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Issue No. 106 - 2nd August 2006
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This Saturday is Carnival Day

The Carnival Committee would like to remind everybody that it is Carnival Day this coming Saturday, 5th August.

The carnival field on the riverside will be open for stalls and entertainment from 11:00 am. There will also be some small events taking place in the town prior to the carnival procession itself starting.

All entrants will assemble at Ashburton at 12:00 noon for judging. The procession will leave at 1:00 pm, making two circuits of the town before arriving at the Carnival field at approximately 2:00 pm.

The Lions Duck Race will start at approximately 4:30 pm, with ducks on sale at the riverside all day, until they swim-off.

There is still time to enter a float or a walker in the procession, or a stall on the riverside. For full details and other information Telephone the Carnival Hotline on 07974 669138 or pick up a brochure from the Heritage Centre.

The Odd Object Competition this year finishes at 12:00 noon on Friday, 4th August. Eighty-six traders have taken part this year over two walks. Winners will be announced on the Carnival Field.

A reference copy of the full list of the objects will be available for viewing at the Heritage Centre from 7th August. Prizes for all competitions that are not collected on Carnival day can be obtained from the Heritage Centre after 7th August. The annual fun fair is also at the riverside for Carnival Week until Sunday.

Ross Town Carnival.
Carnival 2005.

Wyenot News Competition Winners

Following the Wyenot News competition to win tickets to each of the Summer Sounds Spectacular music and fireworks concerts, which are due to take place on the Rope Walk over the August holiday weekend, we are pleased to announce that the draw took place on Saturday, 29th July and the 12 winners drawn were:

Hannah Lloyd - Colwyn Bay, Conwy Denise Mason - Ross-on-Wye Alwyn Kirby - Ross-on-Wye
Viv Lee-Hynes - Lydbrook Margaret Wood (no relation) - The Lea Livvy Arnold - Ross-on-Wye
Janet Brown - Islington, London Laura Howells - Ross-on-Wye Helen Faulkner - Ross-on-Wye
Diane Jackson - Bury, Lancs. Martin King - Ross-on-Wye Sean Darker - Ross-on-Wye

Two tickets to one of the three concerts are on their way to all winners.

Pictured below is Denise Mason from Ross-on-Wye, who was delighted when I presented her with her winning tickets to the Rat Pack concert.

If you were not a winner but would still like to attend one of the Summer Spectacular concerts, each of which promises to be a great show of nostalgic music and fireworks, tickets are available to purchase from:

Presenting local winner, Denise Mason with tickets to the Rat Pack concert.

Sexy Football - A Novel by Peter Gilmour

Is football sexy? Is football art? Are the people that run the game, ruining the game? So believes Ralph Goldstein, the protagonist in a story of lust. Lust for the beautiful game, a beautiful life and for beautiful women.

A lifelong Chelsea supporter, Goldstein's epiphany comes via the words of player-manager Ruud Gullit, whose phrase 'Sexy Football' encompasses everything Ralph believes in. Believing that it would be impossible to fight wars if everyone experienced the overwhelming feeling of love created in a football stadium as a goal goes to the back of the net, Ralph chooses to live his life in the way he believes football should be played.

Following Ralph over twenty years of thorny dilemmas, from where to live to which woman to live with - football is a constant source of inspiration.

Eventually able to put all his ideas into practice, as he becomes manager to his son's football team, does Ralph finally reach fulfilment? A passionately written manifesto for life and love by a lifelong football supporter, Peter Gilmour's novel raises a number of issues about the running of the game that are currently making headlines.

Peter Gilmour was a journalist and political writer and activist and worked in the music business. After five years in a Kibbutz Peter returned to England and established a number of businesses in print and design. This is his first novel. Peter lives in Ross-on-Wye with his wife and two children.

For more information you are welcome to visit Peter's web site at

Pete Gilmore with his novel at Ross Football Club on Saturday.

New Recruits for Ross Phoenix Majorettes Required

Ross Phoenix Majorettes are looking for new members of both sexes, between the ages of 8 and 16 to join their international award winning team. New members will be given the chance to learn military marching, baton twirling, dance and pom-pom routines, whilst experiencing the teamwork, discipline and confidence that is at the heart of Ross Phoenix Majorettes.

An open training session is to be held at the Larruperz Centre on Wednesday, 9th August. If you would like to find out what being a Ross Phoenix Majorette involves and join in with some of the training sessions, you will be more than welcome. The evening starts at 6:30 pm.

For further information contact Majorette Leader Tracie Cox on 01594 823227. She would be pleased to hear from you.

Ross Phoenix Majorettes in Italy.

Renovating the Bell at Lea Primary

Mr. Mike Williams, one of the school governors of Lea Primary School, has been renovating the Victorian bell from the old primary school at Lea.

This has now been erected on the new school grounds and is in use during the school day.

This is a wonderful way of bringing a little bit of the old school into the new!

In the photograph, Mike's wife and daughter, Suzie and Sarah Williams and School Secretary, Margaret Hay can be seen by the new bell housing which was built by Mike.

Ross-on-Wye Weather Station Readings

My apologies for forgetting to publish the weather report last week. I had to take Matt to hospital on Tuesday, which is the day I usually collect the weather data and finalize the weekly news. With my routine changed, it completely slipped my mind. The past two weeks are published below.

Ross-on-Wye Weather Station is located by the tennis courts and bowling green at 'Crossfields' and is one of the important stations around the country which regularly sends data to the Meteorological Office. This is why Ross-on-Wye is sometimes mentioned on the BBC weather reports. It is currently still a manually monitored station and readings are taken twice per day by husband and wife team, June and Rex Swallow.

Figures for week commencing Monday, 24th July 2006
n Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Sunshine (hours) 14.0 12.9 11.3 9.0 12.9 5.6 12.2
Rainfall (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 3.8 0.8
Rainfall (inches) 0 0 0 0 0 .15 .03
Maximum Temperature (C) 29 32 30 27 27 25 24
Maximum Temperature (F) 84 90 86 81 81 77 75
Minimum Temperature (C) 12 15 18 17 13 16 13
Minimum Temperature (F) 54 59 64 63 55 61 55
Soil Temperature at 10cm Depth (F) 71 74 74 74 70 72 71
Soil Temperature at 30cm Depth (F) 71 72 73 73 72 72 71

Figures for week commencing Monday, 17th July 2006
n Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Sunshine (hours) 13.7 14.4 12.8 12.1 10.5 8.0 8.6
Rainfall (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0.9 0
Rainfall (inches) 0 0 0 0 0 0.3 0
Maximum Temperature (C) 31 33 35 27 28 28 26
Maximum Temperature (F) 88 91 95 81 82 82 79
Minimum Temperature (C) 12 15 15 20 18 16 16
Minimum Temperature (F) 54 59 59 68 64 61 61
Soil Temperature at 10cm Depth (F) 71 72 74 76 74 73 72
Soil Temperature at 30cm Depth (F) 69 71 72 75 75 72 72

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