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Issue No. 54 [Back Issues]
26th July 2005

This Week - [The Day of Judgement is Nigh for Ross in Bloom - New Photo Gallery]
[A Red Arrows Flypast for Mum and Dad - And John said, 'Let there be rock and roll!']
[Bursar of the Year Finalist - Graduations at Ashfield Park - Topical Photography - Ross RFC]
[Nature Watch - Archive Ross-on-Wye]

The Day of Judgement is Nigh!

No, there's no need to rush out and buy a 'Watchtower' on the off-chance that the Jehovah's Witnesses were right all along. Rather than Saint Peter, on this particular occasion it will be Ross Phoenix Majorettes who form the Guard of Honour as Heart of England in Bloom Judges visit the town on Wednesday, 27th July to judge the various floral displays and gardens around Ross-on-Wye.

The photographs below are by way of a preview of events which will be going on in town tomorrow. Wednesday is looking to be an interesting and entertaining day, with people about town dressed in historical costume. The period covered by those who wish to take part will range from the stone-age to world war two. All are invited to join in, so why not pull that outfit you haven't worn since the Upper Palaeolithic or even those Nora Batty stockings and gas mask from your wardrobe? Put them on and take a walk down Broad Street to the Market House. You will definitely not be alone, as the photos, taken at a special preview on Saturday last will demonstrate.

For those who wish to view more of the photographs I took on Saturday, they are available for viewing for a limited period in The Wyenot News Gallery.

Continued with the more official press release below . . .

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History Lives in Ross-on-Wye

Heart of England in Bloom judges visit the town annually, to assess for awards in the regional 'In Bloom' competitions. This year it was decided to make the day somewhat different. As up to 30% of the total marks for Ross are given on Community involvement, a historical costume day was put forward as something in which the whole of the community could become involved. A good result in this competition brings a lot of excellent publicity world wide through the Heart of England Tourist Board advertising features. This in turn brings plenty of town visitors, to boost the local economy.

The main character of this Living History Event is Lord Nelson, who is celebrating 200 years since the Battle of Trafalgar this year. He will be in Ross this week to commemorate walking in the gardens of Merton House 203 years ago, on 25th July 1802. He will be bringing Lady Emma Hamilton with him, to show her the wonderful views from the gardens and the beautiful town she missed all those years ago.

Other visiting characters will include John Kyrle, who will be bringing his mother with him to look at changes made to his home in High Street. Tudor ladies will be visiting from the Court of King Henry VIII, whilst he and his gentlemen are hunting in the Forest of Dean. Iron Age workers from the Forest will be here to get away from the horses and the hounds. Gentlefolk, servants, tradesmen and other workers will also be here, together with many on leave with their loved ones as a respite from the Second World War. Street urchins, school children and evacuees will be playing in The Prospect, being watched over by their teachers and nursemaids, as well as the town washerwoman.

People in local shops will also be dressing up for the day. Why not pop into town some time tomorrow and talk to the various historical characters. They all have a tale to tell. Better still, why not dress up and join them. They will all be in the Prospect with the judges from approximately 3.30 pm if you wish to see them all in one place.

Please help to make Wednesday a very memorable day for the judges, as well as visitors and friends of Ross. Whilst in town, why not visit the Charities Market at the Market Place. Plenty of your favourite charities will be selling goods to raise funds for themselves. The Quakers will be holding an exhibition of their Historic Bonnets in the Meeting House, Brampton Street from 11 am to 4 pm. Take the opportunity to view an historic building you may not have noticed was there before. Enjoy the day and take home your own memories.

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The New Wyenot News Photo Gallery System

Due to reasons of both cost and security, I have found it necessary to abort my initial idea of a permanent on-line gallery of all photographs taken at certain events. In short, I found that the gallery pages were getting far too many visits for the wrong reasons and people were 'hot linking,' illegally to the photographs for their web log pages (BLOGs). This was eating considerably into my bandwidth. and Wyenot News are expanding rapidly and currently require about five giga bytes of bandwidth per month in their own right. Bandwidth is an expensive commodity and the galleries were an extra expense for me on top of the main web sites. On top of that, although the gallery photographs were deliberately uploaded at extremely low resolution, people were still printing them for themselves, which rather defeated the object of my putting them there in the first place. I have had to overcome this on the new system with a larger notice to obscure the web images.

To replace the original galleries: I have decided that on weeks where I take photographs I know those involved would like to see, I will make most photographs taken during these weeks available for viewing for a limited period only, in a temporary gallery, which can be accessed by clicking here. How long I leave them there will depend upon whether or not the illegal 'hot linking' situation declines.

Important: [Please read these terms and conditions before downloading any photograph]

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