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Issue No. 114 - 27th September 2006
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Welcome to Ashfield Primary School

Ashfield Park Primary School is delighted to welcome the new 2006 reception class to school. The children have settled in really well and are pictured below by the new Nursery Fence and redecorated play house.

Mrs. Hilary Hines, the Head Teacher and Mrs. Duvall, Head of the Foundation Stage are thrilled with the newly refurbished Nursery fence. They would like to thank Mr. Kevin Bonehill, a school governor who led the team who removed the old damaged fence and erected and painted the new one during the summer break. In addition, warm thanks go to other governors, staff and their families who helped with the task, Bradford Building Supplies and Walford Sawmills, who were generous in helping to provide materials.

Ashfield Park Primary School is also delighted that Brian Evans, pictured in the photograph below has joined the school to teach.

The school would like to extend a welcome to parents and prospective parents to come into school on the morning of Friday 29th September between 10:00 and 11:15 when a Coffee Morning will be held to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Hannah Furnell, James Bonehill, Ruth Andrews, Lucy Bonehill, Marion Bonehill, Gaynor Duvall, Angharad Doughty, Tony Probert, new teacher Brian Evans, David Heggie and Sue O'Donnell with the 2006 reception class. DSC_6441

Ashfield park Primary School would also like to welcome their new nursery class. Some of the children only started last week. Above and below, the morning class can be seen with Kevin Bonehill, who with the help of Emily Barbour, officially cut the ribbon to open the new school fence and play house on Friday, 22nd September. In the photo with the children are Mrs. Hilary Hines, Marion Bonehill, Lucy Bonehill, James Bonehill. DSC_6557


Mr. Alfred Evans 1st December 1928 - 9th September 2006

Wyenot News was sad to learn of the death of Mr. Alfred Evans, who passed away on Saturday 9th September 2006.

Alf operated his own taxi service for many years, always ready to lend a hand with loading the shopping and enjoying a friendly chat on the drive home. He often spoke of his large family, making it very apparent that he loved each and every one of them. Alf was a keen football supporter and was a bit of a sportsman himself. In fact he once won the Ross to Hereford Road Race.

The first of the two photographs below is of Alf at the reopening of The Prince of Wales in May of this year. As always, enjoying a cheerful chat and a beer.

The second photograph is of the beautiful white horse drawn carriage, which carried Alf through the streets of Ross-on-Wye to St. Mary's Church on Thursday 21st September, where many people waited to pay their last respects to him.

Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

Jump Start Celebrate 10 Years

Jump start has been going for ten years and on Wednesday, 20th September they held a celebration at the Royal Hotel prior to their AGM. Invitations were sent to people who have been involved with Jump Start over the past ten years and many came along to celebrate.

Jump Start has expanded and improved over the years. Initially, sessions were only held in Upton Bishop, Ross and Bishopswood. Now however they are working with the support of Health Visitors and Herefordshire Council's 'Early Years' and have sessions in many places in the county.

If you would like more information on Jumpstart, they have their own website at

Olivia Brina, Sarah Jones, Imogen Seal, Sam Balm, Isabel Urding and Emily Balm. DSC_6447

Marina Taylor and Mike, Gran - Glenise Szollosi and Joseph Tyler, Angie Dobbs and Aaran Dobbs. DSC_6454

Happy 100th Birthday, Marjorie!

Congratulations to Marjorie Williams of 'The Beeches', Llangarron, who celebrated her 100th Birthday on Saturday, 23rd September 2006.

Born at Garron Fields, Llangarron on 23rd September 1906, Marjorie has lived in the village all her life. Her father was a baker, who delivered bread on a pony and trap. Marjorie helped with the deliveries.

Marjorie married John Williams on 6th October 1928. She lives alone now and is very capable of looking after herself.

Marjorie's 3 children, 11 grandchildren, 30 great grandchildren and 5 great, great grandchildren plus many friends helped her celebrate her birthday at Llangarron Village Hall on Saturday.

'She is a wonderful lady with many friends and a wonderful memory'.

A Home Start Tea Party

Home Start Herefordshire held a tea party on Thursday, 21st September as part of a nationwide fund raising initiative for the group. Herefordshire Home Start is an independent charity which is linked to Home Start nationally. They support families with children under 5 years old that find themselves under stress.

The Ross-on-Wye group meet regularly and have a toy library, which can be accessed by anybody for a small fee.

Jump Start in Ross are looking for volunteer helpers. If you would like to help, please call Jo Grafton on 01432 371212. It is also not too late if you would like to hold your own tea party to raise funds for the group. Up until the end of October you can get a pack which contains details and leaflets to help.

Back row: Gussie Stephens, Mary Deaville, Lisa Brady, Jill Hiscocks (Manager HSS), Barbara Stevens (Organizer), Polly Langford (Volunteer), Jo Grafton (Marketing and Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator) and Kelly Bullock. Front row: Tonia Lennane, Mandy Preece (Family Group Coordinator) and Caroline Richardson. DSC_6457

Grammar School Scarf - Can you help?

I received the following letter last week. I am unable to help personally but another reader of Wyenot News may be able to. If so, would you please email me and I will put you in touch with Kerry-Jane.

Good Morning Alan,

I don't know whether you will be able to assist me or not but I really do not know where else to start. My mother and her best friend (who still meet up) attended Ross Grammar School in 1947. They are both desperate to purchase a School Scarf (Burgundy and Green) and I have promised to assist them. Would you have any idea at all where I could obtain two or would you have any contacts that would be able to assist? Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


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