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Issue No. 59 [Back Issues]
31st August 2005

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[August Arts Day - Successful Ross Regatta]

[JKHS GCSE Results - Lucky Debbie - Mamma-Mia at Upton Bishop - Warm Welcome for Charlie - The Lea Show]
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Big Issue!!!

With so much going on in Ross-on-Wye this past few days, this week's 'Wyenot News' is a Big Issue. I shall not be rushing out to get a dog so that I can stand outside the Maltings performing vocals which make the lead singer of AC DC sound like Julie Andrews, however. This particular 'big issue' is on-line for all to either read, just look at the pictures or to ignore, whichever takes your fancy.

It covers a little of everything really as I had trouble keeping up with all the photography and had to rush to some events just to snap a quick photo. The event I spent virtually the whole day with was Rock-on-Wye, so this has a lot of coverage. I took over four hundred photos there alone and have sorted some of these, along with those taken at other places to put, for a limited period, in the photo gallery.

I have managed to get a couple of other admin tasks in over the past few days also. When I first started in 2000, somebody went out and bought the second level domain, '', hanging onto it, probably hoping that I would pay a fortune to purchase it from them. Well I did not intend to do that, so adopted the silent, patient approach and it was recently relinquished. I bought it on Friday, not for use but to protect my own interests. I have set it up so that it diverts those typing it into their browser to the main '' address.

I have also purchased the first and second level domains, '' and '' for diversion to this news magazine. The new 'wyenotnews' domains are currently registering world wide and will be available within 48 hours of this publication going live. Again, this is just to protect my own interests, in case somebody else buys them and uploads something distasteful, with which I would not wish to be associated.

I hope you all had a good holiday weekend and are well rested for the months ahead. As much as I hate to think about it, that was the last public holiday before Christmas. My own holiday weekend was more of the 'busman's' variety, so I intend to make tomorrow, Wednesday, the day of rest. (Apart from hanging a new mirror in Bernice's house - no, I haven't forgotten!)


Mars Bonfire. DSC_8469

Over a thousand people made their way to the riverside, 'Caroline Symonds Gardens' on beautifully sunny holiday Sunday, to enjoy a fantastic afternoon and evening of music, performed by some of the best rock bands in the local area.

Thanks to Ross Town Council, Ross Lions, the Hope & Anchor, Whitehouse Guest House and Riverside Inn, 'Rock-on-Wye' was a great day of entertainment, which was put together at the last minute by Town Councillors, John Davies, Paul Truman and Jay Hill with the help of Unintentional Festival Organizer, Caz Holbrook.

The afternoon began rather earlier than planned, with an impromptu performance by Hungarian folk singer, Peter Hornyak. Peter's great performance was followed by the official opening at 2:30 by Ross Town Mayor, Gordon Lucas. Renowned blues duo, Sons of the Delta kicked off the rest of the days events, with Mark Cole demonstrating his remarkable vocal prowess!

Truly excellent performances were given by, Common Orange, Mars Bonfire, The Alienz, The Dandy Lion Killers and Shoobop, after which the crowd were warmed up by some fire breathing by Liam Lee-Hynes, Danny Lenihan and a group of fire dancers.

Throughout the day, children were able to enjoy a mega slide and bouncy castle. Various traders provided beer and refreshments.

The evening came to a close with a hardy audience enjoying an outstanding performance by renowned soul band from Monmouth, The Mighty Pledge, with their new brass line-up.

During the course of the day, I took far too many photos to publish on this page, so this article is continued on page two and I have published a photo gallery of many more photographs taken at all the events I covered throughout the weekend. The gallery photographs take up a huge amount of expensive bandwidth, so they will only be available for viewing for a limited period of time.

Ross Town Mayor, Gordon Lucas opens the event. DSC_8435

Peter Hornyak, from Hungary, DSC_8332

Sons of the Delta. DSC_8349

Common Orange. DSC_8413

The Alienz. DSC_8507

'Scribendi' Creativity and Writing Workshops

A wide range of workshops held throughout the year in beautiful settings across the Forest of Dean, Monmouthshire and Herefordshire and led by published writer and award-nominated playwright, Fi Benson, who is also an experienced tutor.

Creative Writing - Friday 9 September 05, 10 am - 3 pm: Phoenix Theatre, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire (45; 35 pp for group bookings of four or more)

Creative Writing - Wednesday 14th September 05, Morning Session 9.30 - 12.30, Afternoon Session 1.30 - 4.30: Garden Room, Tudor Farmhouse Hotel, Clearwell, Glos (15 per session)

You may book either or both of these sessions.

Writing for the Stage - Tuesday 4th October 05, 9.30 - 12.30: Hamilton Room, Bridges Centre, Monmouth (15 per session);

Script Development - Tuesday 4th October 05, 1.30 - 4.30: Hamilton Room, Bridges Centre, Monmouth (15 per session).

Telling Fairy Tales - Friday, 18th November and Saturday 19th November 05 (separate sessions), 10 - 5: Beechenhurst Lodge Loft, Glos (45; 35 pp for group bookings of 4 or more).

For further details, Fi can be contacted on: 01594 860078 or by email.

Important: [Please read these terms and conditions before downloading any photograph]

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