News.


Autumn Events at Ross Heritage Centre

Ross Heritage Centre has a mixed bag of exhibitions during October, with something for everyone. The exhibition of Tim Ward's photographs and ephemera entitled, 'The Changing Face of Ross,' has proved very successful and will be extended until Sunday, October 22, due to popular demand.

Half-term week at the end of October will see two activities for children and the young at heart. Suitable for all ages, these activities are free drop in sessions. Children must be accompanied at all times.

The first will be on Tuesday, October 24, from 1am to 3pm. Those who take part will be able to make 'Ragamuffin Snakes' and learn the art of plaiting.

The second activity, 'Fancy Fashions,' will take place on Wednesday, October 25, from 10am to 12.30pm. Visitors will be able to make a figure and dress it as a 50's teddy boy, a pink lady or a 70's punk. There will be original costumes available to dress up in.

The Life and Times of Postuma Gwillam Society will be exhibiting information about her and the life of her family in both Whitchurch and Canada. She was a member of the local family who were pioneers in Canada and this exhibition will elaborate on the information and memorials in Whitchurch Church. The exhibition will take place from Saturday, October 28 to Sunday, November 12.

'Cards for Good Causes' will return to the Heritage Centre on Tuesday, October 31, for trading until Saturday, December 10. Everyone is welcome to attend the official opening, at 10am on October 31. There is access for all with a lift for those who cannot manage the stairs.

For more details on any activities at Ross Market House Heritage Centre please telephone (01432) 260675 between 10am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday, 10.30am to 4pm on Sundays. Closed on Mondays from November 1. The centre is closed for lunch between 1pm and 1.30pm daily, if no relief staff are available.

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