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Issue No. 101 - 28th June 2006
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This Week

There has been an awful lot to cover this week and, with the whole of Saturday and Sunday being taken up by the White Lion Festival in one way or another plus a couple of 'family to the airport' and 'getting the car serviced' issues taking up time, I lost three days and have not had a lot of time to prepare the issue.

There are a lot of photographs this week, so I have split it into five pages, some of which may take a time to load if you do not have broadband. Apologies for that. I have also had to leave out one or two of the events I went along to photograph - sorry about that also - I will try to include them next week.

I hope there are not too many errors and that you enjoy reading / viewing. My brain is overworked, tired and has only been firing on three cylinders for the past two weeks. As my proof reader, Tina is at work there will probably be plenty of mistakes. My favourite event this week was Will Killeen at the festival. There is a 10 minute film of Will at the gig below. It is just an extract from the hour of footage I took but if you don't look at anything else, you must try and watch that. That man is a brilliant guitarist! Miln & James were also great and there is a similar length film of their performance for readers to watch.

WNTV: A Great Weekend at the White Lion Real Ale & Cider Festival!

The first Real Ale and Cider Festival held at The White Lion Inn over the weekend, 24th June was a huge success! The majority of the event took place in brilliant sunshine and when rain did eventually stop play outside, late on Sunday afternoon, the live music continued inside. Everybody at the event commented that they had a great time, most sampling one or two of (and some even all of) of the guest ales and ciders that were available whilst listening to some great, live entertainment.

Following the festival's success, Dave and Jacqui, landlord and landlady of the inn are looking forward to holding a similar event next year. The date of the event will be announced here as soon as arrangements have been made.

Saturday's performers, Miln & James, Jocelyn, Josie and Stevie, Tina and Will Killeen can be seen below, along with some WNTV footage of the fantastic Miln & James and Will Killeen. Pete Miln and Dan James are great folk musicians and Will Killeen has to be one of the best blues guitarists in the country! He just has to be seen to be believed and you can do that here. After his performance, Will was not entirely happy with himself because he struggled having broken a fingernail a few days prior to the event. The video coverage is was shot with that broken fingernail - you should see him with all ten!!! Click the links below to view. (Right click and choose 'save target as' to save to your own computer - each file about 30 Mb.)

[Click here for WNTV: Miln & James]

[Click here for WNTV: Will Killeen]

Pete Miln. DSC_1671

Dan James. DSC_1670

Jocelyn. DSC_1686

Tina. DSC_1713

Madison, Stevie and Josie. DSC_1707

Josie and Stevie give a wonderful performance of 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. DSC_1709

Will Killeen. DSC_1732

The end of a brilliant Saturday at the White Lion. DSC_1759

Information Please?

Sorry to repeat this one for those who have already seen it but I published it last week, after having previously announced that I would not be running an issue of Wyenot News. For obvious reasons, I want to get it seen by the maximum amount of local readers.

On the night of Saturday, 17th June 2006 between the hours of 11:00 pm and 2:00 am Sunday, person or persons unknown forced entry into my son, Chris' bedroom at my house in Cawdor and stole the following items (total value approximately £1,200):

  • Two 'Sony PSPs' - one with 512Mb memory card, the other a 30 Mb card and two PSP games.
  • Venom stand up charger for Sony PSP.
  • One 'X-Box 360' with wireless control pad, silver face plate, hard drive, five games and charge kit.
    The games were: Far Cry Insticts Predator, Burn Out Revenge, Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter, Project Gotham Racing.
  • One Nokia Mobile Phone with blue case.
  • A whole shelf load of games for PS2. (Luckily, many of these game boxes taken were empty, so somebody may find them dumped. Many were not though.)
  • One 'Logic 3' MP3 player.

If you have any information on this incident or hear of / see these items for sale, would you please email or telephone me: Alan Wood on 01989 763217; or inform the local police.

Chris is offering a reward of one of the Sony PSPs to anybody who can recover the rest of the equipment.

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