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Issue No. 51 [Back Issues]
5th July 2005

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Ross Junior Football Tournament

Ross Junior Football Club held its first ever six and seven-a-side Football Tournament at Ross Rowing Club Football Field on Saturday, 2nd July and over fifty teams entered. The weather was mild on the day and just perfect for football. Despite unexpected extra teams turning up, the day passed without a hitch.

The two photographs below are Ross Rebels, who won the Under 9s Championship by beating Pegasus and Ross Rebels together with Runners up, Pegasus.

All photographs taken at this event are available for viewing in the gallery.

The Tournament results were as follows: Under 7s: winners Bartestree - runners up Ledbury Swifts. Under 8s: winners Ledbury Swifts, runners up Bartestree. Under 9s: winners Ross Rebels, runners up Pegasus. Under 10s: winners Lads' Club, runners up Ross Juniors Under 11s: winners Leominster Minors, runners up Ross Juniors. Under 13s: winners Lads' Club, runners up Weston.

Ref: DSC_4684.

Ref: DSC_4688.

'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio'

The photographs above and below of Ross Rebels, winners posing side by side with runners up, Pegasus were taken, literally within a fraction of a second of each other using automatic repeat on the camera and the same exposure, yet the bottom one suddenly gained a goldy-white, ghostly orb. I have examined the photo close up and it is not a football. It was dry at the time, so it is not a rain drop on the lens. To quote an old acquaintance from my school days, Bill Shakespeare,' There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than your philosophy suggests!' It could be the flash bouncing off a reflective insect or bird but I'm not at all sure. Or maybe it was my Mum, coming to check up on me. Any ideas, anyone?

Ref: DSC_4689.

Visitor Figures for June 2005

This year June showed an increase in traffic of almost double that of the same period in 2004. With the end of the month being the year's mid point, ('Only 178 days left until Christmas,' he observed, pessimistically,) I can predict with reasonable accuracy that this year, will see approximately four million 'hits' and five hundred and ninety thousand 'page views'.

The main visitor figures for between 1st and 30th June 2005:

Hits: 387,225.
Unique human visitors: 17,953.
Number of pages viewed by above visitors: 58,715.
Data downloaded (bandwidth used): 5,463,732 KBytes. (5.46 GBytes)

The top ten most visited pages over the same period, highest to lowest were: Home Page, Accommodation, News, Site Map, Pubs, Street map, Yat Rock, Shops, Scenic Ross-on-Wye, Dining Out.

1,059 people added home page to 'Favourites' on their web browser during the month.

June Unique Visitor figures for the web site over the past five years:

June 2001: 187
June 2002: 1,106
June 2003: 1,845
June 2004: 9,535
June 2005: 17,953

The Hits and Page View figures for the month of June over the same period are many times higher.

The main visitor statistics for 2005 from 1st January to 30th June are as follows:

Hits: 1,955,349
Unique human visitors: 97,066
Number of pages viewed by above visitors: 295,118
Data downloaded (bandwidth used): 25,479,116 KBytes. (25.4 GBytes)

Thank you for your visit and I hope you were able to find what you were looking for!

Students go Bananas for Sonnets

Inspired by a recent Honda advertisement, Year 10 students from John Kyrle High School have been writing sonnets on bananas. The classic fourteen line poetic form fits perfectly onto a banana and the experience of writing with a biro on a banana is definitely not to be missed as the advertisement suggests.

The sonnets could be on any subject as long as they conformed to the strict demands of the form. Themes ranged from traditional topics such as love, death and war to more original ideas including a recent theatre trip, a football game and a hymn of praise to the humble chick pea.

The main purpose of the exercise was to encourage creativity but Head of English, Ben Abbott expressed his delight at how the challenge had led the students to a real appreciation of the skills needed to construct a poem in a form made famous by Shakespeare and many subsequent poets.

Some Sonnets written by JKHS Pupils


The sun rises into dangerous skies,
The sounds of the gunshots pummel my ears;
Hundreds of men are swatted like flies,
The ongoing battle won't end in years.
'Over the top!' the lieutenant commands,
By trekking over where once brave men fell,
The short road to death, with weapon in hand,
It gave the terrible thoughts of hell.
My faithful companions will fight 'til death,
Alongside me often they fall in pain,
Their final words muttered under their breath,
Their dreams of a family down the drain.
Now I remember back to those who've died,
Think in respect but glad to survive.

Luke Bedford



The subject has bewildered many a soul,
For lack of substance, rules and prediction.
Sometimes it brings a gloomy black hole,
More often joy only described in fiction.
Such rarity, to hide therefore selfish,
Wear it with pride for the whole world to see,
Let it consume, complete your every wish,
Make you the person that you long to be.
Shout out from the rooftops, call through the town,
The language of love flows eloquently;
Step forth boldly, to your lover pronounce,
Have no fear what may come subsequently.
For better to give your sweet heart the choice,
Than live yielding to a love with no voice.

Liz Nicholls

Football - Gorseley Goffs Girls

Gorseley Goffs Girls Football Team took part in the Primary Schools Mini Soccer Silver Shield recently and did very well, winning the runners up trophy.

The Silver Shield Tournament is an event organized by Herefordshire Football Association and on the day, Gorsley Goffs Girls drew one game and won the rest. They played 'Burg Hill' in the final and only narrowly lost 1 - 0.

In the photograph, the team proudly show off their trophies in the beautiful grounds of Gorsley Goffs School.

Ref: DSC_4441

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