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Issue No. 78 [Back Issues]
10th January 2006

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Congratulations to Ronald and Win!

Congratulations to Ronald and Win Gwynne, who celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with a surprise celebration meal at Orles Barn on Sunday, 8th January!

Ronald Gwynne was born in 1920, the eldest of five children who lived at Weir End, Bridstow. Ron joined the RAF in late 1939 and was a member of the RAF Bomb Disposal Unit stationed at Stormy Down, which covered the Bridgend to Barnstable area. Win Burley was born in St Briavels in 1922 and had an older brother, Jack.

In 1942 Ron was redeployed to do training with the Mobile Signal Servicing Unit in St Briavels, whose role was to direct the RAF aircraft. Ron and Win met whilst Win was helping at her Grandmother's shop in St Briavels but had subsequently been properly introduced at a dance in the Village hall. They had only known each other for a couple of months when Ron was sent to Gibraltar to prepare for the invasion of Sicily, after which he went with his unit into Italy, and that is where Ron was blown up and lost an eye in Northern Italy.

Continued . . .

Win and Ronald with children and grandchildren at Orles Barn on Sunday. Ref: DSC_5177

Ron and Win corresponded during the three years Ron was away on active service. During this time Win kept herself busy doing the post round and helping out in the village shop. When Ron returned in October 1945 they got engaged and then married the following 5th January in St Briavels Church. They were not able to set up home in Ross until the following year.

Before Ron joined the RAF he was working on the buses. After de-mob and because of his war disability, Ron was only able to be a conductor on the buses at first, but subsequently changed roles and was the Bus Office Clerk in Cantilupe Road. Here he progressed to become the Depot Superintendent in Ross. Before he retired in 1985 he was the District Traffic Superintendent for Ross, with outstations in Hereford and Monmouth.

Win worked for Woolworths in Ross for twenty years and has always been very active in voluntary organizations. She was Akela for 2nd Ross Cub Scouts for many years, and was very sorry to leave because of age limitations. Always active, she helps with the running of the Sunshine Club, and for a number of years has been Vice-Chairman of Woodside committee. She has also been a popular member of the Wye Sports skittles team. Both Win and Ron are very well known and well liked locally.

Ron and Win have three sons, Roger, who is a retired Army officer, married to Marcia; Gordon, who is a senior manager in the retail industry, married to Diane; and his twin brother, David, who is a retired Police Sergeant, and married to Tammy. They have four grandsons and five granddaughters, and two great-grand-daughters. Win and Ron are very proud of all their close-knit family members.

There was an excellent family celebration meal at Orles Barn, Wilton, on Sunday 8th January, where most of the family members were able to attend.

Ron and Win Gwynne would like to thank their friends and family for all the good wishes and gifts for their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Also a special thank you to the Ross Gazette and to Wyenot News for their genuine interest in their celebration.

Marcia Gwynne.

Win and Ronald at Orles Barn. Ref: DSC_5182

Wyenot Viewer Figures for 2005

Below I have shown a summary of the '' viewer figures for the year 2005, as reported direct from the server log analyser. As can be seen, with over 4½million 'hits' and virtually 800,000 page views, the web site has been extremely popular throughout the year and has once again given local tourism a huge boost.

December is traditionally the quietest month of the year for viewers as everybody is thinking about Christmas but even so, over 65,000 pages of the site were viewed by over 18,000 visitors during the month.

The next tourist season is about to start and at the time of writing this, 4th January 2006 - within the first three days of the new year 13,505 pages of the site have already been viewed. Web site visitors are starting to pick up again big time and it looks like those who had the foresight to support the tourism and community web site which actually works are going to do very well from it again.

Last year, in April and May, I had a last minute rush of local businesses who suddenly realized how successful this site is at promoting local business and everybody wanted to be on here 'yesterday'. Now is the time to get your local business on ready for the 2006 season - so that your page is on-line before people start looking to book their summer holidays and weekend breaks!

Visitor Statistics Summary for
January to December 2005

Summary Period: Last 12 Months
Generated 01-Jan-2006 10:19

Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Dec 2005 11496 8966 2106 609 9303 5664908 18906 65313 277954 356376
Nov 2005 13735 11058 2600 676 12704 6635494 20285 78005 331768 412053
Oct 2005 13169 10600 2266 664 11072 6299929 20604 70259 328602 408242
Sep 2005 18902 12930 4762 649 10854 6795827 19475 142888 387913 567068
Aug 2005 15956 12610 2353 678 11160 7074243 21039 72948 390923 494654
Jul 2005 12751 10134 1809 571 10459 5349640 17706 56088 314177 395297
Jun 2005 12907 10637 1957 598 10475 5463732 17953 58715 319113 387225
May 2005 13387 11190 2007 604 11137 5638517 18737 62236 346900 415027
Apr 2005 11954 9831 1811 582 9933 4614510 17463 54354 294944 358632
Mar 2005 10183 8312 1532 515 8904 3924884 15984 47518 257695 315683
Feb 2005 8330 7073 1212 491 7760 2886634 13770 33957 198068 233263
Jan 2005 7911 6300 1212 423 6932 2929918 13134 37600 195308 245271
Totals 63278236 215056 779881 3643365 4588791

Whilst on the subject of Statistics . . .

. . . here is something worth considering.

In the year 1981:
1. Prince Charles got married.
2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe.
3. Australia lost the Ashes.
4. Pope Died.

In the year 2005:
1. Prince Charles got married.
2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe.
3. Australia lost the Ashes.
4. Pope Died.

In the future, if Prince Charles decides to remarry ... please warn the Pope!

Thank you to Don and Margaret Wood of the Forest Edge B & B for sending in that information.

Did you also know that 98% of people who die in air crashes have eaten pickled onions at some time during their lives?

With only 355 shopping days left until Christmas, perhaps you had better consider that when you next visit the supermarket.

Happy 100th Birthday, Caroline!

Caroline Carr celebrated her 100th Birthday with a meal at Merton House on Sunday, 8th January! Had I had not seen her telegram from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, there is no way that I would believe Caroline had clocked up her first century. I told Caroline that I would be there to photograph her 150th but on thinking about it - it's highly unlikely that I will make it that long.

Born in St. Mary Cray, Kent on 8th January 1906, Caroline moved to High Wickham, Buckinghamshire and then on to Queensgate Gardens, Kensington, where her husband, Henry worked at the American Embassy. Caroline worked for D.H.Evans in Oxford Street but left London in 1965 to move to Cheltentam.

Below, Caroline can be seen at Merton House, Ross with her family and friends. Left to right: Andrew Hicks, Brenda Hicks, Robin Walton, Aida Walton, Dee Hart, Lillian Burns, Edna Bayer, Hugh Burns, Elizabeth Thomas, Harry Scott, Joan Marshall and Graham Jenkins - Manager of Merton House.

Ref: DSC_5192

Ref: DSC_5196

Ref: DSC_5204

Ref: DSC_5207

Mr William Harris

Wyenot News was very sad to hear of the passing of Mr William Harris on Thursday, 5th January 2006. Bill, as we came to know him was born in May 1916. He led a full and interesting life until he suffered with ill health during the last few years, though he maintained his great sense of humour throughout.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes to his family, daughters Christine and Elizabeth, grandchildren Marcus and Lisa and great grandson Connor.

We hope to publish funeral arrangements and an obituary in next week's issue.

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