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Issue No. 56 [Back Issues]
9th August 2005

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Friday Night at Monmouth Festival

Agincourt Square in Monmouth was packed to capacity on Friday 5th August for the penultimate night of Monmouth Festival. The evening began with a brilliant performance by 'Big Mac's Wholly Soul Band', who had everybody shaking their tail feathers and singing along to classic soul songs.

Later in the evening, 'Class of '64' brought even more people to an already packed town centre with their renditions of favourite sixties and early seventies hits. Class of '64 is made up of members of the original bands who made the hits; the Hollies, the Kinks, the Tremeloes and the Mind Benders. It was quite amazing that people of all ages, many of whom cannot possibly remember the era were singing along to most of these great classics, such as Lola, Silence is Golden and Call me Number One. The band was made up of Chip Morton singer / guitarist from the Tremeloes, Mick Avory, drummer from the Kinks, Eric Haydock, founder member and Bassist from the Hollies, Graham Pollack from the Mind Benders and 'Telecaster' Tom Tomlin.

Monmouth Festival is a free annual event, supported by the local council and county council, local business and donations in a bucket at the event itself. It has certainly grown tremendously from its humble beginnings, bringing crowds from Ross-on-Wye and other neighbouring towns packing Agincourt Square every night of the nine day event. Let us hope that now the expensive International Festival is out of the way and a perfect permanent stage has been built in the ideal setting, Ross-on-Wye will support the Unintentional Festival in future years and bring these same people to enjoy an annual riverside festival in Ross-on-Wye. The town could learn a lot from its close neighbour!

I do have lots more photos of this event but as it is not a Ross event as such, I have not covered it in the gallery. If you would like to see more Monmouth Festival photos, a Monmouth photographer friend, Martin Russell has covered the whole festival in his gallery.

Big Mac's Wholly Soul Band. DSC_6875

I don't think the two young girls in front knew the words to 'Lola'. DSC_6992

Chip Morton singer / guitarist with the Tremeloes. Ref: DSC_7059

Eric Haydock, Bassist and founder member of the Hollies. DSC_6931

Mick Avory, drummer with The Kinks explains how the song 'Lola' came about. DSC_7058

Class of '69 on stage - left to right: Chip Morton Graham Pollack, Eric Haydock and 'Telecaster' Tom Tomlin. DSC_6091

Ref: DSC_5806


Thank you

Just a note to say thank you, I read your web paper every Tuesday, and on Sundays, when I phone my mother who still lives in Ross-On-Wye, it gives me an insight into what is been going on.

I lived in Ross while growing up and still have very fond memories, I used to enjoy a glass of GL now and then and found myself in many taverns. Please keep up the good work it is appreciated by those who love the place that we all still call home.

Stuart Lloyd

Camut Band

Dear friend, We are pleased to let you know that CAMUT BAND presents on World Premiere its new show KITING KITA WALKING WITH RHYTHM in Edinburgh Fringe Festival . We will be performing at Assembly Hall from 9th till 29th August. It will be great to see you there!!! If you have possibilities to come, please notify: 0034 93 309 98 50 tel/fax Best Wishes!!! CAMUT BAND

Thanks for the invitation, sent via the Wyenot News editorial form. I realize that you are not from Great Britain and may not know the geography well but if you do happen to be visiting Ross-on-Wye before your performance, I wouldn't take a taxi. Edinburgh is about 400 miles north of here. Good luck with your first performance though!

Parking in Ross

Hello Alan, A very good site, plenty of information and easy to use. We are stopping on the way through from Norwich to St David’s tomorrow, just a suggestion from a visitors point of view. Would it be possible to put some info regarding parking, where the short / long term parking areas are, and the charges. Just a suggestion but carry on the good work of informing us “tourists” trying to discover our country. Regards Paul Hurst.

Thanks for that, Paul. That is a good idea and I will certainly add this information over the next week or so.

Parking in Ross is a subject close to my heart at the moment as I have just had a battle with Herefordshire County Council over a parking ticket and I lost. My mum died a short time ago and the day after her funeral, my mind was elsewhere when I drove to a Ross car park, which was extremely busy. After waiting for a while for a space, somebody behind me drove out of a slot so I reversed in using mirrors, not noticing that it was a 'disabled' slot. The only markings were on the ground underneath my car and I didn't notice them in the mirror whilst reversing. They told me that there is no need for eye level 'disabled' signs in a car park and tried to tell me that there was a crosshatch yellow marking next to where I got out of my car but on later inspection I noticed that there was not. It was on the opposite side of the car to the driver's door of the slot next to the one I used - not the one I was in.

I got a 30 quid parking ticket, even though I had paid my £0.90 to park there for four hours. To add insult to injury, I had parked there in the first place to photograph an event in town for the benefit of Ross-on-Wye. They still made me pay. I fully understand the need for disabled parking as my mother herself was disabled for thirty years but my parking wrongly that day was purely accidental. Ross-on-Wye is a lovely town and has a good Town Council. Herefordshire County Council on the other hand are ... well I guess you can picture my thoughts on that subject! I'm waiting for that moment when I have a full bladder and see a Herefordshire Traffic Enforcement Officer on fire. I'll pee on the ground next to him!

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