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Issue No. 50 [Back Issues]
28th June 2005

This Week - [Bridstow Primary School Fete] [A Strawberry Tea - Sea Cadets - Nappy Mountain - Big Arts Day at Bridstow]
[Sponsored Wheelie at Fownhope - Ross Rebels - Topical Photography] [Midsummer Moon Nature Watch]

Fownhope Per-school Playgroup support Acorns

Children at Fownhope Pre-school Playgroup took part in a Sports Day on Tuesday 21st June, which was held at St. Mary's School. After the races, the children took part in a 'Sponsored Wheelie' to raise money for Acorns Children's Hospice.

For further information on Fownhope Pre-school Playgroup, you are welcome to contact supervisor, Carolyn Jones on 01989 565617 or Liz Jones on 01989 740657.

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Football - Ross Rebels Under 9s

Ross Rebels Under 9s footballers were each presented with a trophy on Sunday, 26th June for doing well in the Herefordshire Junior Under 9s League. The squad came fourth out of 19 teams in the league, qualifying for a play-off.

Two special trophies were also handed out at the presentation, which took place at the Mighty 8 Club in Ross. Aaron Thorney was given a trophy for 'Manager's Player of the Season' and Ben MacDonald for 'Top Goal Scorer'.

Pictured below with Manager, Ian Jenkins and Administrator, Vicki Page are the team: Charlie Davies, James Davies, Connor Jenkins, David Tookey, Aaron Thorney, Ryan Page, James Reid, Mike Donaldson, Ben MacDonald and Geraint Williams.

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Topical Photography This Week

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Ref: DSC_4116.

Above: Presentation of a £100 Co-op Travel Voucher on Thursday, 23rd June to Ross Gazette Competition winner, Julie Lawrence. In the photograph are Julie with Ross Gazette representative, Caroline Starman and Co-op Travel's Irene Jones.

Left: Joan Ollis and Linda Smith at the Rosedale Retirement Home's Summer Fete, which took place on Saturday, 25th June.

Below: Natasha Broadfield gives her last dancing lesson as 'Fusions Dance Company' at the Larruperz Centre for a while as she is heading for a tour of Greece before attending Leicester de Montford University for Performing Arts. Natasha also teaches dance at St. Joseph's Primary School, where her last lesson will be given next Monday.

On her return to Ross, Natasha will be holding Summer Workshops at the Larruperz Centre.

In the photograph, Natasha is pictured with pupils, Tiffany Bollands, Amy Draper, Amy Gibbons, Chloe Broadfield, Kaylee Dimond, Bryony Maddox, Chloe Blomfield, Susan Yaldiz and Georgina Gibbons, just prior to a performance last Sunday, 26th June.

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A call I received the other day however, really made me wonder about the human race. Following the announcement in last week's news of the death of my mother, I answered the phone last Wednesday morning to a caller who asked, 'Is that Alan Wood of'
'Speaking,' I replied, thinking the caller wanted to talk about Ross-on-Wye or something similar. 'I realize that this is a really bad time to call you,' he continued, in a mock sympathetic voice, 'but I am from. . .'
I didn't quite catch the name of the company but imagined that it might be somebody who wanted to use the web site, so carried on listening.
'Have you thought about renewing your fascia boards and guttering recently?' he asked!

Let's just say that my short reply would have made Mum turn in her grave and that, had he been a door to door salesman, he would have discovered how successfully, with the help of a little Vaseline, twenty feet of fascia board can be taken anally, as a remedy for bad taste!

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