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Issue No. 97 - 24th May 2006
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Ross Rugby Club Awards and Celebrations

Following a successful season, Ross Rugby Club converged on the Conservative Club for their Annual Awards Evening on Saturday, 20th May. After accepting their League winners medals from Sponsor Andy Gooding of 'Charlies Bar', everyone sat back and enjoyed two wonderful speeches from Paul Chandler, Chairman of the Forest Referees Society and Mark Hackett, ex Ross Colts player.

The night was then brought to a close with the individual awards. Ross RFC wish to thank all those who played, helped behind the scenes or just came along and supported their local team. Pre season training starts on Tuesday 11th July, 6.45pm at Ross Sports Centre.

Thanks for one of the best evenings out I've had in ages! There are more photos to feel embarrassed about in the gallery.

For the first five seconds it looked like the evening might be a relatively sober occasion . . . Ref: DSC_0002

. . . but boys will be boys . . . Ref: DSC_0045

. . . and girls will be girls. Ref: DSC_0102

Try puffing a bit harder, Dave or it might go out. Ref: DSC_0105

One black one, one white one, and . . . Ref: DSC_0101

The President's Game.

Ross brought a successful season to a close on Saturday with a game against a Ross Presidents Select XV, made up of players from around the Forest and Ross itself. They say there's no such thing in rugby as a friendly and this encounter epitomized that theory. Both teams crashed into each other with tremendous commitment and energy throughout the game. With no quarter given or asked by any player, the tackling was ferocious as the Presidents XV looked to protect a 3 year winning streak against Ross.

After such a great season Ross were looking to break their duck in this series of matches, having come up short each time over the last 3 years. Both packs worked hard to gain the ascendancy early on. However their enthusiasm led to too many infringements as the game struggled to find any pattern. This was not helped by a greasy, wet surface. However as the game progressed and settled down, both sides began to add skill to the energy and commitment. Ross, when it mattered, were able to bring enough continuity to their attacks to turn pressure into points. This was hard on a Presidents XV that offered up some great individual performances. However as with all scratch sides, they found it difficult to string enough phases of play together to force a score. The game ended Ross 28 Presidents XV 0, with Ross scoring four excellently worked tries. The Presidents XV made them work hard for their scores and deserve huge credit for putting up such a stubborn display.

Crafts and Charities Markets

Ross-in-Bloom will be holding another Crafts and Charities Market on Bank Holiday Monday, 29th May from 10am to 3pm. There is still time for bookings for a sales space to be made. Space available costs 5 per pitch. Those taking part will have to provide their own tables and cover for hot or inclement weather. Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis. To book a pitch or to make enquiries please telephone 01989 563056 (before 8pm) daily or call in at Halcyon Daze and the Heritage Centre.

It is with deep regret that due to complaints from a few local traders near the Market House about the content of the markets being held, this will be the last one for the foreseeable future organized by Mary Powell. Those in August and November have been cancelled, together with the entertainment and other extras in May.

Anyone who was looking forward to seeing the Belly Dancers again will be able to do so at the Carnival on Saturday 5th August. However, if there is anyone out there who would like to take on the task of running such events, Ross-in-Bloom would be pleased to hear from them.

Ross-in-Bloom would like to thank everyone who has supported them with these markets over the years and apologize to anyone who cannot now take this opportunity to raise money for their own charities. Anyone who has booked and paid for further markets will be contacted in due course and a full refund of their pitch fee will be made. We hope this notice of cancellation will give stallholders the chance to find another venue for the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Wyenot News Opinion

The pancake races, 'It's a Knockout' and the three legged beer race have all disappeared. Gala Day, an event which attracted tourists to the town met its end due to local traders. How long will it be before Carnival Day meets that same fate? Very soon there will be nothing other than a church and a Heritage Centre displaying photos of what 'once was' for visitors to Ross to see and more shops will be forced to close down.
Still, let's look on the bright side. 'More reasons to shop at Morrisons!'

As it Once Was. The town during 'Gala Day', Bank Holiday Monday in May 2001. Let's see if future May Bank Holidays see anywhere near as many people in town.

Thank you, Gordon and Margaret!

Thank you for your kind mention in your letter to the Ross Gazette. It was a pleasure and I really did enjoy the events you attended. You did a grand job! On a 'Friends of Wyenot' basis, you both share top of the list with Ross RFC and Joyce Thomas MBE DL! (Bit of a strange mixture that but it's absolutely true.)


Weekend Cleaner

Saturday, Sunday and Monday. More hours available on a temporary basis. No experience necessary.

Second Chef / Cook

Vacancy filled.

To apply for either vacancy, please contact Jacqui or Dave at the White Lion Inn, Wilton on 01989 562785.

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