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Issue No. 106 - 2nd August 2006
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The 'Man Band' Rocks Monmouth Festival

The rain did nothing to deter a large audience from both near and afar enjoying themselves as 'Man', a rock band which have been going strong, at least since 1970 took to the stage at Monmouth Festival 2006 on Saturday night. Monmouth is certainly a town which knows how to put on a festival for local people and visitors alike!

Not having had the best of weeks in one way or another, going along to Monmouth Festival was a last minute decision on my part. I had intended to cover the finalé next Saturday (all being well, I still will) but when I looked at the programme, early on Saturday evening and saw that 'Man' were playing, I called Matt, who has become a clone of my former self and asked if he and his mates would like to come along and see one of the bands his mum and dad used to watch fairly regularly at the Dagenham Roundhouse back in the early '70s. If my memory serves me well, I think 'Man' shared the evening with 'The Groundhogs' on at least one of those occasions.

Sons have taken place of or joined fathers in the Man band's line-up as well. The music however remains just as good as it was back in the old days. Rock music at its best!

Man, on stage at Monmouth Festival on Saturday night. DSC_3751



Bob Richards. DSC_3921

Martin Ace. DSC_3730

Enjoying watching the 'Manband' at Monmouth. DSC_3919

A motley crew of drowned rats in the rain at Monmouth; Matt, Leon, Tina and Adam. Yes - they are rain drops on the lens, not 'ghostly orbs'.


Are you able to help Munro?

We need a little help please. During last half term, at the end of May, my three children and I were on our way from visiting one of my sisters in Leicester to the other sister in Cardigan and we stopped off in Ross on Wye for a one night stay. We stayed in the Kings Head ( what a lovely place ) and wandered down the high street looking for somewhere to eat. On the spur of the moment we went into Yaks and Yetis, sat on the floor and ate amazing food in the best atmosphere ever. One night became two and so on. By the end of the week, Ross on Wye and its' people, had sold itself to us, we voted and decided we had to live there/here.

We never got to Cardigan that week and we've been back to stay in Ross three more times since then. We've sold our house here in Exeter, and have had an offer accepted for a house in Ross. The children have all got places in school (one in John Kyrle High and two in Ashfield Primary, but it looks as though completion wont take place until mid to end of September and we need to be in Ross before term starts.

Here is where we need some help please. We need accommodation for a few weeks. Me, male 56, one daughter 14, one son 10, daughter 7, and our collie 9 ( if absolutely necessary, a friend has offered to look after our dog).

We are also looking for a secure store for our belongings. I particularly need somewhere to store my tools and general equipment and as the place we're buying has no garage, that may be on a longer term. If anyone can help with any of what we're looking for then we would be most grateful. We are looking forward to staying in the Kings Head again for the carnival next weekend and could meet anyone then.

Alan. I am happy for my e mail address to be published and my mobile phone number, but if you think that unwise then could contact through your newspaper be arranged? 07974 210001

Munro Fraser and family.

If you are able to help Munro please call on: 07974 210001 or email: munrofraser at
(Please substitute the 'at' with '@' and close the gaps. This is an anti automatic email address harvesting precaution to guard against the spammers.)

RiB Window Competition

The traders who have taken part this year in the Ross-in-Bloom Window Dressing Competitions have now been assessed and the marks are in. Look out for the certificates in windows during the next few days.

The results are as follows:
Charity Window:
Gold Barnardos.
Silver Gilt Westlea.
Silver Oxfam.

Trader Windows:
Gold Sirius.
Silver Gilt Parkfields Gallery and Essential Sewing.
Silver Grandma Peggy, Hallmark Cards, Ruby Tuesday and Halcyon Daze.
Bronze Like's and Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

Ross-in-Bloom would like to thank everyone for taking part, showing a pride in their town by entering this competition.

Summer Music at the Old Court Hotel

The first annual Summer Garden Music Party took place at the Old Court Hotel on Sunday, 30th July at which donations were taken in aid of Whitchurch Primary School. Outside bottle bars and a full hog roast were provided and the successful event took place in glorious afternoon sunshine.

Pictured below, 'Snake Oil' take the stage. Other music on the day was provided by Banshee, CJD, Jook Joint.

Sunday Afternoon at the Old Court Hotel. DSC_3942

Snake Oil entertaining at the Old Court Hotel. DSC_3945

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