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Issue No. 96 - 17th May 2006
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Paige is the 2006 Carnival Princess!

Seven year old Paige Neville was chosen by Carnival Committee judges to be the 2006 Ross-on-Wye Carnival Princess. The runners up were Sophie Wooles, aged ten and Lorna Dewdney, aged nine.

A total of fifteen girls entered the judging, which took place at the Larruperz Centre on Sunday, 14th May. The girls, Susan Yaldiz, Leonia Lancett, Laura Snow, Corvey White, Phoebe Snow, Minnie White, Carrie Manfield, Harriett Aubrey, Emily Reynolds, Jessica Hodges, Jay Jones, Sophie Wooles, Ebony Hodges, Lorna Dewdney and Paige Neville can all be seen below.

All girls who took part will have the opportunity to sit on the 'Carnival Princess' float at this year's Carnival event, which will be taking place on Saturday, 5th August.

Photographs of all of girls who entered being judged can be viewed by proud parents in the Wyenot News Photo Gallery.

Sophie Wooles, Paige Neville and Lorna Dewdney. Ref: DSC_9638

Ref: DSC_9654

WNTV: The 2006 Mayor Making


Last week I did not have time to prepare all of the photographs I took at the 2006 Ross-on-Wye Mayor Making Ceremony. I have sorted this out now though for those involved and they can be viewed by visiting the gallery.

A six minute clip of Mayor, Councillor Phil Cutter's speech can also be seen. Please click here to view. This will open in your own media player.

The clip is a 340k bit/second stream and constitutes approximately a 15 Mb file, which, if you have either broadband or the patience of a saint, you can download to your own computer by right clicking here and choosing 'save target as'.

As much as I would like to have made the whole evening available for viewing, I have edited the clip down to six minutes to save bandwidth as this is a very expensive commodity.

Celebrating 150 Years at Christ Church, Llangrove

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the consecration of Christ Church, Llangrove, residents and friends staged a three-day Flower Festival with the theme 'A Victorian Country Church' over the weekend and on Monday.

Visitors were impressed by the range and style of the displays, which included a Victorian parlour, a schoolroom, and reminders of past times on the local farms, as well as colourful interpretations of favourite Victorian hymns and poems.

Excellent home-made refreshments were provided throughout the festival weekend. Some aspects of local history, with old photographs and items supplied by village residents, were on display in the church, creating considerable interest and reviving memories as people recalled their childhood.

The village hall staged a two-day exhibition of arts and crafts by today's residents, showing an impressive range of talents including high quality woodcraft, needlework, painting, photography, sugarcraft and stained glass.

Saturday evening saw a traditional Victorian concert in the church, with contemporary music represented in ballads, choruses, violin pieces by Edward Elgar, and songs from Llangrove Ladies' Choir. 'Queen Victoria' graced the occasion with her presence. All performers, including Master of Ceremonies Chris Wall, were dressed in appropriate style.

Traditional Morning Prayer on Sunday was attended by a large congregation, and the memorable weekend concluded with Songs of Praise on Monday evening with the Bishop of Hereford and the vicar, Revd Tony Kelk, presiding.

Some photographs of the weekend's activities can be seen below but to see more, please visit the Wyenot News Photo Gallery.

Ref: DSC_9450

Rev Tony Kelk, Dianna Woodbine - steward, Maggie Pridgeon, Sheila Howarth and Mary Wall - chief organizers. Ref: DSC_9456

Gerald Howarth with his wood turning display at the village hall. Ref: DSC_9519

Saturday evening's Choir, in Victorian dress. Ref: DSC_9539

A Historically Sad Day in Llangrove

Llangrove Church has had an interesting history. Built - between 1854 and 1856, Christ Church was totally paid for by local benefactor, Mrs. Catherine Marriott, Lady of the Manor of Goodrich, who lived at Sellarsbrooke House, Ganerew.

In 1866, the building was badly damaged by lightning which tore away the roof at the west end of the church. There is however one day which will never be forgotten by those in Llangrove . . .

On 8th July 1942, an RAF Wellington Bomber crashed in the village, whilst on a training exercise. Apparently, it suffered engine failure and struck a tree in the churchyard, tearing off one of the wings and crashed in a field opposite the church. Many villagers, ignoring the obvious danger, rushed to give assistance and dragged the crew from the blaze.

There were two survivors of the crash but the pilot, Sergeant Frank Bush was killed and the navigator died before reaching hospital.

Among those hurrying to help was the church organist, Mrs. Sarah Watkins but she collapsed and died before she reached the scene. The Revd. Frank Easton, aged 59, assisted at the disaster and once the task was completed, he began to cycle home. Sadly, before reaching the vicarage in the village, he too collapsed and died.


Weekend Cleaner

Saturday, Sunday and Monday. More hours available on a temporary basis. No experience necessary.

Second Chef / Cook

Required on a permanent full-time basis to support / cover head chef. Must have a catering background, work well under pressure and have a good sense of humour.

To apply for either vacancy, please contact Jacqui or Dave at the White Lion Inn, Wilton on 01989 562785.

Shame about the boat race . . .

When I went along to photograph the judging of the 2006 Carnival Princess on Sunday, I took a photograph of the judges, so they decided to judge me as a possible Carnival Princess in public. This is how I scored. Does this mean I get to sit on the Carnival Day float?

I must say, I think they overdid it by about nine on the confidence. Even if I come across that way, confidence is a skill I have never quite fully mastered! I can sometimes overcome my lack of it with the help of 'Jack Daniel's'.

The Wyenot News News

As I sit here adding the finishing touches to this week's edition of Wyenot News I have a horrible nauseous feeling and a strategically placed bowl by my side. Thank you for bringing that exquisite little inconvenience home, Russell! (Russell is Tina's son, in case you don't already know.) As a result, my concentration is not exactly 100% today, so I hope there are not too many mistakes in this week's issue.

Actually, I am finding keeping up with everything on this web site quite a strain at the moment. I feel I need to switch off from it for a week and go fishin' - proverbially speaking, that is as fishing is something I have never actually tried. I am at that awkward stage in business where I really need help but cannot afford to employ anybody. In my in-box, I have a mountain of unreplied to emails, for which I am very sorry. Please understand that if you email me and I have not replied, I am not deliberately ignoring you, just extremely busy. I will get caught up soon.

Last week, I had to live away from home for a few days and found myself coming home in the mornings to go to work. Dave and Jacqui at the White Lion went away for a few days and so Tina and I slept there to keep an eye on the premises. Difficult job, sleeping in a pub but I guess somebody has to do it! Nice as that was - and it was extremely nice - the best view in Ross-on-Wye just outside the bedroom window and right by my favourite nature reserve - it has put me a little behind. I have advertisers queuing up to go on this site at the moment. I am hoping to get around to working on some of these tomorrow (Wednesday). Apologies for the delay.

Anyway. I am living back at home now. This horrid feeling of sickness is going to pass by tomorrow (he said, hopefully). The web site is working beyond my wildest dreams in terms of visitors and it is also working for the town. The recent popularity of White Lion tells me that much beyond any shadow of a doubt. I am feeling very positive about things in general and that's about it - another week's issue thrown together - quite a big one, as it happens. I hope you enjoy reading it! I am going to upload it without indexing the articles for now in the site map. Physically, I feel like poop, so that time consuming task can wait until the morning. (That last bit was just a reminder to myself as I know I will reread this tomorrow.)

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