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Issue No. 52 [Back Issues]
12th July 2005

This Week - [35 Years of Pre-school Playgroup - Fund Raising Strawberry Tea]
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One Year Later . . .

This Thursday will see one year since I began adding the weekly 'Wyenot News' Magazine to Initially I did this to try and cut down on my own work load by having a specific day of the week on which to update the web site but, far from cut it down, it has increased my work load ten fold. The actual compiling of this week's issue has taken me over 24 hours of solid editing and programming, and this is not including taking the photographs - and I bet there will still be mistakes in the text. It has all been worth it though!

When I first thought up the 'Wyenot News' idea (whilst soaking in the bath on 14th July last year) I worried that I would not get enough news to make the magazine a weekly feature and at first, some weeks I just scraped by, only just filling a page. Over the year however, it has just taken off and is now averaging three or four pages per week and I have only not been able to produce an issue on one occasion - four weeks ago, when Mum died.

Wyenot News has certainly increased the popularity of the web site as a whole and has confirmed regular readers on six continents (I cannot yet confirm Antarctica). The magazine also has quite a following in the UK and even in Ross-on-Wye. I was quite taken aback when, whilst in Essex recently I gave somebody I hadn't seen in thirty years a business card so that she had my address. '!' She exclaimed, 'Doug Taylor put me onto that web site and Bruce and I read the news every week. I had no idea it was anything to do with you!' Well, Chris - there you go. You're not alone in that - most people in Ross-on-Wye don't know who produces it either. I hope you keep on reading it now that you do know and that my childhood 'scientific experiments' have not put you off. (I am typing this with the two fingers on my one remaining hand, by the way.)

Anyway - this week did not particularly seem like a busy week photographically while it was happening but suddenly, I seem to have taken absolutely loads of photos of different Ross events. I have spread them out over four pages and, as mentioned before, if your event is on page four, it does not mean that it is any less important than those on page one. Page choice is simply down to dividing the photographs equally between pages and I use the, 'Ip dip, bird's etc.' method of deciding which goes where.

I would also like to point out that I compress all photos drastically to make them small enough for use on this web site. Although they probably still appear better than they do in news print, some faces, particularly in very colourful photographs, appear distorted on screen. When printed from the originals, they are absolutely clear.

Ross Pre-school Playgroup Celebrates 35 Years!

Ross Pre-school Playgroup celebrated it's 35th anniversary with a huge birthday party on Saturday 9th July. The party was very well attended by past and present users of the playgroup, many of whom recognized themselves in some of the old photographs that were on display.

Ross Pre-school Playgroup, which is now a charitable company was set up in 1970 and has grown into a large and popular organization.

The party was officially opened by Paul Deneen, teacher at the John Kyrle High School and the current Chair of the local Police Authority. There was a fancy dress competition for the children, who were later entertained by Fillipo the clown and a prize draw was held later in the afternoon.

Joyce Thomas OBE President and founder member, cut the cake and gave a toast to the continuing success of the playgroup.

Paul Deneen, Vicki Page, Pauline Williams, Iris Price, Joyce Thomas OBE, Phil Cutter - Deputy Mayor, and Philip Dazeley - President of the Rotary Club.
Ref: DSC_4861

Guests at the Birthday Party. Ref: DSC_4871

Playgroup children in fancy dress. Ref: DSC_4879

Pauline Williams, Joyce Thomas OBE cutting the 35th Birthday Cake, Paul Deneen and Phil Cutter - Deputy Mayor. Ref: DSC_4884

Fund Raising Strawberry Tea

Kim Lloyd and Melanie Beddard Ref: DSC_4771

A Strawberry Tea was held on Saturday 9th July in the garden with one of the best views in Ross-on-Wye, No. 1, Palace Pound, the home of Kim Lloyd. Kim, along with Melanie Beddard dreamed up the event to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research and the Macmillan Nurses Appeal.

The weather was gloriously hot and sunny and the afternoon event was a great success.

Melanie and Kim have raised approximately £1,000 towards these worthy charities.

Donations were made by local businesses and individuals and further funds were raised by holding a raffle and selling cream teas.

To the left, Kim and Melanie can be seen in the garden with the Gazebo Tower behind and below, some of the many guests who supported the event can be seen enjoying the afternoon.

Guests enjoying their strawberry teas Ref: DSC_4766

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