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Issue No. 89 [Back Issues]
29th March 2006

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Five Years Perfect Attendance at Weston Under Penyard School 1908 to 1913

In 1913, Herbert (Bert) Cole was presented with a medal by Sir James Rankin for five years perfect attendance at Weston-Under-Penyard Primary School, between the years 1908 and 1913. Bert was six to ten years of age when he attended Weston Primary School. He later emigrated to Perth, Western Australia, where he married and had four children.

Upon Bert's death, the medal was passed on to his daughter, Evelyn Mills (nee Cole). Evelyn is currently visiting England from Western Australia with her Granddaughter, Rianda Mills. Evelyn and Rianda are staying with cousin Ann Annison, who is Bert Cole's niece.

Bert's great, great nephew and niece, Daryl and Bethany Cole, who currently attend Weston Primary joined Evelyn, Rianda, Ann and Mr. Brian Bird, the current Head Teacher at Weston Primary on Tuesday, 21st March for a tour of the school. Their father, Ian Cole, grandfather Don Cole, great grandfather Alfred Cole and great great great grandmother Catherine Cole (nee Carpenter) also attended the Weston School, making a total of five generations of Coles having been educated in the village.

Evelyn will pass the medal on to her Grandson Konrad. She hopes that Konrad will travel from Australia to England in the future and return the medal to the school, where it will be put on display.

Pictured below, Rianda and Evelyn Mills can be seen in the school hall with Brian Bird the current head teacher and Daryl and Bethany Cole. At the time Bert attended the school, the current hall was the only classroom. One hundred and fifty children were taught in the room, with the help of pupils acting as monitors. Effectively, the teacher taught the older children, who then passed the knowledge down to the younger children. The bottom photograph is of Bert's medal, awarded by Sir James Rankin.

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Conservation: Hydrogen Monoxide - Is there cause for local concern?

It seems idyllic, taking a walk and admiring the view of Ross on a crisp, winter or a spring morning but are you subjecting yourself to danger. It would seem that Ross is situated extremely close to a vast source of the chemical compound, 'Hydrogen monoxide'.

Hydrogen monoxide is a compound seldom referred to by its scientific name but it is truly unbelievable where this substance can be detected, and it can be extremely dangerous. It can kill if inhaled in sufficient quantities, it is a major contributing factor to the greenhouse effect, a major constituent of acid rain and has been detected in every river and lake throughout the world. It has even been detected in ice throughout the polar regions of our planet. To make matters worse, virtually every food item purchased in supermarkets contain traces of the substance. It is found in the livers of those who consume even small quantities beer and large traces of the substance can form as a solid on the wings of high flying aircraft, causing them to fall from the sky. Hydrogen monoxide was also a major contributory factor in the sinking of the Titanic, which resulted in a huge loss of life.

In the photograph below, hydrogen monoxide can be seen polluting the air above Ross, making visibility poor on what would otherwise have been an idyllic sunny day. Fallout can be seen on the grass below. A worrying thought is that the substance is only one oxygen atom short of becoming hydrogen peroxide. If levels of K2SO4 should rise and a chemical reaction were to take place producing hydrogen peroxide, the whole population of Ross could turn blonde in about thirty minutes, whilst visiting the shops or walking the dog. Vehicles would no longer be able to manoeuvre in reverse and local beauty therapists would not be able to cope with the sudden increase in demand.

If you are worried about local quantities of hydrogen monoxide and think something should be done to regulate the substance, you should write to your local MP. A meeting has been arranged to discuss the harmful effects of hydrogen monoxide. It will be taking place in the White Lion, a public house which is located within yards of the local source, on Saturday, 1st April, commencing at 11:55 am.

H2O to H2O2. It would only take a small chemical reaction and the population of Ross could turn blonde in just 30 minutes.

161 Years of Birthday Celebrations at Chestnuts!

A party was held at Chestnuts Retirement Home, Ross on Thursday for Kathleen Jones, who celebrated her 100th birthday on 23rd March 2006. Kathleen was born on 23rd March 1906 in Burma as her father was in the Army but she has lived in Ross for virtually all of her life.

Kathleen married Doug Williams in 1940. When Doug died, she married Harold Jones on 4th July 1962 and the couple lived in Ledbury Road, Ross. Kathleen opened a wool shop in Monmouth. Her second husband, Harold died in 1996. Kathleen's most vivid childhood memory is of travelling back and forth to Burma on a ship which was in total darkness.

Also at the Chestnuts party for Kathleen were Gemma Dobbs, who celebrated her 21st birthday and Mrs. Julie Jenkins, who celebrated her 40th.

Below, Kathleen can be seen with her Birthday Card from Queen Elizabeth II. In the other photographs are the three birthday girls and Kathleen with her family, Josephine Jones, Sheila and Daphne Grief, Leslie and Ashleigh Winter and Michael Jones.

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