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Issue No. 66 [Back Issues]
18th October 2005

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Fund raising in memory of Sue and Dave

Three years ago, Dave Ballinger, brother to Phil Ballinger, landlord of the Yew Tree at Peterstow and Don Ballinger, a Ross postman, tragically died of cancer. A while later, Sue Smith, a regular customer and friend of the pub also died of the disease. Sue's husband Gill, along with Phil decided to raise some funds for St. Michael's Hospice in their memory. They held raffles, musical evenings and bingo evenings at the Yew Tree and with support from their regular customers, raised a total of £6,371 for the hospice.

Below, Phil and Lyn Ballinger, landlord and landlady of the Yew Tree can be seen presenting a cheque for the money raised to Lyn Gummer of St Michael's Hospice, along with regular customers of the pub on Saturday evening, 15th October.

Ref: DSC_1008

In the Pink at Barclays

Managers and staff at Barclays Bank, Ross-on-Wye dressed in Pink on Friday, 14th October to support 'Midlands Breast Cancer Haven Day'. Haven is a London and Hereford based charity which offers 'pamper' treatment to women who have suffered with breast cancer.

As well as dressing in pink, the branch of Barclays held a raffle and offered customers pink cakes and marsh mallows for the day and matched monies raised by staff for the charity pound for pound.

Pictured below in pink are Yolandie Charity, Mark Reeves, Pauline Parry, Fiona Ross-Collins and Jackie Crane - Branch Manager.

Ref: DSC_0952

Postman James goes on the run . . .

Ross Postman, James Weatherhead travelled to Scotland in June to take part in the Edinburgh Marathon. Completing the 26.2 mile course in 4 hours, 26 minutes and 33 seconds James raised £855 for St. Michael's Hospice.

When James told Royal Mail, they matched his total with an equal amount of money and on Friday, 14th October, which happened also to be James' 47th birthday, along with Nick Fish, Manager of Ross Sorting Office, he handed the Royal Mail cheque to Lyn Gummer of St. Michael's Hospice. Royal Mail were happy to help out as Hospices are their 2005 charity of the year.

Well done, James! I'm surprised that with European legislation, political correctness and all that, the race hasn't been renamed, the 'Edinburgh Snickers!'

Ref: DSC_0959

Thank You!

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the two local businesses who recently wrote to the Ross Gazette about The fact that two local business people are actually willing to state in public that this web site is working for them gave me renewed hope for the future.

Advertising on has worked extremely well for all of those who have taken advantage of the £45 per annum full page. General feedback and a 100% annual renewal rate by advertisers still in business tells me that, yet most local business still remains either sceptical or unaware of this web site's effectiveness. Like my amateur radio hobby, seems to have made me friends all around the world - not many in Ross or the rest of Herefordshire but all around the world!

I have had no material response in terms of new advertisers to the two letters left as yet' but they may open the eyes of local people eventually. Maybe it would help if more people were to write to the Ross Gazette, whether local or from afar to say whether they like (or dislike) this web site.

One local 'inn' business did take up an advertisement this week (it can be seen here and cost the advertiser £45 per annum) and to my surprise, when I went to see him after his initial contact, the landlord told me,
'I was going to advertise with you when I first took over this pub because your web site comes up number one on Google for virtually any local area search. I didn't do it until now though because somebody who was in the bar when I mentioned it told me you were giving it all up because you were disillusioned with it all.'

If I were going to give it up, I would have done that four years ago and I am sorry to disappoint who I think this person was but - God willing, I am here to stay. Slow as it is to get off the ground for me personally, my absolute dedication to making this web site work will eventually bring about a bright future for both myself and the local area.

Thank you to both Walnut Tree Cottage and to Norton House for your letters of support. If anybody else would like to write to the Ross Gazette about any aspect of this web site, whether you are in Ross-on-Wye, London, New Zealand, Timbuktu or anywhere else in the world, the email address is I am sure your feedback would help a lot.

Ross Girls Swap Football Shirts with Aussie Team

As a friendship gesture to link up with other girls' football teams around the world, Ross Town Girls Football Club are taking part in a shirt swap with a team in Queensland, Australia.

Kayleigh from Wyesham in Monmouth, who plays for Ross Girls will be sending a shirt, which was signed on Sunday morning, 16th October by all of her team mates to the Musgrave Girls Football Team. In return, they will be sending a shirt signed by all of their players. Musgrave did very well in the Gold Coast Championships and are doing very well in their league. Musgrave play in orange and white and, similar to Ross, the team attracts girls of all ages.

The Ross shirt will be framed and hung in Musgrave Club House. Ross hope to do the same with the shirt they receive.

Pictured below are Ross Girls FC, having signed the shirt on Sunday morning.

Ref: DSC_1022

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