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Issue No. 99 - 7th June 2006
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The Beauty Island

When you enter a department store you invariably meet the charming, if somewhat false, smiles of the ladies on the beauty and perfume counters. Peter Terson and Suzanne Hill's new play entitled "The Beauty Island" concerns a day in the life of ladies in such a setting and the customers they serve. We find that things are not always what they appear!

Come along to The Phoenix Theatre from Saturday 17th to Saturday 24th June for an amusing and intriguing evening. Angela Mason is directing this new play and the cast contains new and much loved old hands from The Phoenix Theatre Company.

The Box Office is open from Saturday 10th June and tickets at 6 are available from The Phoenix Theatre (01989 564570) and The Heritage Centre (01432 260675).

Pictured below: The cast of 'The Beauty Island', Denise Hall, Graham Evans, Graham Russell, Barbara Isle, Rosy Boyden, Suzanne Hill, Alison Clarke, Claire Price and Ian Godsave. Co writers, Peter Terson and Suzanne Hill. Single shot of television playwright, Peter Terson.




Fairy and Goblin Activity Day at the Heritage Centre

Children visited the Heritage Centre on Friday, 2nd June for an activity day and made 'fairy and goblin mobiles'. In the top picture mum, Belinda Marshall de Silver and her son, Tobias can be seen with his mobile and in the bottom picture, Lucy Mince, Lucy Drew-White and Lydia Russell with their own works.

Ref: DSC_0455

Ref: DSC_0460

Belly Dancing at the Market

Following last week's report that no musical entertainment took place at the Art and Craft Market on Bank Holiday Monday it is nice to see that belly dancers helped to attract people to the monthly Farmers' Market, held on Friday, 2nd June. I understand that some form of entertainment is going to be provided during future 'Farmers' Markets' to make them more attractive and to promote business to the markets.

There are just a couple of very rushed snap shots below as I was actually on my way to somewhere else and just happened to see the dancers while passing.

Ross-in-Bloom sent in the following report about the Bank Holiday Monday Charity and Craft Market:

Despite the threat of bad weather, Bank Holiday Monday proved to be excellent for the Charity and Craft stalls, which turned up for the final Ross-in-Bloom Market Day. There were only a couple of storms - one at midday and one whilst the stallholders were packing up.

Everyone enjoyed themselves - traders, buyers and visitors alike, with good steady trade taking place all day. Many of the visitors were those who had come to Ross, seen an event taking place in the Market Place and decided to stop rather than just drive through.

This was the last market of its kind to be held at the Market House by Ross-in-Bloom. This is due to complaints about noise and food being available during such events from a hand full of traders near to the Market House. It has been decided that the organizers can no longer put up with this although they are trying to do their best for the town, and will instead use their time on doing other things for themselves. Following statements from people that Ross-in-Bloom is itself cancelled for this year, the committee would like to stress it is only the Regional Competition that will not be taking place. This is the day when the Heart of England Judges come to Ross in July, look around the town and award a Certificate (Gold last year). This is cancelled due to the lack of volunteers coming forward to give a few hours of their time towards the paperwork and organization that is needed for this visit.

The Local Competitions will still be taking place. This year the preliminary short listing for judging will start as usual during the last week on June, with all the competitions being judged in July, August and September.

A full diary of events for Ross-in-Bloom judging times will appear in the press next week. Everyone is reminded that entry to most of the competitions is automatic. Nominations and entry forms are only needed for the Retired, Children, Secret Garden, Best Street and Window Competitions. Entry forms will also be sent out this month to previous participants in some of the competitions and will also be available at the Heritage Centre shortly.

Last years winners are reminded Ross-in-Bloom will need their cups a trophies returned please to the Heritage Centre for display during July and August.

Ref: DSC_0427

Ref: DSC_0434

Win Tickets to the August Bank Holiday 'Summer Spectacular'

This year, a 'Summer Spectacular' will be taking place on the Rope Walk site which previously hosted Ross International Festival. (Full details of which can be found by clicking here.)

Wyenot News has tickets to each of the three 'Summer Spectacular' concerts, which would normally cost £35 per pair to give away. Six readers will win a pair of tickets to one of the shows. If you and a partner would like a chance to go to one of the concerts for free, all you need do is email the answers to the following questions. Entrants to this competition must be aged 18 years or over. All of the answers can be easily looked up in back issues of Wyenot News.

What type of mammals were photographed swimming in the River Wye at Wilton earlier this year:

a: hump back whales?
b: beavers?
c: otters?

