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Issue No. 62 [Back Issues]
20th September 2005

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[Article - Things that go Bump in the Night?]

Sarah Jones finishes her tour at St. Mary's!

Sarah Jones and Duncan Gibbs on Saturday. DSC_0032

Sarah Jones, Singer, Songwriter and Curate of St. Mary's Ross-on-Wye finished off a successful tour of Britain to promote her third album, 'First Person Plural' with a terrific concert in the Church on Saturday evening, 17th September. Sarah was given special permission to hold the last night concert in St. Mary's and kindly donated the proceeds of the evening to the church.

Sarah's performance was just brilliant and I was truly amazed by her voice and agility on the guitar. Her musical partner of many years, Duncan Gibbs played both electric piano and bass guitar in true virtuoso style. I particularly loved the true 'Hammond' voice!

Sarah hit the acoustic music scene in the late 1990s and quickly became regarded as one of the most promising UK songwriters. She played many of the country's top acoustic venues and festivals and won for herself a reputation as a first class act.

Over the last few years Sarah has trained for ordination in the Church of England and is now a curate in Ross-on-Wye. Real life can be stranger than fiction!

With two successful albums to her name, 'First Person Plural' makes a fine third!

Sarah has a distinctive style. Her voice is edgy and she plays a mean guitar like a woman possessed - a woman possessed of energy firing out her songs with a mixture of humour and pathos but also possessed of a bagful of well written songs. This lady is definitely not for the faint hearted!

Pictured below, Sarah's concert in St. Mary's Ross. More photographs of this event are available in the Wyenot News photograph gallery.

More information about Sarah and her musical career can be seen on her web site.




(Having written my article (a couple of pages further on in this week's news mag), 'Things that go Bump in the night?' earlier this week; whilst I was in St Mary's taking the photographs for this piece and, viewing the small screen built into my Nikon camera, the photo DSC_0044, above gave me quite a shock. The green bands emanating from Sarah's head looked like a 'halo' type apparition and I thought for a moment that some kind of divine intervention had taken place to tell me my conclusions about the 'souls of dead people' were wrong. On viewing the photograph on a larger screen however, I can see that the green bands are leaves on one of the floral displays in the church, so I will stick to my original conclusion stated in the other article.)


'Would you put those photos on a CD for me?'

Please! Before you ask this question, would you just take a moment to think.

Most of the time, I am invisible to all in Ross-on-Wye except dogs and Jehovah's Witnesses. When it comes to promoting local events however, or showing how well they went afterwards, suddenly I find that all doors are open.

Now, I realize that this is human nature and bound to happen and I accept it happily. After all, promoting the beautiful market town of Ross-on-Wye was the reason I started I would however, just like to point out one small matter . . .

When I attend an event and take photographs, sometimes for as long as eight hours at one event and during holiday weekends, sometimes as many as six events in one day spread over a distance of twenty miles and rarely in running order of one to the next closest, I get paid the grand sum of £zero. This weekend just past - I photographed, two artists in Ross Library, The Sheepdog Trials, a concert in St Mary's, Civic Sunday at Council Chambers followed by St. Mary's and the Ross in Bloom Awards. I spent roughly six hours in bed and two hours at home on each day - during which I worked on preparing the photographs for the Ross Gazette and this week's Wyenot News.

This web site has a few advertisers who pay me £45 per year, bringing in a total amount which does not even cover the cost of the petrol I use to travel to half a year's worth of the various events I cover. The only way I make any money at all is by selling to the printed media one or two of the photographs I take at each event, and from the few prints I sell. brings thousands of tourists to the area every year and takes 100% of my time seven days per week to keep going. The amount I receive for bringing this prosperity to the area, from either County or Town Council is again, £zero. Although I generally find Ross Town Council to be a good council, earlier this year I wrote a letter to the Ross Town Councillor in charge of tourism (a councillor who was all too willing to be in the photographs I took of 'Civic Sunday' yesterday) asking for some support with my venture - not money - just support. My letter was not even granted the courtesy of a reply.

The good thing is that all of those who currently advertise with me have made their £45 back within days (minutes in some cases) and slowly, the word is beginning to spread that advertising on really does work. I do see a bright future for, where I may even be able to get paid for some of the average 5,840 hours I have spent working on it every year for the past five years. If more local businesses eventually come on board with a £45 page, it will certainly help their respective businesses and I may even eventually be able to cover my own costs and begin to 'earn a living'.

Before you ask the most frequently asked question I am asked, 'Would you put those photos on a CD for me?' Please bear in mind that I may have earned ten quid for selling one photo which took eight hours to take. I freelance for the Ross Gazette and do not get paid a salary. Before you then add the suffix, 'But our event was for charity', please remember that - so were the other six hundred events, whose organizers recently asked the same question.

I am really not griping here - just trying to put across the reason I cannot afford to do it. I am not a materialistic person - far from it! When I am earning enough money to survive and pay back some of the money my family has bailed me out with, I will willingly give to certain charities but, until then, I am afraid that charity, by necessity, has to begin at home.


Topical Photography This Week - First Day at School

Continuing the new school year first timers. Pictured above with their teacher, Miss Lara Waller and classroom assistant, Mrs Carolyn Riddell are the new children joining Llangrove Primary and below, those new to Whitchurch primary.

Important: [Please read these terms and conditions before downloading any photograph]

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