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Issue No. 83 [Back Issues]
14th February 2006

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New Album from the Dandelion Killers

Local rock band, The Dandelion Killers formed in the Autumn of 2004 and have been constantly playing gigs in and around Herefordshire over the past year. This talented trio write all of their own material, which is a blend of energetic rock, catchy pop, blues, jazz, etc. Anything and everything. Vocalist / guitarist Adam Duffern and bassist St. John Milinczuk have known each other since they were at school, with drummer Paul Phillips moving to Ross-on-Wye from London. The band have just finished recording their first album, DLK, songs from which they performed excellently at the Hope & Anchor on Friday 10th February.

The Dandelion Killers now plan to start playing further afield, writing and recording more of their songs and build upon their already great reputation. "We hope to play more gigs around London and Cardiff," says Adam. "Is world domination too much to ask for?" In this case I don't think so!

Click here to listen to 'Chapters', track 7 on the new DLK album.

Pictured below, the Dandelion Killers performing at the excellent 'Rock On Wye' concert in August 2005. For further information on this up and coming band, why not visit the Dandelion Killers' web site at

Ref: DSC_8525

Letters - Readers' Photographs

Otter Photography


Yeah well, the only reason I haven't e-mailed you about the great otter photo's was because I'm jealous, No it must have been a great feeling (hope I don't have to wait as long as you did to see local otters). To finally see them - nice one. I spent an hour at Ross on Sunday afternoon. There I stood with me borrowed 1000 mm lens, everybody stopping asking was my interest in the otter's or the swans? 'Both - anything I replied but no not a thing - only the 22 mute swans, 100 plus mallards, gulls. Oh, there was the cormorant that caught about a 2lb fish (yes, honest, but I'd packed me camera away - der). Anyway, hopefully I'll be lucky like you one day and see them elusive otters. The only pic I got was of this ugly duckling, lol

All the best, keep clicking,

Julie Andrews

Thanks Julie

Thank you for that Julie. Nice one of the 'Ugly Duckling'. I think he's cute and I've published your photograph below.

Regarding the, 'because I'm jealous'. Although I have never met you, I know you through your regular mail enough to know that you are a nice person and only joking but you really would be surprised! Since I published the first otter photos I have been walking the Wye every day that time has allowed, to catch otters and other wild life because this is my main photographic interest. The people and other news stuff earns me a living but the nature and astronomy photos are my hobby and I just love it! I have been doing the same for years - just walking with my camera or going out at 2 am on a freezing winter's night to photograph the stars.

Sometimes I get lucky - other times I do not. I was one of the few people in the country who caught the 5 am, dawn eclipse of the sun back in 2003 because the rest of the UK was covered in fog. The photos were broadcast on Sky News but I have not always been successful at the things I have tried - I've had my failures too. Although I was dead keen on cycling, I was the only kid at my school to fail the 'Cycling Proficiency Test'. Even that turned out to be an asset later in life though. I wanted to join the 'Not Very Good Club of Great Britain' and I could honestly answer the question, 'Examinations Failed?' with 'Cycling Proficiency Test'.

Since publishing my otter pics, I have noticed a huge increase in people walking the Wye with cameras. I always give a greeting nod to people I meet whilst out walking and most are pleasant back. Do you know though. Every single camera holding person I have met whilst I have been out by the river this past week, without exception has either looked at me like I dropped from the ceiling and landed on eight legs or has given an obviously very grudging nod back! It upsets me temporarily that people react this way but in the long run, what difference does it make?

The way to success with anything is dedication! Think positive and keep clicking yourself, Julie. Don't worry if somebody else gets there first. It makes no difference who took (or at least, published) the first photo. Thousands of people before me have taken far better otter photos than I. My aim in publishing was to let the world know that the otters are there on the Wye now for the sake of local tourism, through a hobby I enjoy. Anybody can watch or, if they have the patience, photograph them. I hope that my photos published here will bring thousands of Tourists to Ross-on-Wye this year, and that they all frequent the White Lion at Wilton to get some great photos of otters whilst drinking their beer or what-have-you. Dave, Landlord of the White Lion was instrumental in helping me get my second lot of otter photos. I could not have managed without him because he rang me every time he saw them - and I don't even drink in the pub regularly. I may well start.

Anybody can be that first person to catch a basking shark in the River Wye or climb Brampton Hill, armed with only 20 Rothmans and a copy of the Daily Telegraph. Whatever you want to achieve in life - all it takes is dedication and just sometimes, a little help from your friends!

Whether they snub me or not, I sincerely hope all River Wye otter photographers out there get the shots they are looking for. Try by the White Lion and off Wilton Bridge during the early morning or an hour before sunset. From my own experience, that is definitely the best place in Ross to see them and just remember, in a hundred years time, all of this will be academic anyway!


Julie Andrews' excellent 'Ugly Duckling' photograph.

Week Three of the Heritage Centre Elephants

Pictured below is the collection of elephants which were on display during week three of the rather unusual exhibition currently taking place at Ross Heritage Centre. The exhibition of a huge collection of elephants and other elephant related items which were left to Ross Town Council began on Tuesday 24th January and will run until Sunday 5th March with a changing display of elephants every week.

Ref: DSC_6038

Ref: DSC_6039

Ref: DSC_6040

Ref: DSC_6041

Rugby - Hereford 2nds 12 Ross XV 7

A combination of injuries and late withdrawals from the squad proved too much for Ross on Saturday as they travelled to Hereford with a bare 15 players. This was compounded with a number of players asked to play out of position. After a hard fought match, Ross were unable to retrieve a 12 - 0 half time deficit and ran out 12 - 7 losers.

Ross's poor preparation was evident from the kick off as they tried to bed in too many new combinations and as a result and with home advantage, Hereford took control of the game driving strongly off the line out. This enabled Hereford to retain control of the ball. However some strong tackling from Andy Hunt, Simon Gwynne and Adam Clements ensured that Hereford were not able to get onto the score board.

With the first up tackles holding firm, the only way through for Hereford was from a Ross mistake and half way through the first half the opportunity presented itself. Ross infringed at a ruck, the Hereford No 9 took a quick tap and a gap opened up in front of him which he ran through to score under the posts, giving Hereford a 7 - 0 lead. Hereford, buoyed by this score, continued possession and added another try close to half time, giving them a 12 - 0 lead.

Ross came out far more determined in the second half and began to wrestle control of the ball from the Hereford pack. With Dave Mince, Nick Brierley and Tara Barnett gaining the hard yards, the Ross half backs Sam Harness and Andy Hunt were able to ask questions of the Hereford defence. For twenty minutes Ross camped themselves in the Hereford 22 but were unable to deliver that killer quick ball to the outside backs. After what seemed an age, Andy Hunt finally crashed over to make the score 12 - 7 with 10 minutes to go. Hereford, sensing that defeat could be snatched from the jaws of victory, dug in and played out the last 10 minutes to secure victory.

On Saturday 18th February Ross entertain Cainscross in a crucial league match. Kick off is at 2:30 pm at Ross Sports Centre and all supporters are welcome. Come down and support your local team.


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