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Issue No. 86 [Back Issues]
7th March 2006

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Important Information - Change from Tuesday to Wednesday!

To try and make life a little easier for myself, I have decided to change the publication day of Wyenot News from Tuesday to Wednesday mornings, weekly. The next issue of Wyenot News will be published on Wednesday, 15th March.

When I first started compiling this weekly news, it was fairly easy to get ready for Tuesday but as it has increased in popularity and with the editorial material increasing, I now find I have a real struggle preparing for Tuesday and virtually every week, I end up still working at 2 or even 3 am to try and meet the Tuesday morning deadline, when most of the UK readers are in bed producing zzzzzzzzzzzzzs. Newspaper offices struggle to make Wednesday with a full staff and there is only one of me covering every aspect of this whole web site. (Not forgetting Tina of course, whose assistance with wording advertisements, invoicing, general admin and calming my manic 'fix the html code with a fourteen pound hammer' mood swings is invaluable.)

The deadline for news will remain the same as it has always been - midday Monday - otherwise all the change would do is move my serious stress day from Monday to Tuesday.


Jobcentre Plus

A newly refurbished Ross-on-Wye Jobcentre reopened its doors as 'Jobcentre Plus' on Wednesday 1st March, giving local people access to a new, innovative service. The refurbished office was opened by Joyce Thomas MBE, DL, accompanied by Joan Skerry, District manager for Jobcentre Plus in the Marches.

The opening of the refurbished office is part of the latest phase of 'Jobcentre Plus' offices opening across the country. The office has personal advisers, who give a service tailored to each individual jobseeker, touch-screen 'Jobpoints' providing easy access to vacancies Europe-wide and an efficient appointment system in line with other customer focused high street services.

Pictured below are Joan Sterry, District Manager Job Centre Plus, Joyce Thomas MBE DL, who thanked all at the Job Centre for the help they provide for those seeking employment and Marvin Jones, Ross-on-Wye Office Manager.

Ref: DSC_6746

Ref: DSC_6754

Skipping and Hula Hooping at JKHS

This term has seen a strange phenomenon in the playgrounds of John Kyrle High School - the reappearance of skipping ropes and hula hoops! Students approached staff through the school council and raised the issue of playground facilities and the need to burn up energy at break times and lunchtimes. As a result skipping ropes of varying length were purchased, along with hula hoops. Something of a craze has begun, with girls and boys relearning the techniques and chants that their parents (or grandparents!) knew years ago. Dave Boyd, Deputy Head, said 'It's great to see students using break times in ways which are healthy, energetic and which encourage traditional co-operative play. Many students are becoming impressively competent with their skipping and it's a pleasure to see that some of the best we have are boys! Along with our Healthy School initiative, which has seen the removal of fizzy drinks and sweets from sale and an even healthier range of home-cooked food on the canteen menu, we think we have the fittest, healthiest students in the county!'

More hula hoops are on order, as well as a 'skipping post' system and more ropes, which will allow more youngsters to be involved at once. Parents and grandparents who would like to show off their old skills and tricks are welcome!

Ref: DSC_6858

Ref: DSC_6874

Aztecs and Romans

Pupils at Lea Primary School were given 'hands on' lessons in the Aztec and Roman cultures this week. Ferdinand from, 'The History People' is touring primary schools teaching history ranging from Ancient Egypt to WW2.

Below, pupils at the school can be seen during their lesson about the Aztec Empire, which included handling Aztec artefacts.

Visitor Figures February 2006

February 2006, the 28 day month saw just slightly under half a million 'hits', over twenty four thousand 'visits' and over eighty five thousand pages of the web site viewed. I think I can safely say, 'that is a lot of visitors for the time of year!'

The top three most visited pages of the web site during the month of February were the 'Home' page, followed by, 'Wyenot News', followed by 'Accommodation'. With one and a half thousand visits to the accommodation page alone, it looks like the tourist season is kicking off to a good start.

On average, 3,061 pages of this web site were viewed every day during February and below is a chart showing monthly figures for the past eleven months.

Visitor Statistics Summary for
April 2005 to February 2006

Summary Period: Last 11 Months
Generated 05-Mar-2006 13:20

Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites Kbytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Feb 2006 17666 13701 3061 862 13167 8001155 24150 85728 383645 494670
Jan 2006 16527 13053 2625 833 13130 8522052 25823 81379 404645 512345
DEC 2005 11496 8966 2106 609 9303 5664908 18906 65313 277954 356376
Nov 2005 13735 11058 2600 676 12704 6635494 20285 78005 331768 412053
Oct 2005 13169 10600 2266 664 11072 6299929 20604 70259 328602 408242
Sep 2005 18902 12930 4762 649 10854 6795827 19475 142888 387913 567068
Aug 2005 15956 12610 2353 678 11160 7074243 21039 72948 390923 494654
Jul 2005 12751 10134 1809 571 10459 5349640 17706 56088 314177 395297
Jun 2005 12907 10637 1957 598 10475 5463732 17953 58715 319113 387225
May 2005 13387 11190 2007 604 11137 5638517 18737 62236 346900 415027
APR 2005 11954 9831 1811 582 9933 4614510 17463 54354 294944 358632
Totals 70060007 222121 827913 3780584 4801589


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