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Issue No. 51 [Back Issues]
5th July 2005

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Oops! We did it again!!!

Ross Phoenix Majorettes have once again returned triumphant from the National Majorette Championships, held this year in Taunton and will represent England at the European Championships in Pordene, Italy in October. The girls put in outstanding performances in all of the four team sections they entered and won first place in each. They are now National Champions in: Senior Marching Parade Corps, Junior Marching Parade Corps, Junior Twirl Parade Corps and Senior Pom-pom Team.

As well as coming first in the above sections, Hannah Cornwall and Caroline Read were runners up in the Junior Duet Accessory Section and will perform their routine in Italy. Sarah Wood was runner up in Junior Mace Solo Section.

Continued . . .

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Tracie Cox, Secretary and Trainer for Ross Phoenix Majorettes said, 'The team sections were all new this year with many changes and new rules. We weren't really sure how well we would do, especially as we have some new and inexperienced girls taking part. They all made their performances count on the day however and didn't allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the occasion.

While I'm obviously delighted that the girls hard work and commitment has paid off, it once again leaves us with another fundraising headache. We have already held some fundraising events and as always the people of Ross-on-Wye have been very generous in their support. However, we still need to raise about 5,000 by the middle of August, so we are appealing for donations of any amount towards our total from individuals, organisations and businesses. We've done it before, and I'm sure that with the help of the townspeople we can do it again and give these dedicated young people the opportunity to represent both Ross-on-Wye and England in the European Championships.'

If you would like to support Ross Phoenix Majorettes by helping them fund their visit to Italy, please contact Tracie Cox on: 01594 823 227 or write to her at: 39, Belle Vue Road, Cinderford, Gloucestershire, GL14 2AA..

John Kyrle High School 'Hands of Hope' Circle

Over 850 students and staff joined together to make a band of hope on Friday in support of the Make Poverty History campaign.

Following Bob Geldof's plans for a band of people around Edinburgh during the G8 Summit, Assistant headteacher, Mark Croad decided to organize a school based 'Band of Hope' as a way of raising awareness of the very important citizenship issue of world poverty.

The students formed the near perfect circle incredibly quickly and enthusiastically. Many have been supporting the campaign through fund-raising and by wearing the wristbands.

Ref: DSC_4535

Topical Photography This Week

Ref: DSC_4555.
Supporters of the 'Make Poverty History' Campaign, Janet Beacon, Annie Robertson, Duncan Boughen, Jenny Townsend, Sue Price, Gay Cheeseman board a coach on Friday night, bound for Edinburgh. Driver, Roger Smith is pictured below.

Ref: DSC_4561.

Festival Madness!

I read on the front page of the Ross Gazette this week that the Unintentional Festival, which came to the rescue during the cancellation of the 2002 Ross International Festival and had, until this year, been going strong ever since, is finding fund raising for this year's event difficult. The 'Unintentional' may not be able to go ahead due to lack of financial support.

Also on the front page is another article, entitled 'New Company! New Festival!' about a group of International Festival supporters calling themselves, Ross Live' who have planned a programme of events for this year.

Why? The Unintentional festival was already established. Why did 'Ross Live' not just support that, instead of setting up another event as if the first didn't exist? Surely, as both are non profit organizations with the same objective, one bigger and better festival could have been arranged instead of two which, knowing Ross-on-Wye will probably now both suffer.

Oh, I think know why. I just looked at the planned programme for 'Ross Live' - The Unintentional is rock music and 'Ross Live' is opera, chamber and classical music plus one youth workshop. Reasons of musical snobbery on one side or the other, maybe?

All I can say is that I love music and that, although my personal taste is more generally inclined towards Purcell, Bach and Vivaldi than towards Buster Hymen or Sid Vicious I shall not be going out of my way to support 'Ross Live' above the Unintentional, even though Dido and Aeneas happens to be one of my favourite of Henry's works. I also love rock music and I shall definitely be attending the band stand for the less exclusive 'Unintentional' Finalé Weekend, if it is able to go ahead.

Just to show that I am not talking from my Aeneas or Dido by the way, and that Herry Purcell himself may have had preferences for a particular type of claret but was certainly not a musical snob, here are the words to one of his songs, recorded on the fantastic 'Chansons de Tavernes et de Chapelles' and sung as a canon, or round.

Once, twice, thrice, I Julia tried.
The scornful puss as oft denied:
And since I can no better thrive,
I'll cringe to ne'er a bitch alive
So kiss my arse delightful sow,
Good claret is my mistress now.

I can't imagine that being sung in St. Mary's, so I guess it must be one of Henry's good old pub songs, for which he was renowned. Another couple of facts about Henry Purcell: he did not write Trumpet Voluntary and he died of cold, drunk on the doorstep of his home after not being allowed in after a night at the tavern. Next time you see that drunk staggering up Broad Street of a Saturday night, just think; while sober he may well have already composed the future 'Laudate Ceciliam' or 'Dark Side of the Moon' album in the privacy of his bedroom.

I can't stand 'Rap music' although my son loves it, neither do I like the radio station, 'Classic FM' (good music but the tacky DJs and adverts for mobile phones do my head in). Others do though and I respect that. Whether you love it or hate it, all music is an art form. There should be no snobbery about any of it as most is good in its own right and even the 'Crazy Frog' has his place (miles and miles away from me).

The idea of a festival is to support everybody in Ross-on-Wye and to give visitors a good reason to visit the town is it not? So why not join forces, get on with it and do just that?


Gorseley Goffs Summer Fete

Gorsley Goffs Primary School Summer Fete is to be held this coming Saturday, 9th July at 12:00 noon and will have the theme, 'The Circus'. At the event there will be a fancy dress competition, football tournament, welly wanging, lucky dip, raffle, horse riding, 'soak the bloke', so why not support the children and the school by bringing the family along to enjoy the afternoon's entertainment.

In the photograph below, Ezrhea Gwyer, Jamie Acton, Oliver Floyd, Sam Burford and Louise Wheble, Jessica Drew and Sarah Granby practise for the big day.

Ref: DSC_4454

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If you would like to join these supporters, please email or telephone: 01989 763217.

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