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Issue No. 93 - 26th April 2006
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Remembering St. George, the Dragon Slayer!

Morris dancers from the Foxwhelp and Wild Oats Morris Sides celebrated Saint George's Day in traditional English style at Wilton Court in Ross-on-Wye on Sunday, 23rd April. With much being made of other Patron Saints' Days, it is really good to see the dragon slaying Patron Saint of England remembered with traditional English tunes and dancing.

Morris dancing is much more difficult than it looks - there's all that beer the performers have to drink for a start. For the sake of tradition lovers all around the world I filmed last Sunday's event and have edited it down to make two of the dances available for viewing on Wyenot Television. Please click here to watch the Foxwhelp and Wild Oats Morris perform a traditional morris dance each on Sunday, 23rd April 2006.

I have come across one or two dragons myself this week and feeling the need for a break, I have not been in the mood to deal with them all diplomatically! Where is that St. George when you really need him?

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The Mayor's Charity Golf Day

Mayor, Councillor Gordon Lucas held a golf day at Ross-on-Wye Golf Club on Thursday, 20th April which raised in excess of £500 for both Acorns Children's Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Pictured below, Sheila Hatherall can be seen teeing off on the day. The winning team, John Wheeler, Sheila Hatherall and David and Margaret Sainsbury with the Mayor and Mayoress, Gordon and Margaret Lucas can also be seen before teeing off and during the evening presentation, which followed dinner at the Golf Club.

Video footage of the winner's presentation can be seen here.

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Dear Mr Wood

I am looking for information on a JOHN H. YARNOLD in connection with my family tree. I have found his death registered in Ross in 1933 and was wondering if any of your readers could tell me anything about him. The J. H. Yarnold I am looking for disappeared from Evesham around 1909 and his family never heard from him again and I am wondering if this is the same gentleman. Is it possible for you to publish this letter if you have a letters page.

Thank you in advance.

Michael Yarnold

If you are able to help Michael, please email and I will put you in touch.


I have had an enquiry from Torquay to trace a member of a well-known family in Ross. Can your readers please help?

The Friends of Torquay Churchyard have discovered a gravestone with the inscription " Sacred to the Memory of Mary Bonella Hall, wife of James Wallace Richard Hall of Springfield, Ross, Daughter of the late David Bernard Esq of the Island of Jamaica who died at Torquay August 5th 1838 Aged 36 years"

The grave is unfortunately is a state of disrepair and Margaret Forbes-Hamilton wants to know if there are any relatives of James and Mary who would wish to know or see where the grave is.

If there is anyone who wishes to contact Margaret, they can leave letters with myself and I can forward them. This would be a lovely story to follow up at the Heritage Centre and in the paper and I would be very interested to also add any written information to the files that I hold on local history.

Mary Sinclair Powell
Ross Heritage Centre


I have been told many times there is no Ross-in-Bloom this year. Readers have obviously misunderstood what is and is not taking place so please may I clarify. There IS Ross-in-Bloom this year - that is to say I am still organising the local competitions - front garden, commercial premises, retired homes, windows, etc. There will be NO Heart of England in Bloom entry this year - this is the one where the town goes into the regional competition as a whole on a set day in July. This is due to the fact I am now unable to give my time fully to the whole experience of Ross-in-Bloom, and decided the regional competition entry needs to be organised by others. As no volunteers came forward to share in the work involved, this means there is no one to run the day and organise the work leading up to it.

The local judging will be taking place as usual during the whole of July. However, the preliminary short-listing for re-visits for the Individual Gold, Silver Gilt, Silver and Bronze certificates will start the last week in June. This means anyone who wishes their garden to be considered for an award will need to have made a start during June. Judging visits will once again be unannounced.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who took part in the Ross-in-Bloom market on Easter Monday. We are still running these for this year. However, there will be no Charities Market in July due, again, to the lack of volunteers to organise it. Charities are welcome to join in with the Bank Holiday Markets instead. The local judging costs money (certificates, postage, volunteers petrol, etc) and these markets are designed to raise money towards these costs. As we are not taking part in the Heart of England in Bloom this year we will not be receiving a share of the Herefordshire in Bloom grant money which is given out to help those with their entries into the regional competitions.

Ross-in-Bloom is still up and running but due to limited volunteers we can only do so much this year. Just a reminder the town colours for this year are all the oranges, all the yellows, and all the blues. Good luck with your gardening displays.

Mary Sinclair Powell
Judging Co-ordinator Ross-in-Bloom

Wyenot News Comment

I would like to point out at this stage that I am not actually a Madam. Well - only of a Tuesday evening when Tina is out but I had always imagined that was my secret.


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