What is the surname of June and Rex, the couple who monitor Ross-on-Wye Weather Station:

a: Swallow?
b: Sparrow?
c: Peregrine Falcon?

TV presenter, Chris Tarrant recently visited the White Lion Inn and Broome Farm. What is the first name of his wife:

a: Enid?
b: Ingrid?
c: Tracy?

Which famous historical character who died 201 years ago once visited Ross-on-Wye?

a: Ludwig Van Beethoven?
b: King Cnut?
c: Admiral Lord Nelson?

Please click here to email your answers. (Wyenot News is absolutely 100% against spam, so your email address will not be harvested, passed on or added to any mailing lists.) A draw from entries received will take place at a venue to be announced on Saturday, July 29th at 5:30 pm and a list of winners will be published in the following week's Wyenot News. Please state your name and postal address (where you want the tickets sent), along with your first and second choice of concert. Winning tickets are subject to availability. First names drawn will have the first choice of concert.

These concerts are not arranged by Wyenot News and tickets are distributed in good faith. Wyenot News will not accept responsibility for any cancellation or postponement of concerts. Wyenot News will not accept telephone entries to the competition. No correspondence will be entered into regarding this competition. Those wishing to purchase tickets should contact the organizers of the events at

Visitor Figures May 2006

Every day during the month of May 2006, an average 1,107 viewers looked at 3,630 pages of, a figure approaching double that of the same period last year.

The most popular pages on the site were the 'Home' page, followed by 'Accommodation' followed by 'Wyenot News'.

The White Lion Inn received an average 2 enquiries per day as a result of their advertising page on the site. Judging by the 'pages visited' statistics, others did equally as well, if not better but the White Lion Inn actually report back to me regularly. The White Lion page was the 22nd most visited page on during the month.

The most common search string typed into 'Google' bringing visitors to was 'ross on wye' and similar variations. The second most popular was 'medieval entertainment' and similar. The most amusing was 'geoff jones testicle'. Other very popular search strings were: symonds yat, b&b, Wye valley, much marcle and goodrich castle.

Approximately one third of the web site's visitors arrived from people using search engines. The other two thirds were direct requests, coming from repeat visitors and email referrals - those hearing about the site and passing it on. To me, this is excellent news because it means that people find the site interesting enough to make return visits and tell their friends, without my prompting them to do so.

On the whole, working on the content of the web site rather than going out selling expensive advertising on a less than satisfactory web site boasting 'hits' statistics has paid off in the long run. As you can see from the table below, the site had well over half a million 'hits' during the month of May, but that figure only actually equated to 112 thousand pages being viewed by 34 thousand people. At a little over 8,500 unique readers per week, this is still a reasonable circulation figure for a small market town news web site!

Visitor Statistics for during May 2006
Monthly Statistics for May 2006
Total Hits 677473
Total Files 532178
Total Pages 112540
Total Visits 34317
Total KBytes 13243955
. Avg Max
Hits per Hour 910 4347
Hits per Day 21853 35745
Files per Day 17167 27515
Pages per Day 3630 7318
Visits per Day 1107 1479
Kbytes per Day 427224 696859

Visitor Statistics Summary for - June 2005 to May 2006
Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites Kbytes Visits Pages Files Hits
May 2006 21853 17167 3630 1107 16949 13243955 34317 112540 532178 677473
Apr 2006 22491 16166 5296 1090 16598 10710776 32716 158896 484989 674748
Mar 2006 18788 14528 3248 1216 16047 9596156 37711 100692 450398 582446
Feb 2006 17666 13701 3061 862 13167 8001155 24150 85728 383645 494670
Jan 2006 16527 13053 2625 833 13130 8522052 25823 81379 404645 512345
Dec 2005 11496 8966 2106 609 9303 5664908 18906 65313 277954 356376
Nov 2005 13735 11058 2600 676 12704 6635494 20285 78005 331768 412053
Oct 2005 13169 10600 2266 664 11072 6299929 20604 70259 328602 408242
Sep 2005 18902 12930 4762 649 10854 6795827 19475 142888 387913 567068
Aug 2005 15956 12610 2353 678 11160 7074243 21039 72948 390923 494654
Jul 2005 12751 10134 1809 571 10459 5349640 17706 56088 314177 395297
Jun 2005 12907 10637 1957 598 10475 5463732 17953 58715 319113 387225
Totals 93357867 290661 1083451 4606305 5962597

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